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 The Rules, Read 'em. Love 'em.
 Posted: Feb 22, 2013 | 2:15 am

player: Jax
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This board, and all other boards with TEAM VITAE, are advanced role playing game boards. This means that the quality of writing and subjects are expected to be up that standard. In regards to this, please pay careful attention to the posting rules, canon rules, and word count rules currently in effect. That being said, here are the rules of the board.

This is an obvious one. Be nice and play fair. We don't expect everybody to get along all the time, but what we do expect is for everybody to respect one another. If you do have a problem with another member, then you can take it to a PM. If you feel you can't resolve the issue on your own, PM an Admin and we'll play mediator for you. We are all coming together to create a story as a creative whole. No one person should ever feel as though their voice, opinions, input, or self-worth is less than anyone else's. So let's all adhere to the Golden Rule?

code of conduct
Under no circumstances is disrespect now or ever will be acceptable. If you have an issue, take it to a PM or IM. Don't go upsetting other members just because you feel like crap. On that note, we won't hesitate to ban any member that breaks this rule. The rule of thumb is to respect others. Characters might have their prejudices and beliefs, but out of character, there is a zero tolerance policy for discrimination. If we see in character situations being used to further any out of character disagreements, we will not hesitate to delete the account and/or ban the player. No bullying will be allowed. Slander and defamation is right out. No players will be discriminated against for their age, gender identity, ethnic group, sexual orientation, military status, occupation, disabilities, religion, social subculture, or national status.

mature content
We are an 18 and over, 3/3/3 board; so we allow mature content of all kinds on these boards. However, all mature content (gore, sex, etc.) must be labeled in some obvious was within your thread. If your application has mature themes, we ask that you either refrain from putting them in the application and messaging a staff member, or provide a trigger warning within the app. We ask the same for any scenes, except that the label “[M]” be included in the topic title. A staff member must be notified of all mature scenes, and the nature of the content either at the creation of the thread, or once the [M] stamp is required by the thread content. 

We currently do not allow reservations on any TEAM VITAE site. All canon characters and face claims are treated on a first come, first serve basis. If two people are applying for the same application or using the same face claim, then the application that is finished first will be the first to be considered. Work in Progress applications DO NOT COUNT towards any kind of reservation. 

Administrators and Moderators will be treated with respect. We are Staff for a reason and that means that we both handle the fun side of things (like layouts and plots) and the more authoritative side (like disciplinary actions and tough rules calls). As much as we are your friends, there comes a time when we need to put on our Staffly pants. When that happens, you will be expected to give us the same consideration you would any other figure of authority in your life. We will be fair and kind as long as you adhere to the rules both written out here and common decency and social unspoken constraints. The Administrator’s word is law. The Moderators will clear any decision through the Main Administrator so everything is always balanced and professional. This is simply not up for debate. If you have a concern, please contact a member of the Staffing Team. We are on your side and want what's best for all of us, but we also have to be even-handed and justice-minded as possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

character limit
TEAM VITAE is a multi-board community. We have several RPGs that are open at the moment. Across all TV boards, there is a 9 CHARACTER LIMIT. This can be any spread across all board. (For example, 9 characters on one board. Or 5 on one and 4 on another. Or 3 on one, 1 on another, and 5 on a third.) This limit is the current standard. Staff reserves the right to reduce or increase this limit on a player by player basis.

No plagiarizing. There are tons of resources out there to help you out, just please be sure to cite your sources. It does not take long to copy and paste a hyperlink back to where you found your information. This also includes crediting anyone who makes you graphics. Give credit where credit is due, please. This is something that the Staff takes very personally, as they have been victims before and it's a personal pet peeve. Breaking this rule is often an instant and permanent banning off all TEAM VITAE sites. 

Avatars are to be within the dimensions 175x325 and signatures within the dimensions of 500x300. You don't need to have a posting template, but they are fun. Again, no wider than 500 pixels please! If your picture(s) are greater than we will ask you to fix them. This is to keep the board nice and pretty, as opposed to stretched and frenzy-inducing. You don't want to see our poor Coding Otter Moderator lose his marbles because suddenly everything's all kerflooey! Save an Otter, Control your Graphic Size.

We do have monthly activity checks that will be conducted every month by staff to see which characters are staying or going. If after the check you have not posted, we will move your character(s) to the Inactive Characters Forum. However, if you completely disappear without either talking to a staff member or posting an away message, and your activity has been silent for two weeks, then we will consider your profile abandoned. You will be put on a probationary status, in which your profile's member group will be removed. At the period lasting three days, your account is subject to deletion, and your bio will be moved into the Inactive Characters Forum. If you return you can PM an Admin to move your character(s) back to the Active Forum. You must post In-Character if you wish to remain active. 

Once you have been approved, you have four days from your date of approval to either get into a scene or start up a thread of your own. Look around for open threads to get involved in. Start an open thread of your own. PM someone that looks interesting and see if they want to play. Just get involved somehow! Trust me, the people here are very friendly, and want to play with you, too. Also, keep in mind that threads should and do end! Once a thread of yours has been finished up and closed out, you have another week to get involved in another thread and stay active. If a thread has been silent for two weeks, it will be closed down and moved into the archives. This does not mean that it is dead. This just means that you need to get into contact with a staff member to have it reopened and moved back into the active section. OOC posts do not count towards your activity. While all of the OOC things are wonderful and we encourage you to get involved, please RP. It's what these boards were made for!

character creation
Any and all baby plot MUST be approved with staff before pushing forward, ESPECIALLY if it involves a canon character. Please send a PM to the main admin account before doing anything IC. This is to make sure genre and continuity continues.. This is not to say we will automatically deny, but staff MUST confer before any roleplay happens.

If you are trying to make an Original Character connected to a Canon Character PLEASE speak with Staff before your application goes up. Most of the families in canon have very specific Trees that will become a mess if random relations start coming out of the woodwork. Plus, people shouldn't come out of woodwork, it's just messy. Understand that characters like this are hard to approve on the off-chance the canon you want to be related to has a player who isn't fond of the idea. We'll try and find a way for you to play what you want, but canon needs to be considered by all parties involved.

Alternate history/reality characters will NOT be allowed. If you are choosing to play a character on the boards, they must be from the current reality that the story is taking place in. Staff will allow exceptions on a case by case basis, but they must be approved before they are applied for.

All posts must be in third person and in past tense. This is a very simple rule and one that we ask you to abide by in order for this experience to be enjoyable for all. This rule is not negotiable. If you can't roleplay in third person or make your posts in past tense, then this board is probably not for you.

Chat speak is strictly prohibited in posts. We also ask that you use correct spelling and punctuation in your posts. Of course a small spelling error here and there is natural, but if every other word is spelled incorrectly, you will be warned. If you know your spelling is weak, please be courteous to others and use a spell checker.

We have a 250 word count here. You can always write more than this, and we encourage it! A good rule of thumb is make sure to give your scene partner something to play off of. Think of the whole picture when you post. Setting the scene is an important thing that people often forget! Just think of the difference between running into a stranger in the middle of a mall in daylight or running into a stranger at midnight in an old abandoned warehouse with creepy chains and bloodstains. Totally different, Right? Also, use your Five Senses (occasionally Six for our Psychics out there!) What do you See, Smell, Hear, Taste, Touch, Sense (psychically), or Feel Emotionally? What are you thinking? All of these can really fill up a post and take a scene from 'eh…' to 'WHOA!!' in a heartbeat! And remember, dialogue is fun! These 'verses all have fun dialogue, so trying saying out loud what you want your character to say to make sure it sounds good. Staff does it all the time, much to the chagrin of those around us!

No God-modding or power playing. It's a simple rule and one that most of you already know of and abide by. You cannot take control over somebody else's character without their express consent. You also can't have your characters do something or perform some action that is outside of that character. This also means that your character is not omnipotent. If something happens in a closed scene, then you need to have a darn good reason to be privy to it. All people involved with the scene need to be talked to and addressed! If you break this rule, expect a warning. Second warning for this will get you suspended or possibly banned.

playing canons
Time to give you the skinny on applying for Canon Characters! First thing's first. If your canon character is either Dead or Currently Inactive, you need to have a good reason for why they are out and about again. Be creative! We reward creativity here, and as long as it fits within the genre of the 'verse, we will most likely approve it!

Also, all canon players are expected to perform to the following standards.

  • Complete understanding of the character's personality.
  • Complete understanding of their history and impact in the storyline.
  • Able to write 'in character' and to consistently maintain their voice.
  • Ability to progress a storyline and engage other players.
  • Quality of dialogue worthy of the 'verse.
  • Maintaining proper in character relationships.
  • Proper punctuation, grammar, spacing and spelling.
  • Consistently meeting or exceeding the site word count.

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