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Posted by: Simon Lewis Jul 31, 2017 | 12:09 pm

A Battle or a Dance
Simon sighed a sigh he did not need to sigh. He wondered if that made him an asshole or not. He didn’t need to breath, unless it was to literally push air over his vocal chords so that he could talk. Did other vampires sigh involuntarily? Was it something that he should begin to work out of his habits if he was going to fit in with all the cool bloodsuckers? How did a person even stop doing involuntary things?

He stopped his thoughts in their tracks. This. This was exactly what he promised he was not going to be doing tonight. He needed to stop analyzing, stop thinking, stop… well, stop trying it make sense of it all. Magnus had given him the advice. He wasn’t sure if it was good or bad, but it was different. Different from anything else he had tried, anyway. In his core, Simon was a worrier, and Magnus knew it, so he suggested to Simon that he try being the opposite for once. He never dreamed he would end up an undead creature of the night. He had stopped breathing once, after all. Who was to say he could not stop worrying?

So, as he unpacked the van, he packed up his thoughts. The mantra in his head repeated his actions over and over and reminded him to just let things go, if only for the night. Let got everything going on between Jace and Clary and him. Let go of the questioning if there even was a Clary and him. No.. no, he dealt with that. He had boxed up those feelings a long time ago now, ever since the Shadowhunter and the Shadow World waltz into their lives. It didn’t matter that they now knew that Jace and Clary were related, he wasn’t opening that box back up. It wasn’t fair to Clary… and it wasn’t fair to him…

The boxes and crates were done being unloaded and sat on the sidewalk, ready for set up. Pandemonium was already letting in clients, but the use of the stage door meant that he could avoid most of them. I also meant that he could carry maybe one more thing than he “should” be able to carry. All right, there were some perks to the supernatural blood. There was a tremendous amount of major downfalls, but the super strength and getting it “all in one trip” spoke to the rare laziness he felt.

He carted all the cases to the stage and set them up as best he could. There was only a certain amount of work he could do before he got into “touchy artists like their things a certain way” territory. His own bass, the monitors, and the sound cases were set up. He finished long before he technically had to, but… well, what else was he supposed to do with his time when he was hiding from almost everyone?

He stepped out onto the floor from the stage, letting the DJ keep the music going until the rest of the band was ready to arrive. He waved and smiled to the DJ, who did not smile or wave back, or even acknowledge him. Well, some things never changed, and it looks like the eternal struggle in club entertainment would rage on. He sighed again, deciding that he didn’t care if it was “normal” or not. In fact, there was no reason why he couldn’t look normal, and with a sudden vigor, he started to make his way over to the bar. He didn’t know what he was going to order, He didn’t know what he was going to order, and he didn’t know how it would make him feel, but his feet were already moving, so he was committing to what was probably a stupid idea.

Part way through heading towards his stupid idea, though, he stopped walking, dead (ha!) in his tracks. He… um… felt something? His shoulder tensed as he watched the crowd in front of him part. They were a ways off when he saw them, but the way they moved suggested no one could see them, the crowd was just moving the make sense of them being there and not being there. Simon had seen it a few times before. It was how mundanes (he hated that word!) reacted to glamour runes. They weren’t just Shadowhunters, though. He could see the angry, red mark of the Order emblazoned on their skin.

Shit… They hadn’t noticed him yet. Quickly, he turned his back to them, not wanting to panic and run into the crowd, but also not wanting to have them notice him and.. do whatever it was they would do to him. He didn’t notice that he had stopped breathing until he started to tell himself to try and play it cool, and look as human as possible. He took a deep breath, and turned his head, trying to look at them out of his periphery. He saw them, moving around the crowd, looking at people, but he noticed other movement, too. For the most part, everyone in the crowd was swaying to the music, or speaking to each other, or just enjoying the club. This third person, though, was moving through the crowd with as much purpose as the pair of Order members.

Izzy? Isabelle Lightwood was here, too. He noticed her dark hair and flash of bold lip color through the crowd. To be honest, it hard not to notice her, but the Glamour probably helped. Intent on not getting caught looking at the Order members, he focused on her. What was she doing? Was it something he should get involved with? Should he help? Or would he just get in the way?

Oh shit… Oh shit… Oh shit…

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Posted by: Isabelle Lightwood Aug 9, 2017 | 10:03 pm
Portrait of a Girl
The hunt for Valentine was proving to be a frustratingly difficult ordeal. More so for Isabelle because he had Jace as well. It was like he had disappeared off of the map- nobody had seen him or knew where he was, no tracking rune could locate him, not even Magnus could. Yet there was still evidence that Valentine and the other Circle members were still actively trying to find the Mortal Sword and destroy the Downworld. Which meant he had to be stopped in any way possible; which... proved to be difficult considering they couldn't even find him. Luckily, there were people who could lead them to him.

It was said that Valentine's men had been spotted recently at Pandemonium, doing what; Isabelle wasn't sure.... But she was there to find out. With her whip wrapped around her wrist and the tight black dress that reached up her neck covering her runes, Izzy carefully slinked through the noisy crowd of the club. She had spotted one of them easily; it was always simple when someone was glamoured in a crowded mundane area. Because of that fact, she made sure to keep her distance; keeping the back of the man's head in sight. She couldn't attack him here; not in the middle of the club with all of the mundanes around. Isabelle would have to follow him into a more open, private location.

Except the shadowhunter seemed to be after something... He moved with determined purpose and not towards the exit. With one hand brushing against the hilt of the seraph blade at her hip, Izzy followed close. It wasn't until the man was several feet away that she recognized his target. Simon? It was Clary's mundane, no- vampire friend. Before Isabelle really had a chance to guess what a member of the Order wanted with Simon, a subtle movement of the shadowhunter's hand produced a small needle filled with some sort of liquid. The man only lifted it about halfway before Izzy was beside him, a small dagger drawn with the blade pressed against the man's throat. "Don't touch him," she commanded in a low and dangerous tone.

The man slowly raised his hands as if to surrender, but in one quick, sharp motion, he pushed Izzy back, causing her to stumble into another patron, who fell forward onto someone else. While an argument began to brew behind her, Isabelle collected herself and frantically searched the crowd. Finally she spotted him nearing the exit. Pushing her way past the sea of people, Izzy ran out into the open alley, long, silky hair whipping side to side as she searched for her target. "Damnit" she whispered to herself, not seeing any trace of the man.

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Posted by: Simon Lewis Aug 21, 2017 | 10:45 am

A Battle or a Dance
He lost them. He lost all of them. The crowd was getting denser and the DJ was spinning tracks louder to accommodate for it. His vampire senses were working overtime in the crowd, but that wasn’t necessarily a helpful thing. He hardly had enough experience to sift through all the individual scents and sounds. He had been warned about going nose blind before, so he didn’t even try to inhale. Losing track of Isabelle and Valentine’s guys, though, set a rock in his gut that weighed him down. He felt surrounded and exposed all at once, and it made his hackles rise. Literally, he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck as the whatever-a-vampire-was inside of him instinctively fell into “cornered” mode.

For all the supernatural “feelings” in the world, though, he did not even know that there was someone coming for his neck until he heard someone speak in his ear. The voice was feminine, and had a hint of danger in it that he reflexively snapped his head around to look at. It was only then that he saw the needle, practically dripping with whatever liquid waited in its syringe. Reflexively, he gulped, the sound coming in loud in his own ears. But beyond the syringe, and beyond the leering face of Valentine’s man, was the crystal clear image of Isabelle Lightwood.

His heart raced, two beats, in his chest, an unconscious reaction from his (un)dead body to get the blood moving, to protect himself. It was a hiccup of life in his chest that he was not sure he would ever get used to. He had been under the impression before that being a vampire meant that nothing worked, but he was finding that to be completely untrue. It was more like his organs worked on as “as needed” basis. And right now, his heart needed to get blood to his legs as fast as possible so that he could freaking move!

He became horrendously aware that all the timing and blood rushing in the world would not have saved him if Isabelle hadn’t been there. That inspired him to move even quicker, though he reminded his legs that he couldn’t move too quick. This Masquerade bullshit is going to get me killed one day… He was no skilled warrior, so all he could think about doing was getting out of the freaking way. It put him well out of reach of Valentine’s guy, and kept him out of the way of Isabelle, but he was worried when both of them took off at a sprint to the exit. But there was something… wrong…

There were two… There had been two of these guys before he lost track of them in the crowd. He felt this jaw tighten as his vision swirled around the room. Every face was a stranger… but only one of them made in instincts flare.

He was by the exit. Either he was trying to escape, or sneak up on Isabelle, now out in the alleyway having chased the other guy out it club. Considering he had his seraph blade pulled, Simon felt like he wasn’t going to peacefully surrender. He didn’t know if Isabelle could see or hear this guy coming up to the door, but Simon reacted anyway. The Shadowhunter didn’t see him coming. Simon rushed the man, wrapping his arms around him just as he was turning the corner through the doorway. “Isabelle!” he called as his only warning to her before him and the Shadowhunter collided. Together, they went spilling into the alley. It wasn’t graceful in the least, but it got the fighting outside of the club, and, for all he knew, he was saving Isabelle’s life!

They hit the ground together, but Simon didn’t keep his arms around the Shadowhunter. Instead, he let go, and quickly turned away. He did not want to stay in a grapple with any sort of Shadowhunter. He may be a vampire now, but he was still no match for a hunter that had been trained to kill things like Simon for all of their lives.

Instead, he scrambled back, kicking the door closed as he moved. He made to kick it with enough force to warp it, so that when is slammed into the frame, it would stay that way, wedged shut, and cutting off anyone who might have tried to follow them into the alley. That last thing he wanted was for this guy to get reinforcements… or for some poor innocent to stumble into the alley themselves and get hurt. Shadowhunters had glamour, but he did not. Vampires relied on their ability to hypnotize to cover up their tracks, and that was just not happening if it was left up to Simon.

From that point on, he stayed out of the way. Oh, he would defend himself if the Shadowhunter turned on him, but he needed to know where Isabelle stood, if she was hurt, or if she was going to attack. So, for now, Simon stood up and placed his back against the wall, not because he was afraid or cornered, but because he didn’t feel like getting flanked… again.

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Posted by: Isabelle Lightwood Sep 25, 2017 | 8:48 am
Portrait of a Girl
Isabelle's head darted from one side to the other, dark tendrils of hair whipping out behind her with the movement. The alley was empty. The Shadowhunter had managed to get away. With a curse under her breath, Izzy was just about to head left when she heard her name called out. "Simon?" Whirling, she turned just in time to watch the two figures collide and tumble out the door. Immediately Izzy drew her electrum whip, cracking it so that the end coiled around the Shadowhunter's wrist just as he reached for his fallen sword. Jerking the whip to the side, the movement forced his hand away.

The Shadowhunter wasted no time recovering, he rolled his wrist, wrapping his hand around the whip despite the way it burned into his flesh. With one quick pull, he forced Isabelle forward and off her balance. In that moment, the Circle member lurched forward, grabbing his seraph blade and bringing himself to his feet. I'm a flash, he came at Isabelle, sword drawn and arching down on her. But she was ready, Seraph blade already in hand, she whispered Jophiel, watching it come to life in her hands. Just as the tip flashed brightly, Izzy lifted the sword to block the other blade's blow. As the man bore down on her, she kicked one heeled boot into his stomach, sending the guy backwards.

It didn't distract him long enough and a beat later he was coming at her, slashing wildly in anger. Isabelle jumped back several times, each one narrowly avoiding the edge of the blade. On the fourth swing, Isabelle ducked under the blade, kicking out her leg to trip the attacker off of his feet. He crumbled to the ground and immediately Izzy was on top of him, one leg on each side with the tip of her Seraph blade pointed at his Adam's apple. "Where's Valentine?" she demanded, but the man only hissed back in anger. In a blink, his hands wrapped around Izzy's wrists, pulling them to the side and causing the tip of her blade to leave a shallow cut along his throat. With her wrists still trapped between his hands, he squeezed hard until she was forced to release her weapon with a clipped cry. Pulling hard on her arms, the man forced her to the ground, this time shoving his knee into her throat while he reached for her blade.

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Posted by: Simon Lewis Nov 13, 2017 | 10:01 pm

Against the wall (literally,) Simon watched as the battle played out in front of him. Everything happened barely quicker than the human eye would register. The dueling Shadowhunters went back and forth. With a different partner, Isabelle would have looked graceful. It was not that she did not have elegance, if that word even applied to fighting. It was just that the Circle member was not a man who seemed particularly concerned with dignity. He was going for the kill, by any means necessary... as proved when he took a cut to his own throat just to escape Isabelle's grapple.

And that was when things took a turn... In doing what he did put himself at the advantage. Disarmed, and pinned, Isabelle now laid under the Circle member's knee. He would either squeeze the life out of her trachea, or stab with her own weapon, now in reach. Simon could feel the muscles of his jaw tense up. In his chest, his heart did not so much as beat, but stir enough to get the blood in his limbs rushing. All of their grappling and fighting had turned the man's back to Simon. The vampire had gone completely unforgotten. Maybe he didn't see Simon as a threat. It did not matter. It meant that Simon had a rare advantage.

With a push from the wall, and a yell that was really more for him than anyone else in that alley, he charged from his nice, safe vantage point, on a collision course with the Shadowhunter. He was still getting used to his new supernatural speed, but he registered that the Shadowhunter at least raised his head. He was distracted, just for a second... right before Simon tackled him. Again. For the second time in about a minute, Simon was tumbling to the alley floor with a member of Valentine's Circle. This time, though, his goal was not to just knock him down and scramble. That was either not going to work again, or it would be expected and easier to retaliate. This time, Simon found his hands on either side of the man's body, and locked his hand around his wrist, pinning the man's arms to the side.

The two of them hit the ground again, but this time, Simon did not let go. The locked hands were strong around him, and it meant that the Shadowhunter would have no chance to reach for his stele. The only runes he would have access to would be anything he had already activated. No tricks. It meant, though, that Simon could not move from his current position. They were at a stalemate. Luckily, Simon had someone on his side in the alley with him...

He looked over at Isabelle, giving her a good look to be sure that she was not hurt. “The lady,” he said, speaking close to the Circle member's ear. His own voice came our surprisingly calm and threatening. A lot could be gained when a person was not out of breath from a fight. He had not more breath to lose. “...asked you a question. It would be impolite to ignore her again.” Whoa, Lewis! We got a badass over here!

a battle or a dance
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Posted by: Isabelle Lightwood Dec 4, 2017 | 11:20 pm
Portrait of a Girl
Her blade was out of her reach; with the attacker's arms being longer, he would no doubt get to it before her. That didn't stop her from trying to reach it, or at least appearing to. Clenching her jaw tight in attempts to strengthen her neck against the pressure of the man's knee, one hand stretched out toward her seraph blade, while the other struggled to reach under the hem of her dress where she kept a dagger. Isabelle's fingers had just grazed the hilt of the blade when there was a familiar yell, followed by the sudden relief of pressure. Gasping for air, the brunette wrapped her fingers around the handle of the dagger, pulling it out as she rolled to her feet in one swift movement.

Glancing up, Isabelle saw Simon grappling with the enemy, his arms pinning the other man's down as they both struggled. Still in the process of catching her breath, Izzy walked over to lift her blade off of the ground. Rushing over to the two of them, her heels clapped loudly against the pavement as she did so. Admittedly, this man had gotten her angry; but the only sign was the fire burning in her dark eyes as she glared down at him. Holding the tip of her seraph blade to the Shadowhunter's throat, Isabelle spoke slowly and sharply. "Where. Is. Valentine?" she asked again, pressing the tip of her blade into the man's Marked throat; just enough to spark a bead of blood and nothing more. "Careful. The vampire seems hungry and I'm not sure I'd be able to stop him..." Izzy pouted her full, red lips in mock sympathy despite the hard glare never leaving her eyes. "Talk."

The man struggled against Simon's grip, unable to move his arms. Despite the wiggling and the grunting, Izzy noticed the odd way the man's lips were moving. She took a second too long to catch on though. In a flash granted by his speed rune, the man tilted his wrist up as high as he could; which wasn't all that high thanks to Simon, but it was enough. From within the man's sleeve, an arrow shot out straight into the side of Izzy's torso. A cry of pain ripped into the air and the brunette fell back, dropping her weapons as her hands went directly to her stomach, wrapping around the shaft of the arrow.

"Like hell I would tell you anything!" the man shouted and a moment later his body started shaking. Suddenly the Nephilim's eyes rolled into the back of his head as a white foam formed around his mouth. For another few moments his body convulsed and then slowly the shaking ebbed, leaving the man still and heavy on top of Simon.

"Damnit", Izzy hissed in annoyance, her voice weak from pain. So much for getting a hostage. Lifting herself into sitting position, Isabelle cracked the arrow in half, tossing its end to the side. Sucking in her breath, the brunette braced herself for the pain she knew was coming. In one swift, strong push, the arrow slid through her skin further, pushing out the other side as Izzy cried out in pain. It hurt like hell, but at least it was out. Grabbing her stele from her boot, Isabelle shakily pushed herself to her feet. Her hands were shaking but it wasn't like Simon could give her an iratze. Finally on her feet, Isabelle wobbled slightly, feeling as if the ground was shifting beneath her heels. Everything was spinning around her, making her feel even dizzier. Dizzy and tired. Her legs were weak; she could barely feel them. She couldn't feel her arms or hands either. The stele slipped from her palm to clatter onto the pavement and Izzy felt herself on that same path. "Simon..." she breathed in confusion before her legs gave out from beneath her.

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Posted by: Simon Lewis Dec 24, 2017 | 7:12 pm
Simon was, in no way, an expert fighter, but he knew a thing or two about desperation. He was absolutely convinced that if he let off on his hold for even one moment, this guy was going to be the death of him, or Isabelle, or both of them. That was certainly enough incentive for him to hang on with every ounce of supernatural strength that he had. Of course, the man he was holding had supernatural abilities himself, and he was better trained for things like this. In the grand scheme of things, even stronger than he had been in life, un-life still seemed to drop Simon a bit beneath everyone. But that did not mean that he was not going to try, and so he held.

As Isabelle approached them, Simon rolled over with the Shadowhunter so that she could get the best angle possible. She seemed collected, and if he had only just met her today, then she would look completely calm considering the events of the last few minutes. In her eyes, though, Simon saw an ardent anger that promised pain to this Circle man. Simon instantly decided that he never wanted to be on the receiving end of those eyes. The glare alone would be enough to start fires, and Simon was, personally, very flammable. As if to demonstrate just how much of a grasp she had on her anger, she nicked the Shadowhunter's skin, just to make him bleed that much.

He wondered if there was some kind tell that he gave off when she mentioned that Simon was a hungry vampire. Certainly, Simon did not starve himself. He had been warned just how much worse it would be for him and his loved ones if he just went on not getting any blood into him. He would admit, though, he was getting just more than the bare minimum. Yes, he was still squeamish about it in some ways, and yes, it was hard for him to get past it sometimes. He felt like a monster drinking his supply in his own mother's house, and he had a hard time drinking in front of other people, despite the amount of “life hacks” (un-life hacks?) that Luke, Magnus, and even Raphael gave him. So when that little bit of blood bloomed on the Shadowhunter's skin, Simon would have to admit that it distracted him. He wasn't going to rip the man apart, but it certainly drew his attention... Long enough for him to make a mistake.

There were a dozen or so ways for it to happen, but it was easiest for Simon to see where he had failed. Quicker than he could perceive, his arm was up and out just long enough to let out the arrow, and strike Isabelle down. That would be one thing in itself, but in the time that Simon was trying to get a good look at Izzy, and see just how badly was she hurt, he smelled poison in the air, close to his face. He barely had time to shift as the foam flowed freely from the mouth of the Shadowhunter. They actually have supernatural [u]cyanide pills???[/i] He moved and kicked so that when the man died his final death, on Simon's legs were pinned. Simon did feel blessed though, even as the man breathed his death gurgle all over Simon's thighs. Yes, they lost the man to suicide, but things could be a lot worse...

...and then they got a lot worse. He looked up to the sound of his name, in time to see Isabelle's strength fail her, and her body start its descent to the ground. There it was again: desperation. He did not think about it in the academic sense, of “blood go to body, make legs fast.” He thought of it as needing to save Izzy, at all costs, from hurting herself even more, and out of fear that something (a something that could down a Shadowhunter like Isabelle in one blow) was dreadfully wrong. It was not that he needed fewer paces to get to her, it was that he took those pace much, much faster. The world blurred from speed, but he did not have the time to marvel at it. Instead, he reached his arms out to wrap around her descending form... “Izzy!” ...and caught her .

The smell of poison in the air, it seemed, was not only coming from the now cooling corpse of the Shadowhunter in the alley, but from somewhere much closer. Izzy had removed the arrow the same what he heard the Mythbusters say you needed to if you were going to get shot by one. She bled a lot, but Shadowhuntes had healing runes. That scent, and how weak she got so quickly was enough to tell him: she had been poisoned. {b]”Shit... Isabelle? Izzy, I think you've been posisoned...”[/b] For now, he kept her upright, one harm on the small of her back, and the other between her shoulder blades, holding her close to his body for more support. He flashed his eyes down to get a look at the wound. It wasn't healing. Not by any stretch. The distraction of being close to this much blood was outweighed by the need for her survival. Without another thought, his hand was on her side, and applying as much pressure as he could.

What now? What now? What now?! She needed help, and more help than he could ever possibly give her. That would mean leaving the Shadowhunter body here, but... surely, Isabelle's life would be more important than covering up a death by suicide. Did Glamours still work on corpses? Nevermind that now. Depending on what kind of poison this was, Izzy might have only minutes before she would be past the point of no return. She needed help, and she needed it now, and Simon was just going to have to make a decision. Forcing her to walk and speak would just make the poison spread faster. ”Hold on, Izzy... Stay away for me, ok?“ And without another comment, he scooped her up in his arms, carrying her with one arm under her shoulders, and the other supporting her hips. With another rush of speed, he left the alley, not knowing yet where he was going, but needing to get her out of here.

a battle or a dance
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Posted by: Isabelle Lightwood May 20, 2018 | 11:10 am
Portrait of a Girl
The world seemed to be getting farther and father away with each breath. In fact, she could hear each inhale and exhale echoing in her ears. And her name.... someone was calling her name, but they sounded so far away.... But she felt someone; their hands, their body was close, but there was no comfort of warmth.... That was okay, her body felt warm enough as it was. Whoever it was, they were holding her up, supporting her when her body felt five hundred pounds. She wanted to see who it was, but there was nothing but darkness. He was talking again, this time much closer. Gathering whatever strength she had left, Isablle forced her eyes open. Everything was blurry, moving in dizzying patterns that made her stomach nauseous. It took a moment for her gaze to adjust; to see who held her. "Simon..." she breathed weakly.

Isabelle went to lift her hand to touch his face, yet she could not get her muscles to respond. Looming up at Simon, she felt a tightness in her throat, cutting off any words that she tried to push out. It was coming back to her now.... Simon was in the alley with her, the Shadowhunter, the arrow... Isabelle winced at the pain, letting out a soft cry as her wound so viciously reminded her of its existence. She wanted to look around, to see what had come of the Circle member, but she could barely move her head to do so. Something was wrong.

Simon was speaking again and she could hardly focus on his jumbled words that sounded both too loud and too far at the same time. One word did stand out though; poisoned. That was why she could barely stand; why it felt like her whole body was on fire, or why it felt like invisible hands gripped at her throat. Poison. Panic rose into her wide, dark eyes as she looked up at Simon for answers. No, he wouldn't know what to do; this wasn't his world, and the bit that was was all new to him. She needed to get home. "Alec..." she choked out weakly, hoping it was coherent enough for him to understand; she needed her brother.

The next thing she knew, her feet were being lifted off of the ground. Isabelle let out a cry of pain with the sudden movement, but she clenched her teeth tight to bear it, ignoring the sharp sting in her side as she stretched her arms to wrap tightly around Simon's neck, tucking her face into his chest. He was fast, which Isabelle was grateful for; she was tired, so tired....

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