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 Adelias Psywarcz, 21 | shadowhunter | poppy drayton
Adelias Psywarcz
 Posted: Jun 27, 2018 | 1:57 pm

player: lila
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|| 21 || shadowhunter || shadowhunter || poppy drayton ||

» The Basics «

Birthname: Adelias Kezia Psywarcz (pronounces tsar-check)
Nicknames: Addie, Lia
Gender: female
Sexuality: heteroflexible

» Appearance «

Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: brown
Build: slim, short
Distinguishing Marks: runes, freckles on her left shoulder

» Likes «

  • kyrie
  • whiskey
  • cigarettes
  • running
  • food

» Dislikes «

  • going to church
  • her old family
  • kyrie
  • piramus harven (its a long story)
  • tequila

» Strengths «

Runes: The black marks that litter her skin are angelic runes- marks that give her and those that are like her powers, based on the rune itself. Before each battle she will be seen drawing these marks on her skin, and on the skin of that of her parabatai, Kyrie.

Thick skinned: When you grow up like she did, part of a family like hers, you have to learn how to take things with a grain of salt. Her name meant she was judged before anyone could even get to know her. Nephilim hated her for her last name and what it meant to their history. Downworlders hated her for having the angel blood, even if she was never herself a Shadowhunter. And of course, with a parabatai like Kyrie.... well, you have to learn how to take a hit or two, verbal or physical.

Loyal: Once you get in with her, there's no shaking her. She will follow you to the ends of the earth and back again, no matter what that means.

» Weakness «

Reckless: Her recklessness rivals that of Jace Wayland. She's the very first to dive headfirst and headlong into a situation she knows nothing about and trust her gut feelings, even if they are not good feelings at all. She'll make those crazy jumps and try out new moves in the middle of a battle. The amount of scars she has is alarming, really.

Stubborn: There's no arguing with her. Don't try and convince her of something once her mind is set- it won't end well for anyone, really.

Takes nothing seriously: Self explanatory, really.

» History & More «

Dreams: Settling down with both Kyrie and Oliver, happily, just the three of them.. and maybe having an Institute to run where she could find other kids like her who were forgotten by the Clave, and giving them a place in this world.

Fears: Losing Kyrie. Her uncle/cousins coming back and taking her from this world.

Secrets: She's high key sleeping with her parabatai, and low key in love with his best friend.

History: The world of the Nephilim is a complicated one. Everyone knows the story, of how Jonathan Shadowhunter prayed for the world to be rid of darkness and his prayers were answered by the angel Raziel, giving him and those who drank from the Mortal Cup augmented powers to aid in their battle against demons and the evils of the world. Everyone knows how he and his chosen few began the race of Shadowhunters as we know them today, but there is a story that is not as well told- the story of Gyles Psywarcz.

Gyles was among Jonathan's inner circle, one of the first Shadowhunter families. He was faithful to the oaths of the people, upheld his responsibilities to dispatch demons- had a parabatai of his own- he was an upstanding Nephilim as it were, but he was close with downworld. He held sympathy for the vampires and werewolves, who had no choice in their making or their nature. He forged relationships with warlocks who could aid their cause, and held such reverie for the Fair Folk, who had inhabited the land far longer than they. And for that, he and his family were cast out of the ranks, stripped of their marks and banished from even calling themselves Nephilim.

Fast forward about a thousand years and you have the current Psywarcz clan- a proud and stubborn people who wear their angel blood with a roll of their eyes and a spit to the ground. It's well known who and what they are, but not a single black mark graces the skin of their family. No one hates Nephilim more than the Psywarcz family. They all still have the sight, and spend way too much time in the Shadowmarkets of Europe, but stay far, far away from any Shadowhunters. Their family is used like a scary bedtime story for shadowhunter children, a cautionary tale of why you should stay away from Downworld. Its almost a swear word, saying their name- or the name that came to be associated with their people- gypsy.

She is born to the brother of the Rom baro- a baby with dark brown hair and piercing hazel eyes. She is given the name of Adelias, though to the world outside, she is Kit, short for her gaje name- Kezia, and she hates it. She grows up, always wanting more, always dying for something else, always feeling just barely out of place. She is the reckless child, the one who runs ahead of the group and jumps too far and too high, who tries so hard to prove her worth. She is Lia, and she is a rambunctious child- or at least thats what everyone calls her.

She doesn't fit, and she knows it. And at the age of fourteen, she does something about it, unlike everyone else in the damn family. She's supposed to marry her cousin Piro, and she doesn't want to, and no one will listen to her Piro is an ass and she hates being around him, and he's in love with her best friend anyway! Doesn't anyone understand? No, no of course not. And so... she runs. She runs because that's what she's good at, because that's what she knows how to do. She runs, and she runs, and somehow, she ends up at the fucking Vatican.

There are a few other details in there of note- being found by Oliver Monteverde and his sidekick Kyrie being the main one of import. There also may have been the part where she took on a group of angry downworlders with her own two fists and was left for dead... but that's less important.

When she woke up, there was a scrawny Shadowhunter leaning over her bed, poking her cheek. She promptly tried to punch him in the throat and missed terribly. He took care of her, helped her get back to normal and let her in on the world of the Nephilim. She'd been raised to hate them, to not trust them, and yet it was two Nephilim boys who had saved her life. When they heard her last name, and who she was, the head of the Institute at the Vatican offered her something she could only have dreamed of: a chance to start over. And that's the story of how Adelias Psywarcz got her first mark and began training to become a Shadowhunter. They would protect her from her family if they ever tried to drag her back. She would have a family here instead.

She remained close to the boy who saved her and his best friend. They trained her, taught her what it was to be a Shadowhunter, what it was to have people standing behind you. She clicked best with Kyrie, with his easy sense of humor and his hint of recklessness. Their fighting styles balanced each other. He was light and agile, jumping all over the place, attacking from afar. She was strength and solidarity. With Ollie covering both of their backs, they are nearly impossible to best in training, or even out on patrols. They became inseparable.

When they turned sixteen, Kyrie explained what a parabatai was, how it worked, and how many times Ollie had begged him to do the ritual, and how many times he'd turned the other boy down. "He's bound to fall in love with me one day, and you can't love your parabatai. Against the rules." And so she decided, right then and there, that they were the ones meant to be parabatai. To save Ollie from asking again, and because... well, he was the one who understood her the best. It only made sense that he would be her mystical Shadowhunter bestie.

From there, the rest is history. The two of them built a reputation for being the Shadowhunters you sent on the stupid missions, the one no sane person would go after, and the only ones who were likely to come back from it. They were sent all over the place for it, to rid cities of crazy ass vampire nests, to take on squid demons- you name it and it was up to Kyrie and Addie.

Their latest mission? New Orleans.

» Writing Sample «

She was pissed. She was pissed beyond pissed. Blame it on her Roma blood, blame it on her temper, blame it on the fact that she’d become insanely protective over people she barely knew, but Adelias Psywarcz was on a mission. She’d always been sort of an impulsive person, someone who acted on feelings as opposed to rational thought, but this was a whole different level of stupid. She’d left the Vatican the day before, and the twelve hour drive had only managed to fuel her anger. She hated driving, and only ever did it when she needed to clear her head. Right now, it was doing the exact opposite for her.

Did she have any idea where she was going? Absolutely not. One of the other shadowhunters in the Institute had promised her she would know exactly where the Berlin Institute was just based on instinct. It drew shadowhunters there. And so she had let her gut take her where it wanted. Most of it had seemed like a blur as she pulled up to the front gates, hopped out and shoved the keys into her back pocket. She bumped the doors open with her hip and stormed in, looking around. There were a few who tried to stop her, all of which were unsuccessful as she pushed past them. It was only once she had made it up some stairs that she managed to get out “Where is he? Where’s Kyrie.”

It was begrudgingly that one of them let her know where she could find the object of her ire, followed by some words in German she knew were curses. She knew all of them. When she turned over her shoulder and shot them back at the lovely people who had put them her way in the first place, the looks on their faces were well worth the trip up there.

And so she made her way through the back alleys of Berlin, following the precise directions she’d been given. Sure enough, there he was- dark hair and a shit eating grin, as always, throwing stars balanced between his fingertips. “Kyrie!” She called, hands balled into fists at her side.

Player: || lila || 24 || est (gmt -5) || discord! (lila.#8778) ||

 Posted: Jul 3, 2018 | 12:35 pm

player: Jax
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» Welcome to The Supernatural Life «

Congratulations, Adelias Psywarcz! Your application has been approved! Please remember to make your claims! Post a tracker if the spirit moves you. Announcements are posted in the News & Annoucements forum, as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Welcome to The Supernatural Life!

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