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John Winchester


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Aug 23, 2017 | 12:55 pm

^Meeting with the King of Crossroads - Santiago^


^Reunion with Samuel Winchester^

Aug 21, 2017 | 11:40 am
John Winchester needed help from Bobby as he was the only person he trusted. The fight with the Crossroads demon Santiago had not gone well for him and of course he had healed on his journey from the middle states to the campsite. At least his demonic body had...his ego however, was bruised. Badly. A once hunter did not like losing to a stronger demon, but at least he was alive. Santiago did not send him back to Hell and John was confused as to why the monster did not take him out. Oh well. Maybe Bobby would help him figure it out.

It was dark when he reached the campsite and he froze when he saw the Impala parked there. The boys were here...Sam and Dean. He sighed as he turned fast and fled into the woods, although his new journal had fallen out of his jacket zipper and landed on the gravel next to the car. He hissed, but didn't go back to it, the speed of his fleeing creating the wind to turn. John circled the site and peeked into the windows from the safety of the trees. Dean was injured and Sam was caring for him. He merely scoffed, the noise a loud growl in the wind. That was backwards. Dean was to take care of Sam!

He would have to talk to them about this later, but for now, he was to get Sam to him. Bobby was obviously gone and his youngest would most likely be more understanding than his brother. Time to send the signals as horrible as it was that a demon was close to the camp.

He started with the owl in the tree he was close to. With one look into the owl's eyes, it began to screech wildly and flap around. The owl was soon taking off when he grabbed his knife from his belt. He tossed it at the owl before it slammed into a window of the cabin. The knife would have demonic etching as well as the sense. He followed the owl with a louder and more menacing growl before dipping back into the deep shadows of the trees. He knew them. They wouldn't just sit around and wait for him to attack first. No Hunter could resist slaying a demon in their backyard.

He moved even deeper where the trees with thicker, making sure to scrape against the trees and smashing branches on his way. "Come on Sammy." He whispered as he leaned his back against the tree across from a small clearing he had found. His eyes were watching his messy path and now all he had to do was wait for his son. "Come on!" He hissed and moved out against the tree. He still was out of control and unable to deal with being a demon. He repeated the growl that sent even more animals astray. John was extremely impatient these days. So unlike himself. He just shook his head and slumped to the ground. His back was against the bark and his knees were bent up slightly. He covered his forehead with a hand while the other rested on his knees. He was nervous. It had been years since he last saved them as a ghost from his own captor. They never had the perfect or even good relationship anyway. His shudder made even the leaves move away from him.
Aug 20, 2017 | 12:33 pm


"Save Me From The Animal I Have Become"

birth name :: John Edward Winchester
alias :: Many
nickname(s) :: Johnny
age :: 55
calling :: Hunter. Was turned into a Demon
sexuality :: Bisexual
status :: Single
occupation :: Hunter
origins :: Supernatural

eyes :: Brown
hair :: Dark brown
height :: 6'2"
build :: Strong/Muscular
distinguishing marks :: colt tattoo on right inner arm under the elbow
play-by :: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

      - - - - [character name] likes
      • Coffee
      • Hunting
      • Being right
      • Journaling
      - - - - John Winchester dislikes
      • Smart mouths
      • Demons
      • Being bested in a fight
      • Talking back
      - - - - powers
      • Illusions
      • Strength
      - - - - strengths
      • Intelligence
      • Strong
      • Has human allies
      - - - - weaknesses
      • Holy water
      • Fast to act
      • Wants to work alone
      - - - - secret
      • Has been turned into a demon
      - - - - dreams
      • Turn human again
      • Be reunited with Sam and Dean
      - - - - fears
      • Further family loss
      • Staying demonic
      - - - - things of note


I was dead and should have stayed dead. My wife Mary had struck a deal with Azazel to bring me back at the cost of letting the demon into our home. My memory was erased and we had two sons together. Our lives were happy together...for a time. The night that I will never forget. The night Azazel came for Mary. First there was a noise in the baby monitor of Sam's room and when I went to check on her she was gone. Blood was falling to the floor and when I looked up, Mary was bleeding from a cut on the ceiling. I grabbed Sam as she began to burst into flames and had my oldest son Dean take him outside. Don't make me go into details. All I can remember is running from the house with my two boys and being questioned by police over and over. I swore I would get revenge on the thing that killed my wife! Thus began the end.

I made Dean and Sam grow up too fast. Trained them to hunt so they would not go through the same horrors. I went off on my own hunting trips, leaving Dean to fend for himself and Sam. They suffered. I suffered. My hunting trips for years led to nothing but information that is stored in my journal. I became obsessed with the more information I received. I found out it was a demon. It was Azazel. I tried to protect my sons and failed. I was possessed by Azazel and attacked them before becoming hit by the truck. Dean was hurt and dying. Doctors said he wouldn't survive so I did the only thing I could think of for my boy. The boy I had failed as a father for. I sacrificed my soul for him and put the colt to my head.

When I awoke in Hell, Azazel was there. I was tortured by the demons both old and new that I had sent back there. Azazel had some sick fascination with me. I fought. I was not about to roll over and die in this eternal world of torture and pain. Azazel saw right through my tactics and decided to let me go...with a price. I was to become a demon myself and was put back into the world of the living. Where I am to fend for myself and fight off the hunters out there alone. To see if I can survive. If I die, my soul will be lost. Who can I trust now? I have to stay hidden. Nobody can know I'm back until I fix what happened to me.

Supernatural Wiki used as a guide

r.o.l.e.p.l.a.y. s.a.m.p.l.e.

John Winchester had been placed on Earth one night in the bowels of New York City. He was back, but not the same. His once brown eyes now had streaks of gold for his now demonic form. He felt stronger and faster with his movements. Keener of senses, but weak of mind. It was strange to be back especially in a form that he despised. He should be hunting demons, not becoming one! He had to run from the hunters now and stay hidden. Might as well go hide in the bar. He growled lie to himself as he ran his fingers through his dark hair. At least his hair looked the same and the gold in his eyes was low enough to not be seen there. So he began his quest to find a drink. He wondered if booze would have the same taste or kick. Wondered if anyone would notice. He found himself growling as he jumped inside the nearest sports bar.

John took a seat gingerly on the stool furthest from the crowd at the bar and put his wrists against his closed eyes. He had a massive migraine causing his eyes to hurt and his brain to throb as if some sort of dagger was pressing into them. "Troubles?" The bartender asked him as she came over. John looked up and groaned. "Just a migraine." He honestly answered the woman before him. "Give me your strongest drink." He sounded irritated and he could tell the woman noticed. "Joe friendly." She huffed and turned to mix up a beer with different liquors going into it. He just rolled his eyes and reached for his wallet...which was missing. Of course. Of course he wouldn't have any money. "I'm a little short." He had said and the woman just shrugged. "Don't worry about it." She placed the drink down. "I wouldn't expect a demon to have money."

John froze as the drink was just touching his lips. What? Was this a trick from Azazel? He thought fast as he tipped the drink back to take a gulp only to set it on the table. "What?" He asked with the hint of nerves in his voice. The woman looked amused and started laughing. "Oh come on! It's Halloween and the bar is named Hell's Little Domain. You didn't notice? This place is a mecha for this time!" She swatted his shoulder before walking away to serve another customer. "It's on the house, tiger." She looked back and winked, leaving John and his drink to sit there. He felt like a complete idiot. "Whatever." He said and closed his eyes as he took another long sip. So far it wasn't doing much. Damn.

puppeteer :: Katy
age :: 27
facebook handle :: Katy Goodwin
contact :: PM, Facebook messenger or Discord (RickBelongs2Negan#7077)
how did you find us :: My good friend, Logan
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