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 Wanted: Ethan Rayne, Warlock of Chaos
Rupert Giles
 Posted: Jul 24, 2017 | 3:10 pm


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Rupert’s life is certain more interesting whenever Ethan is around. The last time we saw him, Ethan was being dragged away by the Initiative, but it is easy to believe that they could not hold on to him forever, and he has since escaped their custody. Or maybe something happened to him while he was inside, and he was released a “changed man.” I do not know, but that is the fun of playing Ethan!

I am a firm believer in the things that the actors and show creators have said about Giles and Ethan and their past. During his Ripper years, he and Ethan were involved in a relationship, one that was confirmed to at least be sexual in nature, if not romantic. From there on out, I am willing to play their relationship out however any player would like! It can be a legitimate ship, or a hate ship, or just hate, or even friendship. Ethan is a wildcard! Did he escape? Is he on the run? Is he a man seeking redemption? Is he up to his old tricks? Does he want forgiveness from Giles? Or is he looking to pull the man down with him?

Name: Ethan Rayne
late 40s/early 50s :: warlock :: chaos worshipper
Robin Sachs

The entire time I was writing about Rhys' mother in his application, I kept thinking about Patti LuPone's character from Penny Dreadful. (If you have not seen the show, go see it! Now! I'll wait.)

In a nutshell, Robin has always lived her life in exile. She was born with a clubbed foot and a physical deformity that left her blind in one eye. Her mother was a midwife for the clan who was kicked out when she refused to give up the life of her child. Trained as a midwife by her mother, she takes on the jobs that the “respectable” members of the clan will not do, medically speaking. She also has developed a reputation of reading tea leaves, but I will leave that to a player for her to determine if she actually has some mysticism, or if this is a ploy.

I left the details of her pregnancy with Rhys vague, except that by the time he was born his father was not around to claim him. His father might have other children out there (see above want ad) but it is very possible that Rhys was the last of his children. The relationship between Rhys and his mother had always been one of devotion. He had previously been offered a place back with the clan, but refused to go since his mother would still be left in exile. She has a kind but firm nature to her, although there is a lot to be said about her humor. Overall, she is a good mom.

Name: Robin/ Rabein
50 years old, cut-wife/ midwife, grounder, exile
Patti LuPone

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