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Jun 1, 2017 | 8:54 pm

To say that she was angry was an understatement. It was rare to get on Mari's bad side but it did happen. Usually when someone she cared about was hurt or people were rude to her. In this case, Mari had just dealt with an entire day of people who were rude and had soured her mood till she just grabbed her purse and told her assistant she was taking the day off and the only call she would take would be her husband.

To that effect she had walked out of her studio with purpose and then tossed her purse in the passenger side of her red BMW after she fished out her phone so it could synch to her car and she could drive hands free. Once that task was done she drove out of the parking lot and then proceeded to drive with the music on singing to whatever came across her. She knew logically that everyone had off days, knew that it wasn’t a bad week it was just a bad day but it took time for her temper to cool down.

She remembered the three A’s she’d learned in therapy, Awareness, Acknowledgement, and Acceptance. She didn't want to meditate in the car,/that was completely impractical so the best thing she could do was go shopping. She needed to pick up some items for the house and doing some baking would get the last of her frustration out when she was home.

Spotting a few of the shops she liked to frequent she parked her car and slid out of the drivers side with the grace of her species. Pausing a moment, she placed some rose colored heart shaped sunglasses on her face and her sunhat on her head and made her way into the first store. Her red maxi dress showed off her willowy form to good effect and the matching purse she had on her shoulder showed she was a person that took pride in her appearance.

Grabbing a shopping cart she wheeled around the Trader Joes like a woman on a mission. She was going to make her favorite brownies and she was not going to skimp on the ingredients. Standing in the baking aisle it didn’t take long to get everything she needed. It wasn’t a hard recipe per sec but in an era of instant brownie mix it would take time to make and that would give her the time she needed to calm down.

Slowly, she exhaled and picked what she needed from long experience. Since she was a vampire she didn’t have to worry about whether to use butter or margarine and she was glad of it. She hated the fake golden substitute. It was as disgusting as Doritos. She never understood how human beings could even digest those things. It made her grimace just thinking about it.

Humans could create such horrible food sometimes. It reminded her of the 1950’s when aspic recipes were all the rage. She hated gelatin as much as she hated Doritos and the idea of the work that went in to gelatin foods made her cringe. Shuddering slightly she also made a note to pick up some ingredients for humming bird cake.

Tag;; Open
Words;; 540
Outfit;; HERE
Notes;; Shopping is therapeutic
Credit;; Alyss Rose:: Member of Blood Roses:: Team Vitae and Think of me from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera
Aug 14, 2016 | 12:58 am

She’d popped back to Mystic Falls to maintain their home. There might be a point where she and Trenton would want to get away from the hustle and bustle of New Orleans and Mari wanted to make sure that everything was in working order and the garden was well maintained. Yes they had a caretaker for the property and gardeners and cleaning services but that just wasn’t the same as walking through your own property and making sure everything was all right.

The body that Trent had disposed of from Rori’s last drunken escapade had long since turned to ash but Mari was still careful to make it look like they were just renovating the area and changing out the plants. Of course any vampire would know what it was but Mari hoped that none of the hunters would get wind of the situation.

She’d spent the majority of the time straightening the gardens up and it calmed her down tremendously. Being in this place alone put her on edge. There was this fear that her father might come back and haunt her. She knew such fears were silly and immature but when you spent your life afraid of someone it was hard to shake the control they had on you even when they weren’t around. Most of the time she did alright. She could focus on the good and making a home for her and Trenton and enjoy their honeymoon but on days like today when the air was crisp and drops of water trickled ever so slowly off the eves of the house and waited to drip down your collar, it was hard not to feel like something bad might happen.

Frustrated with herself for her gloomy thoughts she went to the bathroom and cleaned up. It didn’t take her long to get ready, the most time consuming thing was her hair and that became old hat when you had vampiric speed helping you along. Today she’d wrapped the braids around her crown and used ribbon as an accent. It was old world styled but it kept her hair out of her eyes and would transition into an evening look with just a few well placed jeweled hair pins. She wore a pair of black slacks with a set of high heeled boots she’d thought looked cute the last time she’d gone shopping. A hot pink blouse that showed off her coloration hugged her curves while remaining modest for the times. Completing the outfit was a set of rose earrings. Surveying herself she added a hint of her signature scent of rose oil and then made her way to the living room so she could curl up with a good book.

She’d be here for a few days at least making sure that the property was maintained and kept up and she hoped that Trenton might visit in that time. It would be nice to be in this home as husband and wife. Doing those things that made a house a home and just enjoying each others company. It was mushy and romantic but she loved it and cherished every moment knowing that it might be her last.

Tagged: Damon
Words: 558
Outfit: HERE
Notes: First Damon and Mari Thread!
Credits: Music of the Night Lyrics by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Made by Merry

Jun 3, 2015 | 7:02 pm
Marina Sinclaire is played by Merry in It Will Come Back

[color=#99ccff][SIZE=7][font=Georgia]Marina Sinclaire[/SIZE][/color] [/font]is played by [SIZE=7][color=#99ccff][font=Georgia]Merry[/SIZE][/color][/font] in [url=]It Will Come Back[/url]

Apr 12, 2015 | 8:39 pm
Player Name: Merry
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Apr 2, 2015 | 2:13 pm
Marina Sinclaire is played by Merry in Waiting to Advance

[color=#99ccff][SIZE=7][font=Georgia]Marina Sinclaire[/SIZE][/color] [/font]is played by [SIZE=7][color=#99ccff][font=Georgia]Merry[/SIZE][/color][/font] in [URL=]Waiting to Advance[/URL]
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