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Dec 4, 2017 | 8:43 pm
It was a strange state to be in outside of the Institute, but Alec was finding himself spending more and more time alone lately. To be fair, Alec never really minded being left alone in the Institute, in fact a lot of time he preferred it. Sometimes he just needed time to be by himself, to think or (according to Izzy) brood.

But this was different.

No matter how many times that he had someone swearing it was different... Alec couldn't shake the feeling that he was losing his family. Steadily, one by one his siblings were drifting away. Max was gone with their parents, who they themselves had never been the most emotionally available, Izzy was barely home anymore, she was always running off by herself, and Jace... Well Jace seemed to have better things to do. Everything was going up in flames and no one was banding together like they always had. Suddenly they were just a bunch of little separate islands who barely had any travel between them.

It was thoughts like this that had driven Alec out into the city again. If he was to say that he was out hunting, he'd be lying. He was much too distracted to really be doing anything specific or nuanced as that. His glamour that kept him hidden from regular Mundanes was up; he did have his bow and quiver and a blade, but that was it. The eldest Lightwood was just out wandering around aimlessly. Without checking his pockets, Alec couldn't even be completely sure that he had his cell phone with him.

Hitting the stairs down toward the subway, Alec kept a very careful pace to make sure he didn't bump into anyone as he descended, feeling the temperature rise with every step further underground. It was almost hard to breathe down in the subway, it was hot as hell even when it wasn't crammed with bodies, and it reeked with a thick scent that Alec barely noticed anymore after almost a lifetime of living in the city. He thought sometimes he remembered what Idris smelled like, the scent of Alicante, which while still a city smelled very different than New York. But it was possible that those memories were mostly fabrication at this point, he'd been very young when they left.

Thankful that most of the crowd had dissipated onto the train that had just left, Alec situated himself near a pillar off to the side, careful to keep out of the way lest he get run into by an overzealous Mundane trying to catch their train. Running his hands through his pockets, Alec swore softly under his breath. Yeah... in trying to escape the crushing silence at the Institute, he'd left his cell phone plugged in on his bedside table in his room.

Good going, Alec...
Feb 22, 2017 | 10:38 am
Thread Name: You Get Through the Twilight Thread URL: Thread URL Thread Original Location: NYC; Residences Other Characters In Thread: Rupert Giles
Dec 20, 2016 | 8:23 am
Exactly how long he'd been laying here was hard to determine, either he didn't remember dragging himself away from the water or the tide had gone out, that part was still a bit fuzzy, but he knew he couldn't feel the waves covering and freezing his legs anymore. Eventually the world stopped fading in and out, soon after it slowed it's spinning. This was much better. He'd tried once so far to open his eyes, make sure he was alone or safe, but his lids felt as though they had anchors tied to them; the little bit he had managed to glimpse told him that he'd likely popped a blood vessel in his eye because all he could see was a red tint before he let them fall closed again.

Voices... Face down on what felt like a beach, it was difficult to tell whether the pain in his ribs or the sand pressing into his nose and coating the inside of his mouth that was making it hard to breathe; but whichever it was there was nothing wrong with his hearing. Billy could hear voices, a man and woman, and the man sounded surprisingly familiar. Even if he was really dead he couldn't just keep laying here; it took more effort than he was willing to admit to even find his arms to get them under him, but Billy hauled himself up on his elbows with a groan. Soaked leather creaked along with him as Billy at least managed to get up enough to sit on his knees. The world spun and swam as he did, he needed to bury his hands into the sand to keep himself steady as he took a couple breaths to keep from throwing up the organs full of sea water that had now been jostled.

"Despite someone's best efforts... not a corpse." he managed, his voice was raspy and thick, the first words forcing a cough out of his lungs, his whole torso burning like fire as he did so. The Spanish vest protested as he did his best to cough into an elbow, his range of motion limited after... how many times had it dried? Twice at least as far as he could remember. But it seemed Billy Bones had nine lives, first Flint tried to get rid of him, and he refused to tell Hume anything that he wanted to know, and of course there were two long trips in the ocean in between them both. Blinking he looked up and around him at the skeletal beach bathed in blood red light, there wasn't anything wrong with his eyes, there was something wrong with the whole world. The moon above their heads glowed a deep red and Billy felt his eyes start to fight against the color scheme, deepening shadows in the forest beyond, tricking his eyes into seeing things moving there, things that moved as the deeper ocean creatures moved. The sight was making him feel sick again, but if he loosened the hold he had on himself now he was going to throw up until there was nothing left, then start to either laugh or scream with no indication that he'd ever be able to stop again.

Better to try and avoid that for as long as possible.

"Though this looks suspiciously hell-ish. This is... where exactly?" In an attempt to ignore the delightfully macabre scenery, Billy looked up at the two people who'd stumbled across him, one's who so far seemed to have no interest in trying to kill him, which was refreshing. The woman in the red cloak wasn't someone he thought he recognized, but she seemed much less skittish about his possible reanimation than the man did. "Apologies, I didn't really have much choice in where I landed." he offered, sounding honestly apologetic. No one had ever called Billy Bones a push-over, but he'd always been taught to be polite first, there was always time to be rude later. It was usually disarming and had served him pretty well so far.

The name the woman used for the man still standing a few yards away wasn't one he knew, but that figure was, though it was definitely a little thinner than the last time he'd seen it. "Rackham? Jack Rackham? My mistake, maybe I am dead... Jesus..." If he'd considered Jack before looking at him, Billy would have said he was a pretty good man, Captain Vane's Quartermaster the last he knew; but looking at the man he seemed to be able to remember things the way they'd gone the first time, the time where everyone ended up dead at the end of their lives, that bastard Silver being one of the last ones left standing. Trying to just sit here and consider it, Billy felt his head ache from more than just the oxygen deprivation. Not wanting to stay the way he was any longer, Billy started to try to haul himself to his feet, a little shaky; 'sea legs' meant something slightly different when you were the one floating in the ocean for days without a ship between you and the water.
Oct 25, 2014 | 7:56 am
There was a weight to the other's thoughts that couldn't have been all from one little scratch. It was true that there may be a minor concussion attached to it, but a quick rune and a few hours wakefulness would be fine. At the swat to his hand Alec's first instinct was to smile, but when he looked up he saw something in those gold-green eyes that made his smile vanish. There was nothing good about this emotion, a flicker of... disgust? Should he have showered first before presenting himself to the warlock? Maybe he should have.. Magnus didn't like to get dirty and here he was covered in dirt and demon blood.

As Magnus pushed him away, Alec turned and looked up at him, the force of it making just easier for him to sit down on the edge of the bed, making sure to sit on top of the coverlet that the hotel folded at the end to keep their sheets and blankets from getting mussed. He opened his mouth to argue that it was, in fact, fine when the other insisted that he should have been called. Alec felt a stab of inadequacy and emasculation. Magnus had been the only one who ever gave him cause to believe that he could be a functioning Shadowhunter on his own, and now that he had, Magnus was upset that he hadn't called for help? "There wasn't exactly very much time." he answered, doing his best to keep his voice level and not betray anything he was feeling, Magnus was having a hard enough time with his own feelings to deal with Alec's as well.

"Besides, I knew you were exhausted, it's why I wanted to surprise you with breakfast... I knew you love beignets because you mentioned it.. Alec indicated the white and green paper bag on the table where the pastries that had been the goal of his outing sat slowly cooling along with the cup of spicy chocolate coffee prepared just the way Magnus enjoyed it. It was one of the first things Alec had made himself learn and the only thing he'd asked for when he started spending more and more of his time at Magnus' apartment was a nice coffee maker. Most mornings when he came in from patrol he'd fill it up and switch it on before crawling into bed with his boyfriend, resettling the Chairman on his chest or hip so he was still close to his father while still giving Alec the room to curl around Magnus himself. When his boyfriend came back with the washcloth, Alec sighed a little internally, feeling frustration starting to build as he presented his head for the other to care for. Was he really [i]this[/] inept? Had he wasted his entire life training for something that he'd never be good enough at that people would trust him to handle one little demon on his own? Even Clary when he first met had lied to him on his possible death-bed that he'd slain the demon himself when really it'd been Simon, a mundane of all things. There was no real way to quit being an active Shadowhunter without getting his marks removed and that would leave Jace with no parabatai or buffer from Izzy, it would leave Alec with no family ties, no nothing save Magnus and... well there was always the chance that Magnus might not want him anymore if he was no longer a Shadowhunter... wasn't special... Alec let his eyes fall closed for a moment and banished the entire line of thinking from his mind and pulled up the information that Magnus was interested in.

"Very lower level... aquatic, about eight or nine tentacles, maybe the size of the hood of a car? Very low intelligence, mostly working on instinct. I think it was blinded by one of the river boats and that's what disoriented it enough that it came out of the water during the day." While he spoke his hands decided that instead of resting in his lap with Magnus standing so close and temptingly naked, they rested gently on his hips and pulled the other close, letting the bed bend his knees so the warlock was straddling his lap as he cleaned his wound. Just last night Alec had discovered that a little bit of pain mixed with the other pleasures that Magnus had made him very privy to was actually nice; while getting a head wound scrubbed by a very upset warlock wasn't the same kind of pain, Alec just wanted to forget about it, fall into bed with the other and feed him sugared pastries and then lick the fallen sweetness off of that tanned skin. Even right now with his wound being cleaned, Alec just wanted to feel his boyfriend pressed against him, it didn't need to be sexual now, though that would be nice, he just felt like he needed the touch, the connection to help tell him he wasn't as much of a failure that he was starting to feel like again, most of the confidence in his abilities as a warrior as fleeting as they'd come.

When Magnus paused, Alec leaned his head forward and kissed his collarbone tenderly with soft lips, as it was the closest thing he could reach, and looked up at him with bright blue eyes filled mostly with love, but with the smoldering coals of lust still evident, covering the feelings of hurt and inadequacy, "I'm alright now.. I promise... You don't need to worry..."
Aug 20, 2014 | 2:27 pm
The soft noises combined with the taste and feel of his boyfriend pressed against him would have had Alec pushing him back down onto the rumpled bed that the other had obviously just vacated. Blood sang through his veins and his hands wrapped around the slim, bare waist and stroked at the base of Magnus' spine as he was starting to discover that the other liked. Very rarely did he feel this kind of lust ringing through his body without already having been at least flirting with the man in his arms. But he'd heard both Izzy and Jace mention something, very fleeting about how they felt after their own kills. But his own were so few and far between that he'd never noticed anything. But now he understood, it was something almost primal that brought him close, melding his own body, gear pants and boots with a teeshirt as he pressed fully against Magnus' bare body.

However there was a small, sharp pain when Magnus put his fingers through Alec's hair and the two of them pulled away almost in sync. Looking down at Magnus' fingers Alec's own drifted up to see if the blood was really and truly his own. When had he gotten hit like that?

"I'm alright." he offered the other a grin, but allowed his head to be turned to the side so Magnus could take a proper look. His hand stayed loose against Magnus' hip, fingers stroking softly over the pale bruises he'd left there after last night, the memory bringing a soft smirk to his lips even as he felt a flash of guilt for leaving such marks on his lover. "I was out getting you breakfast, at the Cafe you mentioned, by the river? There was this demon that crawled out of the river while I was in line..." This was when a brave glint sparked in his eyes as she spoke, eyes flicking up from where he was watching his thumb brush across Magnus' hip so he could look into those darkened but worried eyes, still fogged from sleep. This was... amazing. Having the other here in his arms, waiting here when he got back from a patrol or a kill and he could again root himself to the ground just because he could hold the warlock in his arms.

Even though he liked it, what he never intended was to make Magnus worry like this. Unfortunately it was his life, killing demons, Alec didn't know how to do anything other than be nephilim. Nor did he think he'd ever want to be.

Bending his head he pressed a soft kiss to Magnus' cheek, but his innocent face wasn't as pure by the large, proud-of-himself grin across his lips. "My bow was back here so all I had was my seraph blade, I didn't realize I'd gotten cut when it knocked me over or I would have runed myself before I got back so you wouldn't worry." Flattening his whole hand along the back of Magnus' hip, Alec tried to keep himself under control so he didn't look too proud of himself but he was. "It was strange enough that it was out during the day, I couldn't let it get into the city proper and risking it hurting someone. But I took it down completely by myself." There was where his pride shone through, Magnus knew exactly how the dynamic went back with his siblings, knew how rarely Alec got to shine in a fight.

"It's alright, I'm just a little banged up."
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