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 Rakiel, (Angel/Seraphim)
 Posted: Jun 6, 2018 | 3:30 am

player: Saethryd
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|| Unknown || Demon Hunter || Angel (Seraphim) || Alexa Bliss ||

» The Basics «

Birthname: Rakiel
Nicknames: Death Reaper, Fallen, The Red winged, Anastasia
Gender: Female ( Male Angel)
Sexuality: "Heterosexual"

» Appearance «

Eye Color: Blue (Silver Red when using Powers)
Hair Color: Blonde with dyes.
Build: Athletic, 5'1"
Distinguishing Marks: Chain like markings on the body, and limbs. As if she was tied up tight in chains and they left impressions on her.

» Likes «

  • Eating Demon Essence (Killing Demons)
  • Killing
  • Observing
  • Twisting Rules
  • Faith

» Dislikes «

  • Demons
  • Lesser Beings
  • The Blind
  • Reapers
  • Lucifer

» Strengths «

Twisted Angel: Rakiel has all the perks of being an angel, however his time in hell has warped him slightly. His consumption of demons has added some additional perks. However, everything comes at a cost. He is immune to many ways of killing him.

Chains Of Heaven : The chains that held Lucifers cage shut. A power tool that was connected to him when Lucifer was freed and indirectly setting him free. The chains are one of the interesting perks for being locked there...if you can see them as such. They allow him to stay locked into a host. Forcing him out isn't possible unless he decides he wants to leave. The chains will tighten around his host, and keep him in place. Should a person kill his host, and touch the body the chains will "infect" that person. Marking them, and allowing him to rip out their soul if he wills it and in turn steal their body.

"War Angel": Rakiel was trained in combat with his entire squad by Michael. They are essentially "War Angels". Having been trained in grueling combat, and knowing many ways of how to deliver death and avoid it. They became a sort of elite unit of war ready angels. Having killed many demons on the battlefield alone. They managed to push all the way through hell alone. Reaching the depths of it. Where Rakiel would regret so much. However, as such much of his abilities are designed around the effective and use of power. Able to kill swiftly and cause massive levels of damage. They were by all means the Elite of their kind.

» Weakness «

Chains of Heaven: As much as a power they to him. They also show where he is at all times. Anyone can see his host at the time. and as such they are a great weakness. Though they may be used as a strength. The chains are always there, and no matter what he possesses they will appear.

Twisted Angel Curse: His eyes change to a Silver-Red color when going to use his abilities. Unlike the normal angels. Giving away who he is much like the Chains of Heaven. He is also Vulnerable to the Angel Blade. If he doesn't get out of the host in time he will be killed by it.

Hatred : Though he generally doesn't show it much. He harbors a lot of hatred for everything around him. Being closer to Lucifer in some ways cause of it. His twisted personality and mind tend to make his hatred that lives in him appear. Upon seeing Lucifer, he may be triggered to nuke the entire city just to kill him.

» History & More «

Dreams: Potentially Rebuild his squad once more.

Fears: Being sent to the cage.

Secrets: He is experimenting on his current host as with his others. However, while healing her he has been noticing things such as corruption to her body from himself and the demon essence. Nothing that can kill her but it may be a reason as to way she can keep him in her with more ease after each healing. He is looking for a death scythe.


"What is time? Merely a fabrication of your delusional form that comes forth as the perception of what you see as something moving forward...yes...that's the best way to see it as."

The skies were black with the sounds of war. One like none other, a war that was said to have never happened. Empty echoes that were the colliding of Angels and Demons as they tore one other apart in their waves of endless combat. Michael, the Angel of War, an Angel who was destined to one day kill Lucifer, lead his armies as the vanguard against the massive twisted forms of demons made from the souls of the dead. The Souls of twisted entities that were once human. The Evil that spilled forth as it rotted at the innocent minds before the world. The Pure hatred of the Fallen angel and in itself the essence of what many could see as a choice for so many more to come. Extreme choices that would seem like nothing more than the repulsive orders that so many had denied the access too.

Rakiel would lead his elite troop forth. Bringing down the hammer as one could see it as they began to be despatched by the call of Michael. Cleanse the demons and bring forth a path to victory. Was his order while he would deal with Lucifer himself. His brother was not going to just let him throw him into the cage, and his brother brought forth his own supporters at that. Though you would have to see them as the first demons in some ways as they were in a way already dripping with the corrupted hatred for humans as he was. The hate to their flawed and nature that had been demanded to be loved. By their father of course. Rakiel though had no problem with the orders.

As he cut down supporters of Lucifer, both angel, and demon he held no care for what got in his way. Each move fluid, each action perfect. They flew through the endless waves of them. Oh how their blurs brought forth death, how they danced like lightning across the very sky as they came crashing down more and more as the hammer to a nail. Digging the coffin as they did so they kept pushing forward. They were the Spear, they were the hand of Michael and by no means would they make him look at them, the chosen few and let him believe they were something useless. As if they were trained and given power for no reason. They killed demons from a distance, angels from a distance with merely their presence, anyone strong enough to get close to them was met by the blade and so the rotation continued. Their corpses reigning down like a meteor shower. Burning up before they could even hit the ground.

So came to the push to Hell itself. Ripping open it's massive gates as they slaughtered their way in. If they could purge them all...if they could cleanse them all...Oh, how it burned in them all. How they all felt the dancing sensation while they crossed blades with the generals. How they smiled, how the relished in it. The screams of their General, his orders not being heard over the sound of the thousands who tried to take them down. The thousands who died at their hands. No....it didn't matter, nothing mattered. They had to push. Lucifer...if he was killed now. If this was all ended now. If they did it.

The world shook as if a recalling force ripped across the ground. Lucifer had seen them as the metal cage seemed to rip around him. The cage building viciously around him. Tearing out of reality itself as it connected piece by piece. Michael had won, good now they needed to push in more. His foot was grasped though, as one of the knights grabbed at his foot causing him to look away before the dreadful sound of his brother was heard. He looked after shaking off the hand seeing his brother fall before him. His wings burned, his face stripped of its form. His body outright being disintegrated with a laughter that came from the man almost locked up by that cage. "Damn, he really must have wanted to save you. Family right?" The words echoed as anger burned in him. He plunged forward, his blade almost reaching the target before he felt cold...a numbing sensation as he looked up. The gates of hell were closing as the chains ripped through his body. The final piece of the puzzle. The locks which were made to keep him sealed and the chains to hold his cage perfectly. The twisted chains which tore through and carved out the land. He felt them bind him in place. Not as a prisoner...not as a captive. No, it was a mistake.

His drive, his desire had driven him to this...this pathetic situation. It wasn't the demons that killed his squad..it wasn't the angels. It was him. He failed them all. Pushed to far and for what...him.

His eyes met that of Lucifers. The red gaze of the locked archangel in the cage, his silver glow looking towards him. And so began torture in various ways...though killing the angel wasn't as easy as Lucifer hoped. No, he couldn't just whim him way as he would want. the Chains, they wouldn't let it. Even without the cage, he wouldn't have been able to. He was anchored. Stuck here. He knew it, Lucifer knew it. and so continued, and so would be.

He endured the poking the cutting. He just healed himself. That was when they decided, to try to take his grace. Oh...he wasn't going to let that happen. and Lucifer watched and got joy. watching the demons try to take his grace as they got annihilated by the 'poor war angel' that hung in the open. His laughter could be heard as they died, his laughter was even louder when he watched the angel begin to eat the demons.

Yes, he took that choice. Why not, they were a source of power. Energy...if he could get out. If he could do anything he would be able to leave this pathetic game. How long was he even here for to begin with. Time...so annoyingly relevant to what was being perceived.

Hell had a different form of time. An endless feeling of nothing more then the endless torture seemed to go on longer than anywhere else. All of which made sense in some form. We are talking about torturing people endlessly if possible, why not make it where they would end their own miserable lives to the constructs presented to them. But he wouldn't let it be, he wouldn't be one of fall to this pathetic turned up essence. With each, he consumed the most power seemed to leak into his body. His mind knew all too well that the actions he was doing were going to affect him in some way. But if he was honest the real goal was to get out. To figure out a way to break free and for that he needed power. Power that would come from the things he consumed. Even if it meant that it was small packs of it. It would enter his soul. Twist around and bleed about on him. As he would wait for the next group to be his prey. Like a waiting spider in their nest, he waited. Lucifer had all but been ignored by him. He had grown rather resistant and uncaring to his torture. It was only the occasional touch of demons that would pass by that would really stir him. Causing him to kill and consume their essence.

However, it wasn't long before the demons decided that being anywhere on that side was rather idiotic. And took to the other side, keeping themselves at a distance. They would no longer come by his side. Not that it mattered. He had gained much more power then he once had. And it would stay inside him, not some weird drip that would need refilling. Though maybe it would have at first but he had felt the change some time ago. And his soul's form was much different. Even his wings had shifted once more. A Red Black like coloration that showed some decay on them. It was obvious where the decay came from, he didn't need to be reminded of it. It was a sign of the twisted aspect that had been slowly creepy around the corner. It had been the defying of the commands he was probably given to retreat. The drive to charge forward to doom, causing the death of his entire squad.

Contemplation, he watched the world in some aspect via the darkness of Lucifer. Or was it merely Lucifer showing him the things that he wanted to. Part of the torture? In the end, Lucifer was dead set on escaping. Which in so many ways would make sense. He himself was more than wanting to leave this trapped hell. This annoying prison where the occasional one would wander by to be killed by Lucifer or Himself. The fluid flush of screams to those who were doing his work. Working down the plans that they had learned from Lucifer and making more demons. More cannon fodder to his blade, more essence for him to eat. Time would only tell...though even that was a lie in itself. He merely had to wait. Watch. Plan.

When the doors were unlocked and Lucifer was set free it was odd. The Archangel had moved on instantly. Knowing all too well how much it was needed for him to head out and spread his wings. He took off without much thought. His power shattering the minds of those around that weren't able to deal with his presence. Of course, it was obvious it was something Lucifer could do. Something he probably wanted to do. But Rakiel waited, he wasn't about to come out of the cage as it was. He would have to go around it. The chains had all but loosened from the massive cage itself. But there were the ones still connected to his arms, his legs, his wings. Wrapped around his body. They didn't let go. Just rested there. Not holding him prisoner, much as before. But merely around him. He would stretch look around and flapped his wings for the first time in millennia and take off after a long pause. The first step he would need was a meat suit as the demons called them.

Humans, he didn't hate them as Lucifer did. He wasn't entirely hypocritical. He was asked to love them, so God had asked all of his children. That was the whole reason for Lucifers uprising. His hatred cause his daddy didn't just love him exclusively. So he was told by Michael in the past. But as he flew around hunting down a meat suit he noticed so much sin. Depravity. How would they be fine in this scenario? So many on the streets so many left to burn in the sun or worse. And even some who took pleasure out of their cardinal desires and raped, murder. THere was just so much wrong...not that it mattered. They had the choice, given the values and they where the ones to take it off.

However, he was thrown off as he heard something for the first time. Aside from his reconnection to angel communication the prayers of someone. Asking to live longer, just a little longer. He went to this voice. The white massive building holding so many ill. So many dying. He kept moving though, the faith in this one human was immense. Each word was something about staying alive for his wife. Not too hard to keep....well not that he cared to keep it in the end. The though flooded his mind. It caught him off guard but it wasn't wrong. Why would he have to actually help them? He wasn't a messenger of God, he wasn't those sent to watch over the humans. He was a warrior, and most of all he was forgotten. When that cold realization came over him he stopped before the dying old man. His silver Red ball probably looked odd to the man as he struck a deal with him. He'd give him his time he wanted to see his wife. But in return he needed to let him take his body.

It wasn't a hard deal the man jumped to a yes before he even finished and he smiled, his wicked smile before entering the body. It was odd, it felt deathly and old. It's organs were all but failing and he hadn't done anything. The meat suit was heavy and unable to do much. He walked took over more of the man's body on the statement of healing him. He wasn't going to. As much as an experience as this was a test. He didn't know what it felt like to be in a human. He tried moving as he would and the body seemed to practically crack. Eh, an annoying first choice. The wife of the man stepped in, and he smiled at her. He could feel the man smiling but he didn't care. He walked up to the woman. Smiled at her and smited her right there. The man screamed and demanded him to get out. But he couldn't push him out. Odd, that should have been possible. They weren't able to possess bodies, and most of all if a soul wished it they should have been able to push him out. No, the chains had locked onto the body. He was stuck to it and he laughed. The old man cried as he cursed him. Told him all the insults he could muster up and Rakiel merely smiled.

"You will both be in heaven." He would state to him with a dark smile. Before walking the meat suit off with him on his search. He would learn a lot from this suit. The time, the area whatever else he knew ranging from sex to other aspects. Humans were...interesting. He could see their potential, their chance to be something greater. HE could see their failures a chance to be something more than evil, worse than demons. All of it was rather interesting. Then came the supernatural creatures. Vampires, Witches, Ghosts and whatever else. All lingering from Eve and her endless suave of creations. Of course, this would be a thing, these lesser entities all would be annoying to him. It was just going to happen that way.

This body didn't last long, and he knew it wasn't going to. So he brought it towards a new war ground. There was some massive war happening in the middle east on earth. Choosing to teleport in the middle of it. The body was riddled with bullets and blasts from shrapnel as he looked around to the are around him. It wasn't too long now. He now understood why this body was so heavy. Why it felt so odd to him. It was dying not just because the old man was dying. It was dying because of his mere presence. His strength, his power was too much for it. He doubted anybody could take him. Well, he'd have to see about that.

"Please Allah save my family from harm" He heard the voice say. he tore out of the body feeling the chains rip out the soul of the old man as the body riddled with holes and massive wounds fell to the ground. Looking more like a pile of swiss meat than anything else he moved towards his next target. A man praying to god once more. Oh, how he found this man huddled in the back of a store. The town he was in was essentially in the middle of warfare and it smelled and reeked of a mix of reapers and demons. People dying and making deals non-stop. He would have to take this man before he did anything else. The man was a middle eastern man it seemed. And he was dedicated to his family..touching. He had thought darkly to himself. He looked over to the man. Promising him the protection he wanted of his family. He needed to get this man out of this situation. If anything he was a healthy looking meat suit. So he could use him for the time being. And with the yes given. he once more bonded with another being.

There was a silence for the moment. The man wanted his family to be saved. No problem, he would save them. He still, however, felt heavy in this body. His chains locked around the body as to lock him in place as they got seemed to just appear on the body of the man. And he smiled lifting up his right hand towards the town. He could feel the demons, the reapers coming to take away the souls. The supernatural beings that were there for whatever cause. It didn't matter. A test, he thought to himself as the man began to ask him what he was doing. A test he responded as he burned his way through the man's mind learning about his life. About the weapons, artillery and more. Tanks, the training though for the most part, the training was rather lacking compared to what he had learned in heaven. It was still good to know about the world he was in. And the eyes of the man glowed a silver red color before the entire village lit up.

There was nothing left in the village, the town. It was all cleansed from his massive assault on it. One use of his power, as he felt them all die. Everything was smitten as the humans, demons, reapers were all vanished he moved through the empty town and took in the demon essence that was from some who had run in just recently and killed him. consuming them as the man seemed to scream in terror. Telling him to leave. He didn't care. This body didn't fall apart just yet. It was still heavy. But he had an idea. Money was one way to move this world. then it was in money he would push towards for the moment. While at that, he could figure out more about this world. Find the so-called hunters, figure out Lucifer's escape, how it came to be among other things. he would need to plan this out right too...there was much more to come from this. He would need to plan out things, set up deals and more. The man screamed about his dead family members once more. and he merely looked to him and smiled. Responding to him that they were safe. And soon enough he would be able to join them as well. But first, he needed him to help him out with more of this world.

He would eventually not concern himself with most matters. Aside from hunting down a new host he would build up a weapons trade empire along with focusing on investments on oil, gold and other aspects increasing his meat suits wealth. He however knew that time was always ticking for his suit. Having to use medical science to heal it to see if it was going to function well. Perplexing doctors and often mind wiping them after it in order to make sure it wasn't an annoyance to himself. He would often see that most of the medical science wasn't up to par. He had merely began a new search. using the social media world stating he could help anyone. Merely for a favor in return to turn up nothing.

He finally finds another host in a bar. She and him supposedly clicked pretty well it would have seemed in her eyes. As they would talk over her life and his. She was fascinated but loyal to her husband. He would smile seeing the faith. He then spends the next while talkign to her via outlets like social media. Eventually to find out that her husband was dying. She merely wished something could be done to help him. With a light smile he offered her this life in return she had to do something for him. All she had to do was say yes.She would make a joke about not doing anything sexual where he would respond in kind with a winky face before saying that they should meet up to discuss the terms. As money could buy many things.

She meets up with him, and with a quick flash of his eyes he explains to her that he's an angel, and able to deal with such things wasn't fully allowed. However, he could do it for her since they became friends. however, he needed a new body. All she needed to do was give herself up to him, allowing her to host him. In return, he'd keep her husband alive. She responded with a yes after consideration. And he killed the man before her, tearing out his soul via the chains before entering her body.

She was fit, athletic and her body though small seemed lighter than the ones he was used to so far. She seemed to hold his energy in without too much backlash though he could see some issues inside of her he was actually content with this meat suit for now. It seemed to hold well. and Interesting enough it wasn't so odd after getting to know her before jumping into her. He wasn't going to back out on his promise this time. And when he returned to his work and flashed the paper of the will that allowed her to own the corporation he put money towards her husband being brought to a perfect facility where he would be taken care of by the best of the best.

He would keep up her routine, and even let her take over whenever they went to visit her husband all the way till he would die a peaceful death. All the while, he was fixing her. healing her from the inside with his own energy. As he did so, it would seem her body would adapt to him more. Able to hold more of his power without buckling under the weight of it all. Though each time it did he would work to heal it once more. Another experiment to some extent. He was going to try to keep this suit for awhile. Having to keep her, and seeing how she was able to adapt was good. And most of all, she decided to give him free reign after her husband had died. Only asking for the occasional meet with her family once a year give or take. He didn't mind, he was willing to give this a try for now. She didn't complain as he killed demons or supernatural beings. Consuming essences or anything. She didn't ask questions about that, or the markings that racked her body. Or anything. She merely watched.

» Writing Sample «

She rolled lightly in her bed as she pushed the satin sheets off of her body. Lightly touching over it as she looked around. She was more than used to following the form of this life for the moment. The endless dancing over the sleeping and such. Though it was all for naught. Merely an endless tangent for himself to see how the body would function following the normal routine that Anastasia originally had for it. She wasn't that active in anything anymore. Having secluded herself in the form of an eternal silence. He was fine with it. The body's original soul merely was keeping her side of the deal. Just as much as he did his own. Though, he would often have to get used to referring himself as he knew form. Even after the few months, he had been in her body it was still in itself odd. While in others so fitting.

Brushing the sheets to the side she stood up, looking around to the massive windows that were closed with the draperies. They hid the sunlight for they were annoying as it was. That was mostly though because nudity wasn't something looked upon so openly, and most of all she didn't want to show her body about to the entire world. She slept in either her nightwear or naked. Though she wasn't ashamed of her body, it was merely the precaution of those who had one time knew who she was. The chain marks that danced along her flesh, each one rolling over the other as she moved slumpingly towards the bathroom where she would start up her shower, get her hair fixed put on her makeup. Then with a quick clean up and clothing, she'd begin her usual work out routine, in both her physical form and her spiritual form. Practice her combat training and then move on towards the basic things.

Eating was..a chore. It wasn't that the food that she ate wasn't good. But more that she was never hungry. They never needed to eat and most of all, what he would eat if he really wanted he couldn't really bring forth unless he decided to summon a demon and kill them. Though that sounded so fun, it would defeat the purpose of some of the hunt. Which even though it was easy for her to take them down. It wasn't going to be such a toss around pass time that she should just slaughter them and draw too much attention. Her cold gaze merely looked around the table with the other business people who had come with her to the new location. Her bodyguards and more. Merely beings placed there by her of her own entertainment. She didn't need them, most these humans were so fragile that by merely opening her wings she'd kill them all. But she wasn't going to kill God's children so...well that would be a lie to herself. She chuckled to herself.

"Miss Rakiel was something funny?" One of the directors stated, it probably wasn't good to chuckle in the middle of eating, though it was also to discuss policies of the new company. She had long since established it with the previous meat suit. Though they didn't take too much of her taking control. They seemed to have figured something was rather odd. But they were paid to much to look too into it.

"Oh no," she stated with a twisted grin dancing across her face. "The main issue is we are being somewhat narrow-minded. Being how the corporation grew so quickly in such a small amount of time, no doubt the genius of my predecessor. It would be best that we look more towards isolating more of the oil corps, using the money and a monopoly on another sector in order to sell it back to the companies. Then maybe focus more on the exploration of the alternative energy sources as we have been. Also, Smidth, how goes our drafts for the space port?" She stated. While taking a light bite out of the blueberry pancakes that were before her. Lightly padding down her mouth after she finished swallowing that one piece. It would essentially be the only part she would eat. She needed to make it look like she just got lost in thought more than anything. All part of the acting. Of course, she had another reason to be here..

Player: || Saethryd || 28 || CST -6|| PM or Discord||

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