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 Pulling A Nine to Five, Santiago Open Thread
Santiago de Andrada
 Posted: Nov 30, 2017 | 4:05 pm

player: Logan
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Broadway theater. One really couldn't knock the classic location, the sentimentality for a better time for acting and production as an art. Of course it was now dwarfed by the Theater District, bigger, larger, flashier buildings boasting a number of large signs. For one particular being, however, this old building would forever hold memories he was fond of. Not his first bout of theater by any means it had certainly been one of his modern favorites. Back then Shakespeare had still been all the rage and going to watch a show had been breathtaking. More so than the modern television. There just was something about being so close to the stage with real people.

Today had started off with his sneaking out of his home in Arizona and finding his way to watch Wicked. His intent had been to get away from the simpering demons who had been pestering him at all hours of the day. As much as he was honored that Crowley had deemed him worthy of his new position he really did resent all the paperwork that came with it. Demons truly seemed to have trouble thinking for themselves and it was irritating to listen to them whine at him about their problems. How his boss could stand to run Hell in its entirety was beyond him. Hopefully he would never need to find that out, not needing, nor wanting, any position higher than this.

Of course it didn't last forever, his being missed. After the interlude was over and they had started again one of his lackeys appeared at his side discreetly. Irritated once more, but not overly surprised, he listened to the demon before dismissing him. It seemed there was a problem in Hell that required his attention. Wrinkling his nose in exasperation he tried to hold onto the magic of the show. It was no good and after a moment he heaved a sigh and left his seat. Calmly he exited the building and found his way to a quiet alleyway, disappearing with a sulfuric smell to deal with this latest hubbub.

It was unsurprising that he appeared among a bickering lot of demons. Purposefully he stayed back to listen to them unfettered before stepping in. Arguing about territory? Of all the idiotic things. "I believe it is first come first serve....and if any of you have any problem with that I can certainly make my case." This caused a good bit of silence before the simpering started. "Go on, out of my sight. I want our numbers more presentable. Do not make me say so again." Once the last of them disappeared from sight he took a stroll through the endless halls of Hell. He was already here and was missing his show, perhaps it would not be wasted to see if his arrival would pull any old friends from the woodwork.

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