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 You Get Though the Twilight..., tag :: alec lightwood :: open
Alec Lightwood
 Posted: Jul 31, 2017 | 6:53 pm


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Having Rupert respond to him confidently instead of giving him a blank look, with a tone that clearly said he'd trained enough to have a preference lifted a huge weight that Alec had felt crushing his chest. At least... it lifted one of the huge weights that were threatening to crush him. The Watcher was going to be an ally, not a liability, thank the Angel. For a moment, the young Shadowhunter considered just handing the other man the blade in his hand and taking his bow, but while he was likely going to switch to his bow, Alec had no idea what would happen if a mundane were to touch an activated sereph blade. There weren't even horror stories, it just had never happened as far as Alec ever knew. The only thing close to stories that they had were of mundanes who had needed to be put down by a Shadowhunter. In the case of those stories, a human was often known to burst into flame at the first blow. That.. wasn't a risk that Alec was willing to take.

Dampening his blade, Alec stowed it back on his belt before bounding quickly up the stairs into the training area, Rupert could still see him and he could still keep an eye on the other man. Grabbing a training blade from the trunk, still well weighted and sharp, still made of adamas, but not with the runes that would help it to invoke an angel's power. This should be safe. Taking the stairs two at a time, Alec came back into the main foyer and handed the blade to Rupert properly before leading the way over to the elevator, drawing his stele as they went, running its tip over a few of his runes to make sure he'd be ready if they were the ones to come in contact with the intruder.

Hitting the button, Alec drew his bow off his shoulder, loosely knocking an arrow that he used to immediately sweep the perimeter as soon as the doors to the lower level opened. Eyes sharp, Alec took point, trusting Rupert at his back. With a pang, Alec realized that he hadn't seen Jace or Izzy yet, not even a shock of orange/red hair or hearing her vampiric mundane. Were they okay? Had they all just decided to go out to eat when he'd responded that he wasn't going to make it home with the food? That was likely and the scenario that Alec was going to cling to in order to not worry that they'd been taken hostage or worse injured. He needed them to be okay. Especially since he was likely the one who'd let whoever this witch was into the Institute.

The walls of the lower levels were all blank concrete, though some statues and relics broke up the expanse of hall. They needed to pass the cells to get to the main store room, the one that Alec had a hunch if someone was going to break in, they'd head straight there. That is as long as they weren't here to hunt down a Shadowhunter for some kind of vendetta. Motioning for Rupert to stay close, Alec continued to take point, covering every nook and cranny of the under level that someone might be able to hide in.
Rupert Giles
 Posted: Aug 1, 2017 | 10:34 am


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You Get Through the Twilight
Giles knew this song and dance. He had been on, at this point, hundred of patrols. He knew the flow of falling in behind someone, even if it was someone that he had only just met. He did not know the lay of the land, and he did not know exactly what they were looking for, but how often had that been the case in the past? Just because he did not know who or what they hunted did not mean that Giles was out of his element. There was a ticking time bomb element to things, with the uncertainty of the motives, and with the demon blood running through Alec’s veins. It was all the more reason to be cooperative, and, so far, Alec had not done anything that Giles himself would not have done.

Entering the training room, Giles did his best to not gape like a tourist. The facility was more than anything that had ever been available to the Watchers or the Slayers. Granted, while the turnover rate was high, they never needed to worry about training more than a few girls (active Slayer and Potentials) at a time. The Organization, as it stood now, could benefit from a facility like the one at the Institute. There were a lot more girls, now… not that the Clave would ever accept even a temporary use of these facilities. It disappointed him…. They could do so much if they just worked together.

When the sword was offered to him, he took it would hesitation. He hefted It, testing the weight of it, not a stranger to this kind of weapon, even if it was his first time holding it. Something about the blade hummed in his hands. It was like the lingering throb that came with a bee sting, hours after the bee was gone. It wasn’t painful, exactly, but it was hard to ignore. He flexed his hands on the handle a few times. “What… is this made of?” he asked, It was clear that the sword was not made from any sort of natural metal. He could feel a resonance, followed by rejection, flow up his arm. The blade did not like him for whatever reason…

Still, it would do. He fell in with Alec and followed his lead. Groups of Shadowhunters were becoming more and more scarce, probably since everyone was splitting off to different parts of the building. He let him take him into the elevator, but his mind was already working on ways to get this done with as quickly and safely as possible. “You have no way of tracking them?” he asked in the silence of the lift. “You can keep an eye on demon activity in the city, but what about your headquarters?” There had to be something, Surely they were not so short sighted? Surely, they did not think their walls were impenetrable?

The doors opened and he could hear movement from outside. There were already people there, searching… A group of three Shadowhunters from their dark attire and their runes. Immediately all three of them looked at him, then to Alec, then to him again. He was the stranger here… Alec should take the lead.

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