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 You Are My Home, Elena
Damon Salvatore
 Posted: Jul 8, 2017 | 9:08 pm


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hey walked together hand in hand until they reached his place and they wouldn't be there for a considerable amount of time. They were walking like a normal couple, not a couple of vampires who could be there in a matter of moments. He was determined to make this fresh start with Elena the last fresh start for them. He wasn't going to walk away now and nothing was going to hold him back from being with the love of his life.

He knew that Stefan was away and that he needed to be, and that meant they had the house to themselves."You know, you should just move in my bedroom is more than big enough for the two of us, I could even knock out a wall and make it even bigger.", he smiled his blue eyes looking at her chocolate brown ones.

"Thank you by the way, for giving me a second chance after all of my douchebaggery moments".Giving her hand a light squeeze as they walked in step with one another, he leaned in to kiss the top of her head. He never knew what love was, what it really was until Elena came into his life, she challenged him, angered him, upset him and he actually gave a shit about hurting her, that was rare even for him. Though he did have brief moments of compassion for others, there was never anyone like the love of his life next to him.

He couldn't wait to get her home and have her all to himself but right now, he was happy doing anything as long as it was with her.

Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert
 Posted: Jul 17, 2017 | 7:56 pm


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It was wonderful to just be normal for once. All the weight on her shoulders had slowly started to ease off and now that she and Damon were back together she had hope that she’d be able to sort out the rest of what life threw at her. Right now she would enjoy this time with Damon and work on fixing her friendships with Caroline and Bonnie. For the first time in a long time things were going right and she intended to enjoy every moment of it.

Holding his hand she relished his touch and the ability to just be herself. There was no worry that she was somehow going to screw something up or hurt someone in anger around him. He had a way of knowing what the line was and that helped her to be able to blow off steam and keep control in a much more reasonable way than what Stefan seemed to expect. Getting angry was far from ideal but suppressing her anger only made it ten times worse. She wasn’t human and she needed to learn how to adapt to this new life in a way that was acceptable.

Damon would help with that.

“There’s no need to go knocking down walls in your home. I’d be happy to move into your room.” They had enough things to sort out without a construction crew in the way. Right now Elena just wanted to be with Damon. This was where she belonged and she was excited to start a new chapter in her life, “No problem. I get it. I’m not one to judge after all look at the body count I’ve left in my wake.” That was said with a grimace and a slight shrugging of her shoulders but she acknowledged her mistakes and realized they could have extremely long term consequences that could crop up years down the road.

Like ripples in a pond it was hard to know which of a vampires actions were going to have long term effects. Their karma tended to come back to bite them in the form of hunters, or relatives of those they killed. You could never tell when something small was going to have a bigger meaning. You would think that being a vampire would allow you to see consequences more easily but it seemed to be a cosmic balance that as a vampire you were going to make mistakes and be punished for them. The need to feed, the heightened emotions, the arrogance that came from being an apex predator, all sought to endanger the life of a creature that was effectively immortal assuming they didn’t get killed.

Twining her hand in his they moved closer to the boarding house. She could see it coming up in the distance and she felt her heart lighten, “Have you had a chance to speak with Bonnie and Caroline? I’ve been trying to rebuild the bridges I burned.” It was good to change the subject for a short while. They would be home and have all the time in the world to be together but for this moment she just wanted to be a normal girl walking home from dinner with her boyfriend. The town would gossip of course, small towns always did, but in the wake of what had happened it would pass quickly enough. Now was the time to get settled in and figure out what their next move was.



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