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 A Battle or a Dance, tag || Izzy Lightwood
Simon Lewis
 Posted: Jul 31, 2017 | 12:09 pm


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A Battle or a Dance
Simon sighed a sigh he did not need to sigh. He wondered if that made him an asshole or not. He didn’t need to breath, unless it was to literally push air over his vocal chords so that he could talk. Did other vampires sigh involuntarily? Was it something that he should begin to work out of his habits if he was going to fit in with all the cool bloodsuckers? How did a person even stop doing involuntary things?

He stopped his thoughts in their tracks. This. This was exactly what he promised he was not going to be doing tonight. He needed to stop analyzing, stop thinking, stop… well, stop trying it make sense of it all. Magnus had given him the advice. He wasn’t sure if it was good or bad, but it was different. Different from anything else he had tried, anyway. In his core, Simon was a worrier, and Magnus knew it, so he suggested to Simon that he try being the opposite for once. He never dreamed he would end up an undead creature of the night. He had stopped breathing once, after all. Who was to say he could not stop worrying?

So, as he unpacked the van, he packed up his thoughts. The mantra in his head repeated his actions over and over and reminded him to just let things go, if only for the night. Let got everything going on between Jace and Clary and him. Let go of the questioning if there even was a Clary and him. No.. no, he dealt with that. He had boxed up those feelings a long time ago now, ever since the Shadowhunter and the Shadow World waltz into their lives. It didn’t matter that they now knew that Jace and Clary were related, he wasn’t opening that box back up. It wasn’t fair to Clary… and it wasn’t fair to him…

The boxes and crates were done being unloaded and sat on the sidewalk, ready for set up. Pandemonium was already letting in clients, but the use of the stage door meant that he could avoid most of them. I also meant that he could carry maybe one more thing than he “should” be able to carry. All right, there were some perks to the supernatural blood. There was a tremendous amount of major downfalls, but the super strength and getting it “all in one trip” spoke to the rare laziness he felt.

He carted all the cases to the stage and set them up as best he could. There was only a certain amount of work he could do before he got into “touchy artists like their things a certain way” territory. His own bass, the monitors, and the sound cases were set up. He finished long before he technically had to, but… well, what else was he supposed to do with his time when he was hiding from almost everyone?

He stepped out onto the floor from the stage, letting the DJ keep the music going until the rest of the band was ready to arrive. He waved and smiled to the DJ, who did not smile or wave back, or even acknowledge him. Well, some things never changed, and it looks like the eternal struggle in club entertainment would rage on. He sighed again, deciding that he didn’t care if it was “normal” or not. In fact, there was no reason why he couldn’t look normal, and with a sudden vigor, he started to make his way over to the bar. He didn’t know what he was going to order, He didn’t know what he was going to order, and he didn’t know how it would make him feel, but his feet were already moving, so he was committing to what was probably a stupid idea.

Part way through heading towards his stupid idea, though, he stopped walking, dead (ha!) in his tracks. He… um… felt something? His shoulder tensed as he watched the crowd in front of him part. They were a ways off when he saw them, but the way they moved suggested no one could see them, the crowd was just moving the make sense of them being there and not being there. Simon had seen it a few times before. It was how mundanes (he hated that word!) reacted to glamour runes. They weren’t just Shadowhunters, though. He could see the angry, red mark of the Order emblazoned on their skin.

Shit… They hadn’t noticed him yet. Quickly, he turned his back to them, not wanting to panic and run into the crowd, but also not wanting to have them notice him and.. do whatever it was they would do to him. He didn’t notice that he had stopped breathing until he started to tell himself to try and play it cool, and look as human as possible. He took a deep breath, and turned his head, trying to look at them out of his periphery. He saw them, moving around the crowd, looking at people, but he noticed other movement, too. For the most part, everyone in the crowd was swaying to the music, or speaking to each other, or just enjoying the club. This third person, though, was moving through the crowd with as much purpose as the pair of Order members.

Izzy? Isabelle Lightwood was here, too. He noticed her dark hair and flash of bold lip color through the crowd. To be honest, it hard not to notice her, but the Glamour probably helped. Intent on not getting caught looking at the Order members, he focused on her. What was she doing? Was it something he should get involved with? Should he help? Or would he just get in the way?

Oh shit… Oh shit… Oh shit…

[-] words: 967 {-} tag: Isabelle Lightwood [-]
[-] notes: TAG! [-]

Isabelle Lightwood
 Posted: Aug 9, 2017 | 10:03 pm


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Portrait of a Girl
The hunt for Valentine was proving to be a frustratingly difficult ordeal. More so for Isabelle because he had Jace as well. It was like he had disappeared off of the map- nobody had seen him or knew where he was, no tracking rune could locate him, not even Magnus could. Yet there was still evidence that Valentine and the other Circle members were still actively trying to find the Mortal Sword and destroy the Downworld. Which meant he had to be stopped in any way possible; which... proved to be difficult considering they couldn't even find him. Luckily, there were people who could lead them to him.

It was said that Valentine's men had been spotted recently at Pandemonium, doing what; Isabelle wasn't sure.... But she was there to find out. With her whip wrapped around her wrist and the tight black dress that reached up her neck covering her runes, Izzy carefully slinked through the noisy crowd of the club. She had spotted one of them easily; it was always simple when someone was glamoured in a crowded mundane area. Because of that fact, she made sure to keep her distance; keeping the back of the man's head in sight. She couldn't attack him here; not in the middle of the club with all of the mundanes around. Isabelle would have to follow him into a more open, private location.

Except the shadowhunter seemed to be after something... He moved with determined purpose and not towards the exit. With one hand brushing against the hilt of the seraph blade at her hip, Izzy followed close. It wasn't until the man was several feet away that she recognized his target. Simon? It was Clary's mundane, no- vampire friend. Before Isabelle really had a chance to guess what a member of the Order wanted with Simon, a subtle movement of the shadowhunter's hand produced a small needle filled with some sort of liquid. The man only lifted it about halfway before Izzy was beside him, a small dagger drawn with the blade pressed against the man's throat. "Don't touch him," she commanded in a low and dangerous tone.

The man slowly raised his hands as if to surrender, but in one quick, sharp motion, he pushed Izzy back, causing her to stumble into another patron, who fell forward onto someone else. While an argument began to brew behind her, Isabelle collected herself and frantically searched the crowd. Finally she spotted him nearing the exit. Pushing her way past the sea of people, Izzy ran out into the open alley, long, silky hair whipping side to side as she searched for her target. "Damnit" she whispered to herself, not seeing any trace of the man.

Notes TAGS; Simon Lewis
Created by Blitzy of Caution 2.0
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