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Jul 24, 2017 | 3:10 pm
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Rupert’s life is certain more interesting whenever Ethan is around. The last time we saw him, Ethan was being dragged away by the Initiative, but it is easy to believe that they could not hold on to him forever, and he has since escaped their custody. Or maybe something happened to him while he was inside, and he was released a “changed man.” I do not know, but that is the fun of playing Ethan!
<p>I am a firm believer in the things that the actors and show creators have said about Giles and Ethan and their past. During his Ripper years, he and Ethan were involved in a relationship, one that was confirmed to at least be sexual in nature, if not romantic. From there on out, I am willing to play their relationship out however any player would like! It can be a legitimate ship, or a hate ship, or just hate, or even friendship. Ethan is a wildcard! Did he escape? Is he on the run? Is he a man seeking redemption? Is he up to his old tricks? Does he want forgiveness from Giles? Or is he looking to pull the man down with him?

<div style="padding-top: 1px;"></div><div style="width: 206px; background-color: #462343; padding: 15px; "> <div style="width: 180px; height: 43px; background-color: #fff; padding: 10px;">

<div style="width: 175px; text-align: center; font-family: 'Oswald', sans-serif; font-size: 20px; line-height: 100%; letter-spacing: -1px; color: #000; text-transform: uppercase; padding-bottom: 5px;">
Name: Ethan Rayne

<div style="width: 180px; text-align: center; font-family: arial; word-spacing: 2px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #000; font-size: 8px; line-height: 100%; letter-spacing: 2px; "><center>late 40s/early 50s :: warlock :: chaos worshipper
<br><b>Robin Sachs</b></center></div>


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<div style="width: 440px; text-align: right; font-family: arial; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 100%; padding-top: 2px;">THANKS ♥</div>
May 9, 2016 | 12:06 pm
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<div id="resolute"><div class="idea"><div class="CHARname">rupert giles<br>
<div class="CHARstat">watcher | head of the council | still learning | eternally concussed</div></div></div>
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<div class="CHARname2">friends</div>
<p>The entirety of the Scooby Gang, to varying degrees, are the closest friends that Giles has. There is a significant age gap there, but he does feel like they have grown from initial surrogates in his care to full fledge peers with strengths and weaknesses of his own. They have grown in his affections (admittedly, some of them more like a fungus) over the many years of being together. Also, though it has been disbanded as it previously was, many of the members of the Watchers Council were friends and peers. While he knows that there are many who do not agree with him, Giles is still actively seeking out Watchers who were fortunate enough to not be at the Council HQ in London when the First attacked.

<div class="CHARname2">enemies</div>
<p>Giles’ enemies are numerous, but also, fortunately, dead. It many cases, he had a hand in making them so. Enemies of the Slayer also tend to hone in on him as their enemy, and it quite often works that way in reverse. There are many demons of his past, however, that have not been put to rest. While Eghyon had been defeated, Giles is keenly aware that he is not gone forever, and does not look forward to the day that he will return. Until then, though Giles is always working to avert the next apocalypse.

<div class="CHARname2">family</div>
<p>Giles’ parents are both dead, and that’s all he has to say about that. While his relationship with his mother was better than the one he had with his father, that is not saying much. Him and his father never saw eye to eye on anything. It was his grandmother, Edna, that truly shaped him into who he would become. He also has a pair of aunts whom he does not remember well, but who very much remember him…

<p>It must be said that while he initially came to meet her as his slayer, and firmly intended to have a wholly “professional” relationship as slayer and watcher, Giles came to care for Buffy Summers greater than he ever anticipated. There is no mistake that he views her the same way a father would a daughter, and loves her with the same affection. There have been times it has gotten in the way of his duties as a watcher, but he does not regret them. It is also argued that he has this view for many of the other members of the Scooby Gang, though it presents itself in varying degrees.

<div class="CHARname2">lovers</div>
<p>At this point in his life, Giles has firmly given up on love. Romantic relationships never end well for him (and, rest assured, they have always ended.) Some ended in death (Jenny Calendar), the inability to get past their mutual embarrassment (Joyce Summers), fear for their own safety after being exposed to the supernatural world that he lived in (Olivia Williams), or the other becoming a completely disrespectful jerk who didn’t know when it was time to stop playing games (Ethan Rayne.) (Ethan is listed here instead of in “enemies” since he acts more like a jilted ex-lover than an actual foe.) If romance were to come along, it would need to take him completely by surprise. He has been burned too many times, and feels like he has too much work to focus on, anyway, to have time to foster a relationship.

<div class="CHARfoot"><div class="CHARlyrics"> I am the Iron Fist. I hold back the storm when nothing else can.</div></div></div>
<a href=""><div class="credit">c∆f</div></a>
May 6, 2016 | 12:39 pm
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<table id="cont"><div id="titl">RUPERT GILES’ THREADS<h2>This tracker is the work of <a href="">Revo.</a> of <a href="">ATF</a> and <a href="">RPG-D</a>.</h2>
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<h2>watchers, head of the council, eternally concussed</h2></div>

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<h1>"you get through the twilight"</h1>
<h2>alec lightwood</h2><i>
((In Progress)) In which Giles proves that he is more than just a silly “mundane…”

Feb 27, 2016 | 2:03 pm
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We'll see it through.
<br>It's what we're always here to do
<br>So we will walk through the fire.

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Water and soap, cold from how long it all had been sitting in the sink, ran out from the pan and down the drain. The sound of the crashing splash and the slowly fading drain were the only things to pierce the still quiet of the apartment, before the silence was back. Rupert Giles watched the water as it disappeared, rushing away from the pots and pans and sinks and off to join some other series of pipes before it would join the ocean… He stood looking at the sink long after the water was gone and the faucet was off. It wasn’t due to some great intellectual or mystical foresight, or pondering, but because his brain had reached a kind of capacity, and there was nothing but numbness that could only be reached in such a mundane, normal observation. Water down the drain.
<p>His inert mind was awoken by the thing that called to his English heart; The tea kettle that had been heating in the stove sputtered then committed to its whistle and let him know that it didn’t needed to be heated anymore, thank you. Giles liked this kettle. It was a particularly polite one. Some kettles were screamers and others barely a titter so it was easy to forget that point. But this one he would be disappointed about leaving behind when it came time to move again. He put the pot down and walked the two paces to the stove to remove the kettle from the heat.
<p>He finished the dishes while the tea seeped, and in a few minutes he was walking out of the kitchen and directly into the living room/library/altar space that was the one room that wasn’t a bedroom and bathroom in this tiny apartment. Most of the space in the room was taken up by the casting circle that he had drawn out in it, but he managed to keep a corner of the room separated by the window with just enough room for a desk and a wing-backed chair. While there was a bedroom with a bed in it, he preferred to spend his time in the living room, dancing around the edges of the casted circle. He didn’t like the idea of leaving Buffy alone.
<p>The girl in question had been unconscious now for several days, just this side of a week, and while there had been moments when he was concerned for her, so far she had been, for the most part, stable. At least, she was as stable as a person in a state of astral transdimensional travel could be. They hadn’t gotten to the point where he should be worried about how long she was gone. The Trials were not known to be an easy thing, and time worked differently in all layers of Hell.
<p>They were, however, getting to the point where Giles needed to wonder about where his next meal would be coming from. It was this thought that occurred to him as his skittered around the edges of the circle, settle into his chair by the window, resolve to finish reading the next chapter of his book, and promptly fall asleep. He knew because he blinked for a moment and the sun went from being sometime around late afternoon to being completely gone, and, even more tragic, his tea got cold
<p>Well, that was an afternoon well spent... After he firmly woke up with a start, which was really the only proper way for a slightly paranoid Englishman to wake up, and remembered where he was, he tossed the book aside, slung a disapproving look at his tea cup, and rose from the chair. He stood cautiously, moving only just slightly, and looking down at the sleeping girl... young woman... in the room. The only light of the room came from the flickering candles placed around the circle that encased Buffy Summers. He didn't need to worry about them burning down or going out. Their position in the active ritual meant that magic had a clear hold on them. Technically, he didn't need to worry about Buffy's safety. Not really. Even if someone came in here to harm her, he had made sure to cast extra protections on the apartment and the circle beyond the measure in place from the Demon Trials ritual itself.
<p>He had taken every precaution. He knew Buffy was the Slayer. Even if there were many in the world now, she would still be “the.” For all intents and purposes, she could take care of herself. That wasn't it. The idea of losing her (again) was not a mistake that he could bare to face. She trusted him to protect her now, and he wasn't going to fail in that. His musings, before they could take a predictably dark turn, were put on halt when he stomach reminded him that he had been hungry when the sun went down, and his little nap hadn't really helped him in that department.
<p>He needed to leave. The apartment was short on food, and man could not live on tea alone. He knew, were she awake, Buffy would tell him to get something to eat, but he didn't like the idea of leaving her alone. Worse, though, was the idea of ordering food and having it come to them. The door had a clear view of the living room, and Giles didn't feel like explaining to some wide eyed delivery boy why he had an unconscious twenty-five year old woman sitting in a runic circle in the middle of his floor. So out for proper groceries it would have to be.
<p>He checked the charms and protections two more times before he left, and checked the lock on the door thrice. He would need to be quick, and he thought he remembered seeing a grocer some two blocks down. The worst part would be walking in this February chill...
<p>Twenty minutes later, he was almost back with several bags in hand. He had been doing his best to not look at his watch or in the general direction of the apartment every thirty seconds. He managed to keep it to five, and only look like an English prick with better places to be, as opposed to a paranoid foreigner who looked hopelessly lost. Pulling his coat closer around him, he pushed on and came to the correct building. He was about to let himself inside when something stopped him. It wasn't something particularly noticeable. More like a shift in the direction of the wind, but...
<p>He turned away from the door and walked to the corner of the building. The wall to the nearby alley was made up on one side by the wall that held the window to the apartment Buffy was in. Looking down the alley, it was hard to tell, but he was certain there was something there, and it felt like it was something that shouldn't be. Since they was not some casual Sunday stroll he was on, he knew better than to ignore that gut feeling.
<p>Without a word but with his groceries still in tow, he made his way into the alley, sidestepping slowly, and prepared for he knew not what.

</div> <div style="width:350px; margin:auto; border-top: 4px solid #525252; color:#E6DDBC; text-align:left; padding-left:6px; letter-spacing:3px;font:15px 'Arapey'; text-transform:uppercase; padding-top:3px;">

<center>notes: starter!
<br>words: 1206| tag: alec, open </center>

</div></div><div style="width:450px; margin:auto; text-align:right; color:#E6DDBC; font:8px arial; text-transform:uppercase"><a href="">Thanks</a></div>[/dohtml]
Jan 2, 2016 | 7:37 pm


"But my dreams they aren't as empty as my conscience seems to be..."

birth name :: Rupert Edmund Giles
alias :: He has always had the same legal name
nickname(s) :: Ripper, G-Man, any other silly name that everyone insists on calling him. Usually, though, it's just “Giles”
age :: 50 years old
calling :: Watcher
sexuality :: he never really seemed to care about a label
status :: single
occupation :: full time Watcher, independently wealthy
origins :: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - canon

eyes :: blue
hair :: sandy blonde, graying
height :: 6 feet, 1 inch
build :: fit, especially for his age
distinguishing marks :: Tattoo: The Mark of Eyghon. Multiple scars from the years of fighting and training
play-by :: Anthony Stewart Head

      - - - - [giles] likes
      • Books
      • A spot of tea
      • A spot of brandy
      • Good music
      • The holidays (especially Halloween)
      - - - - [character name] dislikes
      • Coffee (Unless he needs to be tense)
      • Technology
      • His Human Weaknesses (or Getting Old)
      • Idiocy
      • Being Concussed
      - - - - powers
      • Magical Aptitude
        Giles has proven multiple times that, even with his powers locked away by his aunts from a young age, he is more than capable of wielding extremely powerful magicks with significant ease. He was a born natural, and does not tend to experience fatigue even under the more strenuous spells.
      • For lack of two other true “powers” to include on this list, I have listed two additional strengths and two additional weaknesses.
      - - - - strengths
      • Genius Intellect
        Giles has demonstrated genius levels of intellect, and it often gets expressed in his speech and actions.
      • Behind Blue Eyes...
        Though he is not ashamed of his musical talents, it is a part of his personality and habits that he does not show many people. All the same, he has a very good singing voice that he often accompanies with his own guitar skills.
      • The Kingmaker
        Be it through the level of dedication that he puts into training his students, or into the passion that he seems to bring from them, Giles has a tendency to train those that do well on the path of being a Champion.
      • The Criminal Mind
        Though Giles come from a healthy and active family, he did go through a rebellious stage in his 20s. During this time, he fell in with a very bad crowd. As well as being exposed to the darker side of magic, he undertook the street education of a petty criminal. Picking locks, hot-wiring cars, and theft (among other things) are on the list of things Ripper knows how to do.
      • Trained Watcher
        As a Watcher, Giles has extensive knowledge in hand-to-hand and melee combat. While he has a technical knowledge of many art forms, he seems to excel in the art of fencing. Also included in his training is his knowledge of demonology and the occult. Giles is fluent in Latin, Greek, Sumerian, Japanese, and (possibly) Gaelic. He has knowledge of, but is weak with, Japanese, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
      - - - - weaknesses
      • The Head and the Heart
        Giles tends to become extremely emotionally attached to the people around him once he gets to know them and figures out how they fit into his life. He tends to answer any threats to them with cruelty and violence, jumping into situations without thinking, and letting his temper get the best of him.
      • Luddite
        Though a generally fearless man, Giles is an unapologetic techno-phobe. He himself as admitted that anything more complicated than a telephone fills him with a "childlike sense of terror." He owns a television, but barely uses it, and refuses to own a mobile.
      • Hit to the Head...
        Easily concussed, Giles is prone to cranial trauma.
      • The Man With the Glasses
        Giles does have poor eyesight, so he is at a slight disadvantage when he does not have his glasses. (Unless there is a time in the plot when he needs to look infinitely more badass.)
      • Only Human
        Giles is a human watcher, in a world full of demons that are much stronger than him. He is mortal, and fifty year old one at that. He is starting to slow down physically, though his mind is as sharp as ever.
      - - - - secret
      • Knows the true whereabouts of Buffy Anne Summers
      - - - - dreams
      • A Safe World
        Maybe someday, all of this evil fighting will lead to something akin to a peace. It may be temporary, but is it foolish to wish for? A day when all the fighting ends?
      • A Life...
        Though he rarely ponders on it too much, Giles sometimes wonders what life would be like, "settled down" with a wife and children. It is a path that he has come to peace with never knowing, though, so he does not actively pursue.
      • A Legacy
        Giles feels as if he somehow needs to make a mark on the world. He wants it to be lasting and good, and something that people generations from now could look back on and remember him and his deeds... and that they were not for nothing.
      - - - - fears
      • Failure
        Giles recognizes just how important of a role he plays. Not only that, but his own natural paternal nature makes it so that he does not want to fail in in guidance of those around him, or in his own personal endeavors.
      • As His Father...
        More so than failing others, Giles fears the apathy that comes with years in the fight. He watched his father become callous, and saw how easy it was for him to hate his son, despite his achievements. Rupert never wishes to become that.
      • Inner Demons
        Darkness has touched Giles to the very core of him in many aspects of his life. While he recognizes the necessity of his dark side from time to time, it is a portion of himself that he is always running from, and he worries that in a moment when pushed too far, he will not be able to come back.



Rupert was born in 1954 into an upper-class family in London, England. His family had worked within the Watchers Council for at least three generations; both his father and grandmother, Edna Giles, were also Watchers, though his great-aunts, Lavinia and Sophie Fairweather, instead used their magical prowess to remain forever young and pursue carefree lives as hedonists. Although as a child Giles dreamed of being either "a fighter pilot or perhaps a green-grocer," being a Watcher was a calling, much as being a Slayer was, and Rupert's father explained his destiny to him when he was ten years old. However, any chance of Rupert having a normal life ended when, as a child, he used the Shard of Stronnos to turn a light demon that was attacking his aunts into a solid form that they could kill, his use of such powerful magic at such a young age confirming his potential, prompting his father to send him immediately to the Watchers Academy where his aunts would have preferred him to have more time as a child before taking on such a responsibility. His aunt's concerned that he would not receive the training necessary to control his powers while with the Council, locked away his magical potential and powers, and erased all memories of ever having it from his mind.

In 1972, as part of his Watcher training, Rupert, along with four other Watchers-in-training, was dispatched to the Highgate Cemetery to deal with the mysterious "Highgate Vampire." As it turned out, the Council had sent them out to deal with the threat on faulty intelligence, and the "vampire" turned out to be a Lorophage Demon, a powerful and deadly insectoid demon that fed on the traumatic memories and experiences of humans, driving them insane and killing them in the process. The Lorophage killed the other four Watchers-in-training and began to feed on Rupert, but two elder Watchers, one of them Rupert's own father, arrived and fought the Lorophage off before it could complete the process. Giles lost his innocence that day and his already-tense relationship with his father only worsened. Because of the incident with the Lorophage, Giles chose to turn his back on his destiny and follow his own path.

It was no surprise, then, that Giles was a rebellious youth. During his teenage years, he started turning away from the more regimented lifestyle of a Watcher in training, and connected to the darker underbelly of the city. It was not hard for him to fall in with a sort of bad crowd.

During this time, he met several like-minded people who used dark magics for fun and profit: Ethan Rayne, Philip Henry, Dierdre Page, Thomas Sutcliffe, and Randall. During this time, one of their more unscrupulous acts was the summoning of a nasty demon name Eyghon. Using the demon, the group would get high under the influence of them being possessed by it. It would eventually become to powerful for them, and they would inadvertently kill Randall while trying to knock the demon down.

This event was enough to put Giles back on the "proper" path, despite the wedge it put between him and his former friends, especially Ethan. Rayne would continue to rear his head to be a thorn in Giles' side for many years.

During his Watcher training, Giles took a particular shine to Archibald "Archie" Lassiter, who would become his mentor and role model. Giles also spent a stint as the curator of the British Museum.

When Buffy Summer's first Watcher, Merrick, did not make it past their first real encounter in California, Giles was sent to take up her training. He took up the position of the school librarian to offer a place to be closer to his new charge. Though she was reluctant at first, she quickly developed a relationship with him that was akin to father and daughter. He also got very close to her friends, Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris, and the four of them would become the "core four" of what would eventually be called the Scooby Gang. Angel, the vampire with a soul, would also become a close friend.

Another individual he became close to was Jenny Calendar, the high school computer teacher and a techno-pagan. She would aid him, Willow, and Cordelia Chase fight against the Hellmouth Spawn that escaped from the Hellmouth (under the library itself) while Xander and Angel would aid Buffy in the defeat of the Master.

At first, Buffy attempts to rebel against Giles and his methods, but after nearly getting hurt due to carelessness, she falls in line. Not long after, his old friend Ethan comes into town. fleeing the demon Eyghon. Giles finally admits to his dark past to those close to him, though Jenny was possessed during the incident, and it drives a wedge between them. This tension only grew when Jenny revealed she was a member of the Kalderash Romani clan, sent to keep an eye on Buffy's relationship with the vampire Angel.

Giles still felt very deeply for Jenny. Soon after, Angel looses his soul and reverts back to being the sociopathic vampire Angelus. Angelus kills Jenny, and, seeking revenge, Giles burns down Angelus' home. Following very closely on the heels of this event, Angelus kidnaps Giles, and has Drusilla thrall him into believing she is Jenny. He reveals the method for raising Acathla. Angelus succeeds in his actions with this information, forcing Buffy to kill him (now reverting back to Angel) to put Acathla back down.

After killing her lover, Buffy fled town. Giles spent the majority of summer teaming up with Joyce, her mother, to track her whereabouts. He is excited when she returns. he briefly acts as Watcher to Faith LeHane (the Slayer called after the death of Kendra Jones, who had been called after Buffy died briefly during her fight with the Master) When Angel returns from Hell, and Buffy keeps his return a secret, Giles felt extremely betrayed, seeing her as allying herself with the man who tortured him and killed Jenny. They make a shaky alliance and the year goes on, though Giles never truly forgives him.

During Buffy's Crucimentium, Giles originally follows the rules, however reluctantly. When the vampire she is supposed to fight escapes and kidnaps her mother, he comes clean about the entire event. At first, Buffy is crushed, but her faith in him was restored when he interferes in the event to save her life. Due to his interferance, though, Giles was fired from his position as Buffy's Watcher. He was replaced with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, but continued to work as her unofficial Watcher, since Wesley was a coward and completely unhelpful.

In the final fight with the Mayor, Giles would be the one to push the plunger to blow up the school, killing the Mayor, but putting himself completely out of a job.

For some time, Giles needed to cope with unemployment. This led to him reconnecting with his old friend, Olivia, (As Anya placed it, his "orgasm friend.") He also spent a lot of time "bonding" with Spike over Passions. He gradually slips into a depression when he realizes how much the Scooby Gang does not need him.

Ethan is not long to return to town, warning Giles of an impending threat in town, but not missing the opportunity to turn him into a Fyarl. After the encounter is settled, Ethan is taken in by the Initiative as a captor. When the time comes to rise against Adam, Giles serves as the "mind" aspect of the spell used to summon the First Slayer to combine their strengths.

Giles slowly started to feel like he had little purpose for him in Sunnydale. After a short encounter with Dracula, though, Buffy admits that she still needs him, and Giles begins to search for a place in this world. When the owner of the Magic Box is killed, Giles takes on ownership, appealed by the high profit margins. When Buffy discovered that her sister, Dawn, was the Key, Giles was the only one she confided in. He decided to contact the Watcher's Council to attempt to get more information on Glory.

Quentin Travers blackmails Buffy into obeying the Council's demands, threatening to have Giles deported if she does not comply. Buffy stands up to the Council, informing them that they will release all information concerning Glory to them, and will re-instate Giles as her official Watcher, to be paid retroactively from the month he was fired. Travers reluctantly agrees, and leaves. As the Scoobies labor to find a way to defeat Glory, Giles brings up the difficult idea of killing Dawn to end her plans. Buffy refuses to listen, and vows to protect Dawn at all costs, much to Giles' anger. Giles admits that he loves Dawn, but that sacrifices have to be made. It is revealed that Glory shares her body with an innocent human male called Ben Wilkinson, and can be killed if Ben dies. In the final battle against Glory, Buffy decides to spare Ben's life, but Giles is less merciful. Explaining that Buffy is a hero and therefore different from them, he suffocates Ben with his bare hands. Buffy later sacrifices her own life to save Dawn's, saving the world in the process.

Several months after her death, Giles decides to return to England. On the very day he leaves, Willow, Xander, Anya and Tara resurrect Buffy, and he comes back as soon as he hears of this. Despite being overjoyed to have Buffy back, he is furious at Willow for invoking such dark magic, and angrily dismisses her as "a rank, arrogant amateur"; while the other Scoobies believe that Buffy may have been in hell, Giles is unconvinced, which later proves to be correct when a demon's musical spell forces her to reveal that she was indeed in Heaven. Buffy begins to over-rely on Giles for financial and emotional support; at one point, when Dawn sneaks out to hang out with a teenager who was in fact a vampire, Buffy refuses to scold her herself and leaves the job to Giles [1]. This eventually causes Giles to decide that his presence is preventing her assuming responsibility for her own life. He leaves again for his native England, moving to a place near Bath, where he works with a powerful local coven.

A few months later, Tara is killed by a stray bullet as Warren Mears attacks Buffy. Willow, still recovering from an addiction to dark magic, suffers a relapse, kills Warren, and attempts to kill his former partners in crime, before resolving to end humanity's pain (and her own) by destroying the world. Hearing about a dark power rising in Sunnydale, Giles teleports back there, wielding great magical power borrowed from the Devon Coven. As Dark Willow boasts of her indestructibility, Giles knocks her to the floor with a blast of magic energy, stating "I'd like to test that theory". Upon discovering all that had gone wrong in his absence, Giles apologized to Buffy, insisting that he never should have abandoned them, but Buffy reassured him that he did the right thing. Knowing that Willow is too strong, he tricks her into draining him of his magics, which bring him near death. It also allows Xander to reason with Willow as the good magic brings out her natural love and compassion, eating away at the evil within her.

Giles returns to England with Willow for her rehabilitation. A few months later, he brings Potential Slayers to Sunnydale to protect them from The First Evil and its Bringers. Giles had removed a few volumes from the headquarters of the Watchers' Council, which is soon afterward destroyed by Caleb, an agent of the First. An injured Watcher named Robson witnessed Giles about to be decapitated by a Bringer, before blacking out. When the Scoobies hear about this, they worry that Giles may have been killed, and that the First is merely impersonating him. They are relieved, however, when they manage to tackle him to the ground, proving he is corporeal and therefore not the First. It turns out that Giles heard the Bringer approaching and decapitated it before it could kill him. Giles later loses Buffy's trust somewhat when he takes part in a scheme with Robin Wood to kill Spike, with Buffy telling him, "I've think you've taught me everything I need to know." Ironically, Giles proves to be correct in his beliefs that Buffy kept Spike around for personal reasons rather than tactical ones.

Giles participates in the final battle at the Hellmouth, and survives.

Over the course of the next year, Giles returned to England, and began to re-constructive process for the Watcher's Council. Acting as current head of the Council, many Watchers still involved in the cause turn to him for the tough decisions. On top of this, Giles decided to start taking on Slayers, focusing specifically on the "tougher cases." He hopes to use his experience with his darker past to help guide others. While in Europe, he helped Buffy with a particularly sensitive case, and kept it secret from the world...

r.o.l.e.p.l.a.y. s.a.m.p.l.e.

One could not say that the night was particularly dark or stormy. As a matter of fact, the evening was rather crisp and, with the amount of light pollution that London got, rarely dark. Somewhere, either within the flat itself or in the accommodations beyond, people were settling in. The entire block had the serene aura of a world preparing for sleep, and a stillness had settled like a thick blanket over a dreaming world.

Rupert Giles was pretty certain he was the only one awake, though this was a feeling he should not be getting used to. Soon, he would not be the only resident of the Collingham Road whitestone, nor would his nights every be this quiet again. Still, he was a person who could always feel the pull of the night calling to him. A night owl. An old mystic. A weary man.

Giles refused to groan against the tightness of his bones as he lifted a box onto the desk in what he was slowly turning into a study. It was a box that was very much like any other, filled to the brim with books, each in turn filled with their own musty breed of knowledge. As much as his friends and other able bodied individuals were, so too were these works his allies. Rarely did they not offer some sort of knowledge, a place of refuge, or a quiet get away. Rarely did they ever turn on him. Rarely, but for when...

There was a single book sitting at the base of the box, not nearly as old at its traveling companions, but no less precious. Truth be told, it had been years since the Watcher had deemed it necessary to put another break in the binding of it. It was a journal filled to the very last page, the older sibling to a series of diaries kept in Giles' own handwriting. It, like the others in the series, were rarely visited but for few eyes. Even after he had been fired by the Council, he had continued to keep the diaries... despite the deep seeded feeling of futility.

This was the first of many, and it gave the Watcher pause. Sinking down slowly into the chair near the desk, other tasks of the moment forgotten. Gingerly, as if the tome was centuries old, he opened up the cover and peered into the first page... the first words...

"Slayer is willful and insolent...."

Giles could not hold back the small smirk that crossed his face. And some things never change... Still, he could not bring himself to look ahead, away from that first page. He knew what kind of stories lurked among the pages, what kind of hardships were described there... His own difficulties training Buffy... His own loses... His own inadequacies as the years ticked away.

She doesn't need me anymore. The thought came from far away, echoing from a great distance, but deafening all the same. And what more could I have ask for? To know that she can make her way in this world without me holding her hand... To not have her call me every time the smallest bad bumps in the night? Isn't that what I wanted? Doesn't that mean that I succeeded?

He closed he book, letting it join its siblings on the bookshelf high above his head. Out of sight, and all that. Soon, this flat would be teeming with young woman, preferably, the kinds that he knew he could do good with. It was a new chapter in his life as much as it was for everyone else. Welcome to the new world.

Pausing in his actions, Giles sat back down i the desk chair, opening up a brand new velum blank volume. In his careful hand, he started writing...

One can not say that the night is particularly dark or stormy. As a matter of fact, the evening is rather crisp and, with the amount of light pollution that London gets, rarely dark....

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