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Raven De Vere


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Aug 7, 2017 | 2:16 pm


"Love me like you loved the sun, scourching the blood in my vampire heart"

birth name :: Raven Evalyn De Vere
alias :: n/a
nickname(s) ::Ray
age :: 612
calling :: Vampire, Vampire Dairies
sexuality :: Straight
status :: Single
occupation :: Wedding Planner
origins :: Original character

eyes :: Blue
hair :: Black
height :: Five foot three
build :: slim
distinguishing marks :: Tattoo of a raven on her left ankle
play-by :: Kate Beckinsale

      - - - - [character name] likes
      • Planning parties
      • Helping out at the local animal shelter
      • Hanging out with friends
      • Organising living history events
      • Horseback riding
      - - - - [character name] dislikes
      • Feeding from humans
      • Werewolves (except for a select few)
      • Messy rooms
      • Hunters
      • Party crashers
      - - - - powers
      • Super strength
      • Super speed
      • Super agility
      • Heightened senses
      • Durability
      • Immortality
      • Enhanced emotions
      • Emotional control
      • Mind compulsion
      • Telepathy
      • Dream manipulation
      - - - - strengths
      • Compassion
      • Strong willed
      • Motherly
      - - - - weaknesses
      • Human blood
      • Friends
      • Urge to go back to England
      - - - - secret
      • She has a werewolf mate
      - - - - dreams
      • To befriend the people of Mystic Falls
      • To plan a royal wedding
      - - - - fears
      • Drinking from humans again
      • Losing those close to her
      - - - - things of note
      • Can be over excitable
      • Takes friendships seriously


Born in December 1370 in the medieval village of Madeley in England. She was born into a wealthy family. Whilst most of her family lived near London, her mother and her brothers lived in the countryside. She grew up with the regular customs of the period. She would sew, ride and have personal tutors. Even though she loved learning, she loved having fun even more. As she would play with her two older brothers for hours on end, even ditching her tutors to play with them. She loved her brothers, and they would do anything for her. But that was all about to change.

Their teenage years flew by, and it wasn't long before the De Vere family was celebrating Raven's twenty-fourth birthday. However, the party was crashed by a family of undead beings. Her family was slaughtered before her eyes, but she was to be the bride of the vampire family's son. She didn't want it, but the father bit into her, and forced her to drink his blood, She did so, reluctantly. Raven spent half of her vampire life learning and growing with this family. The vampire's blood line was from Elijah Mikelson

It turns out her family were part of a secret Hunters organization in England. They had made promises with a vampire family to hunt down and kill a pack of werewolves that had been contracted by some sort of unknown virus. After being successful, they had to give up their daughter as payment. She still loved her family, but she was disgusted at what they were. The family she spent time with grew on her, but she went her own way after the second world war. She headed to America, specifically Mystic Falls.

The reason Raven becam a planner, was that she had planned for a few friends before who suggested she take it up. One of her friends was a hybrid, but they kept their friendship on the down low, she had planned a Astrology themed wedding for her friend, and it was a success and even made it into a a semi well known astrology magazine. She just loves seeing the happy faces on the bride and groom, and the looks of amazment on the guests faces. Even though she never went through with her marriage in the middle ages, she still dreams of her big day and feels like its her duty to help brides to be to make their wedding as magical as possible.

Raven has her own little business that has been going for years. She's a wedding planner and has been up and down the country planning all sorts of weddings. From the weird and wonderful to the simple and traditional. She runs her business from her Gothic inspired home, which sometimes helps her clients choose their venues. She also has the occasional public party at her home.

r.o.l.e.p.l.a.y. s.a.m.p.l.e.

It was a normal day, The sun was shining, and the sound of a fountain filled the fine autumn air. A dark haired female dressed in a light pink shirt and dress pants, sat in her conservatory flicking through her files. "Miss Fisher's wedding is on November second... Church, and town hall reception..." she muttered, writing some extras down that Belinda wanted. She had called her this morning to add some last minute things, which were easy to get... Well for Raven it was anyway. Shutting the purple file with a dull thud, Raven took her mug of coffee off the glass table and looked out into her garden that was lined with oak trees. Her garden was quite large, so she offered receptions for weddings at her home. Especially if they were Mystica Falls residents, which she offered for free. It got people talking and spread the word about her work.

The phone began to ring in the other room. She sped into the kitchen and picked up the phone. "Good morning, Realm of Enchantment Wedding Planners, how can I help you?" she spoke. It was another one of her clients who had just spoken to one of her rivals. Raven spoke calmly and offered her client something the rival company couldn't... A home venue. Raven hung up with a successful smirk on her face. She looked in her fridge. She was out of beer.

Grabbing the keys to her Bentley, she slipped into the car and drove into town. She got to the convenience store and got out of her car. She saw a drunkard trying to coax a woman into sleeping with him. This disgusted her, as she could tell the woman was uncomfortable. She heard the woman yell 'no', and that's when Raven decided to step in. "Hey the lady, said back off." Raven yelled. The man turned to her and smirked. "Stay out of this, girlie." he said. However. Raven did not back down. She compelled the would be rapist to leave, so she didn't have to shed blood in broad daylight. The woman ran away, and Raven headed into the store. She bought her favourite bottled beer, paid and headed back to her car.

It was strange, but she felt like she was being watched. She looked around, trying to find the person or supernatural being that was looking at her. She couldn't find anyone, but she just couldn't shake that feeling. She got back into her car and headed for home.

When she was home, Raven put the beer in the fridge and went into her living room. She sat down on her black leather sofa and turned on her television. There wasn't anything particular on, so she decided to put on one of the film channels. She began watching Hellraiser, one of her favourite films. She did chuckle at the gore, but that was just her sadistic side. Raven was really getting into the film, when she heard her doorbell ring. Sighing, she got up to see who it was.

puppeteer :: Raven
age :: 24
facebook handle :: already am
contact :: Facebook
how did you find us :: Shadowplay
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