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 Beating The Odds, AU The 100 RPG
 Posted: Jul 11, 2018 | 9:38 pm

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Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin met and fell in love with one another while still on the Ark but were separated when Clarke was arrested after her father was sentenced to death. Bellamy becomes one of the guard in order to still be able to see her but is eventually demoted after it's discovered that his mother had a second child and had been hiding her under the floor. Hating the fact he can no longer see Clarke or his sister, when Bellamy discovers that the 100 delinquents are being sent to the ground to see whether earth is habitable he begins looking for a way to get on the jumpship with them.

So when Bellamy is offered the chance to go to the ground with them, he takes it, even though that means killing the Chancellor. Once on the ground, Bellamy struggles with what he did and has a hard time keeping it from Clarke and Octavia, but also fears telling them for fear of what they would think of him. But on the ground Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia and the rest of the 100 have more problems then the secrets Bellamy is keeping. There on the ground they have to fight to survive. Will they beat all the odds stacked against them or will they fail? Join us and find out.

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