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Posted by: Lilith Feb 22, 2013 | 2:27 am
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This world is about balance.
Light and Dark…
Good and Evil…
Heaven and Hell…

Since beginning of time, ever since the first man opened his eyes to squint into the dawn, Evil has always existed. It is the nature of mankind. Ambition and survival are just the other side of the coin from desire and jealousy. And who has not been guilty of the occasional moment of pride? There have always been though, however, who combat against the darkness that lives inside all hearts. They are the heroes to our villains, and the angels to our demons. Through their efforts, a sometimes eternal struggle and a thankless job, they can keep the darkness back, and balance is maintained.

Evil, however, cheats.

For too long, Evil has been forced to play on the battlefield designed by mankind. Of course Good shall always triumph if the game is played on their home turf. The First Evil was taught that when It last fought, and it was a lesson well learned. When the First was defeated, it did not go away. It just went home. Now, the First is ready to bring It’s home to mankind. Already, the world is bleeding, and chaos is entering the world. In the home of the First, a dimension that sits so close to our own, it is the darkness that reigns and the light that struggles…

The walls between the world are cracked. Old enemies, long since thought dead, are returning, some from the First’s Realm itself, others resurrected and empowered but the flow of Obscure magic. Some are even friends and allies whose lives took a very different turn in the Home of the First, alternate reality versions of people who we love and cherish.

There is a new chapter for the world that is about to begin. Which side will you pick? Light or Dark? Good or Evil? Are you so certain that you are on the right one? Are you so certain that you are on the winning side?

Three years after the Fall of the Hellmouth and the entirety of the Slayer Line has been turned on it's head. With the New Council being rebuilt in London near the former Seat of the Old, Giles as Head of the Watcher's Council has his hands full. With all 1,800 Slayers newly Awoken and only Xander, Dawn, Andrew, and Robin to his name as Watchers; everything is in turmoil despite the new influx of soldiers for the oncoming storm. But as effective as an Army is in a time of War, some of these girls turned supernatural shock troops have to find their way in the world while balancing their new found phenomenal power. And some of them never should have been Called in the first place.

Worse yet, Buffy Summers is no longer an available asset. After the grief of mourning shattered her best friend Xander, Buffy willingly headed deep into a Hell Dimension to rescue Anya after her sacrifice in Sunnydale. But two and a half years have passed and the Slayer still sleeps. While Giles has managed to set up a double to pretend to be her in Rome with The Immortal to keep suspicions at bay, few in the know believe she will return let alone with Anya in tow. The Scythe likewise has been lost since Buffy's eyes fell shut, not helping the fears gripping the Scoobies in the Land of the Living.

Can Giles manage the burden of being the Head of the Council while his greatest student lay trapped in slumber? Will Buffy ever return with Anya or will the pair lay trapped in Hell and how will they adjust upon their return?

Canon Guideline: Three Years After Season Seven

While they jammed the gears of the Black Thorn for one glorious day, Angel and his companions survived the attack by the Senior Partners at a horrible cost; the sacrifice made by Charles Gunn. The entirety of Los Angeles was plunged into Hell and for one fateful year all anyone knew was pain and blood and death. It was the Death of Connor in the Law Offices was the catalyst for The Senior Partners to intervene and the city was pulled from Perdition and reset. Though to maintain their control upon the unsuspecting populace, the Partners took the memories of all who were not within the Wolfram & Hart building upon the reversal of the descent. Though Connor is currently unaccounted for, Charles Gunn is alive once more and eager to join back with his friends.

With the clock reset and the crew now back from Hell those under contract are unable to leave until the Senior Partners are defeated once and for all. The team has been split apart. Angel has been forced to a town less liable to fall in favor of his machinations; as the new CEO of the New York City Branch of Wolfram & Hart with Wesley as his liason to the Senior Partners to get them both back under their control.

With this maddening turn of events, what can the remains of Angel Investigation Team do that won't seem futile against an enemy who can simply turn back time and space? And what other cards do The Wolf, The Ram and The Hart have up their diabolical sleeves?

Canon Guideline: After the Fall (post-comic & Season Five)

Fresh out of Purgatory and after a daring rescue at the hands of Katherine Pierce and Sam, Dean has not stopped moving. The trio spent a few months hunting together before Castiel found his way back to them, but the same night of his reunion Katherine was kidnapped. Eager to find his lady love, Sam immediately began tracking any local leads while Dean took to the road to find some semblance of a clue unknowing that she was at the mercy of Crowley due to her connection to the pair of them.

Along his investigation, Dean fell in with a one night stand that didn't quite understand what that meant. The waitress proceeded to follow after him, a distraction that cost the elder Winchester precious time and focus while she shouted her “conquest” in “landing herself such a prize” to the rooftops, Dean was not in the right state of mind when he tracked the cold trail to New Orleans and was easily subdued by Klaus Mikaelson. The Prince of Hell and the King of New Orleans negotiated a trade that Crowley has yet to pay up with.

Sam spent a year looking for Katherine, refusing to give up on yet another woman in his life stolen away too soon. When his brother no longer maintained contact, Sam packed everything he could fit in a rental car before making a bee line to New Orleans. Hellbent on confronting Marcel, the self-proclaimed King and childer of Klaus for any information regarding his loved ones who remain trapped in Hell or in the case of Castiel, once more lost into the Aether.

Can our Boys find their way back to each other in time to stop what Hell has planned for them, without their lives and souls once more the cost? And what complications will arise after this most recent bout of mortality? And what will the recent sojourn in the Pit do to their psyches when and if Sam manages to save them?

Canon Guideline: Season Eight

With Elena becoming a vampire and potentially ending the Petrova Line and the Dopplegängers as a whole, everyone's hope lies in a cure she refuses to take. After the death of her brother and subsequent turning off and then back on her emotions, the Gilbert girl has been going through a roller coaster of grief and loss. Abandoning her relationship with Damon to run back into Stefan's arms, the elder Salvatore brother has gone missing. Taking the fastest car and a bottle of liquor with him on his way out of town. For now, Stefan seems content with this turn of events, focusing completely on his returned and newly turned girlfriend.

They are not the only pair recently back together. After accepting Tyler's proposal, Caroline has effectively severed all connection she had to Klaus Mikaelson; the Original Hybrid all too happy to leave the petty teenaged antics and all of the headache that is Mystic Falls in his past. With Katherine Pierce's disappearance for over a year, many look anxiously towards her last sighting with the Winchester Brothers as a portent of things to come the small town is nowhere near ready for. And with everything tracing back to Tatia, no one knows exactly what and who the Original Petrova was or how it may in fact be the cause of something new to prepare for from the town's collective past.

Now that the Mikaelson Clan has moved on, what new threat lurks in the shadows? Can the Petrova Line survive the loss of Elena? Are the rumors of Tatia's return just fantasy or portent to a new chapter inscribed for the Ages?

Canon Guideline: Season Four

New Orleans; an old city with older secrets. A war is brewing between childer and sire, and all of the Crescent City is in the crosshairs. With Marcellus Gerard claiming the Quarter as his Kingdom, werewolves have been cast into the bayou and witches nothing more than depowered slaves. But the hope of freedom comes from an unlikely source; the Mikaelson Clan has come to stake their claim on the city as well, yet the motives of Niklaus Mikaelson may not be all that they appear. Rumors abound that Klaus has made alliances with powerful new allies; the High Warlock of Brooklyn and his Shadowhunter beau, the Demon Prince of Hell, and rumors of even a Slayer flocking to his side. While Rebekah has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with, Elijah is still missing and desperately sought after. Hayley herself being recently severed from the controlling hold of the Ancestral Witches and Sophie Deveraux has begun making a name for herself as well; especially after publicly attending Mardi Gras on the arm of Klaus, the pair quite doting upon one another as well as the visible telltale bump.

Torn between a war of dominance and his family now grown with the addition of Hayley Marshall pregnant with his child, can the millennia old Hybrid have truly found his second chance? And what of the creature that masqueraded as Elijah? Can the real Original be found and the source of the fetch that reeked of old magic and faerie be rooted out? Have the Mikaelsons insinuated themselves into the fabric of the City to succeed in their ancient machinations or is this truly about what they have always preached? "Family" and blood run deep, but does the very essence of the French Quarter run deeper?

Canon Guideline: Early Season One

The struggle between Valentine and The Clave continues to grow. While Valentine gathers his forces, the Clave attempts to get a reign on the remaining Shadowhunters. Valentine seeks to bend Downworlders to his will, by either destroying or enslaving them. After gaining the Mortal Cup, he is more than capable of creating his own army of Shadowhunters, and uses his forming army to attach those that do not bend to his rule: Shadowhunter and Downworlder alike. This is placing a strain on the Accords, and the Clave is scrambling to regain control. The laws they are enacting and the harsh sentences that they are doling out to those that might even be hinted as non-conforming has made many (especially those of this generation of Shadowhunters) question the Claves methods. It is no longer a question as to who you are loyalty to. It is a matter of what you are willing to sacrifice to prove your loyalty…

Canon Guideline: Early Season 2 with influence from The Mortal Instruments books series by Cassandra Claire. 

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