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Jul 31, 2017 | 11:18 pm
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We Come From the Fire

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It had happened. It had taken the better part of two and a half decades, but he had finally done it. It had only taken nearly losing her for him to finally step up and admit it to her (he admitted it to himself ages ago,) and to his surprise she had not laughed in his face. Jocelyn Fairchild was the woman that he loved, ever since they were in the Academy, even when he knew better than to love the woman that his parabatai had chosen. And the funny thing was, she said she loved him, too.
<p>He was about as surprised as anyone else was at the news. Or, maybe, no one was surprised, and he was just an idiot. Whatever the case was, everything was out in the open now, and Luke felt… well, he felt great. About that, at least. There a lot more that he did not feel great about. Valentine had finally made his presence known, and while Luke felt like he should have a part is going after him, the Shadowhunters made it obvious that his Downworlder presence would not be required. Never mind what that meant for Jocelyn… or Clary.
<p>He worried about Clary. She was a strong girl… young woman… but she had been through a lot lately. Everything with the Shadowhunters, and whatever happened in their locked up Institute of theirs. He only had half the story. Clary was a teenager, and not inclined to talk much about her feelings to “adults,” and he was not welcome in the Institute’s walls. He had to guess how things were. He especially worried about the relationship between her and Jocelyn. It had to be hard on both of them… Jocelyn only wanted to protect her, but Clary, he could tell, felt lied to.
<p>But tonight… he didn’t want it to be about all of that tonight. He knew there was a war out there still, and despite all of her running from it, Jocelyn was right back in the middle of it all. She needed a place to go to. Being forced to live in the Institute after her home was destroyed, she must feel like she did not truly have a place to go. So… Luke did something that, in retrospect, was probably stupid, but, well, the dye was cast.
<p>He hadn't told her anything that he had planned, just invited her over for a few hours. He had cleaned his apartment from top to bottom. He didn’t like living the “bachelor” life as it was. (It came with too many smells, and his werewolf nose did not agree.) Still, he made sure to fold his laundry, and dust the furniture. The things that he had worked hard on, though, had been the meal itself. He was a carnivore by nature, so of course it involved a meat dish. He spiced it up though… with spices. And a veggie! He was starting to wonder if maybe pasta was the better idea…
<p>Maybe she wouldn’t notice the cooking? It was OK. Not five star. Sure enough, though, any error could be covered up with candlelight. He lit one wherever he could find a place for it. The dinner table got special attention, though he made sure that there was plenty dotting the path from the front door to the dining room. He did not have much. Just because he was the Alpha of the city now didn't mean that it came with a pay raise. If anything, the more time he spent away from workk on Pack business, the more eyebrows were raising at him.

But he wasn't going to think about that. Right now, he was going to think about Jocelyn, and only her. He couldn't do much, but maybe, for just a moment, he could offer up a sanctuary.

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Nov 16, 2015 | 8:44 pm
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Luke is not a complicated man... Born Lucian Graymark, he was a Shadowhunter before infected with lycanthropy. He took on the name of “Luke Garroway” when he fled the Circle with Jocelyn Fairchild, and ran to New York City to hide. There, he became a cop and helped Jocelyn raise her daughter, Clary. More on all of that later. He became the alpha of the New York City werewolves (yes, all of them) and protects them without hesitation.


Luke is not a man that make friends easily, especially because of the secretive nature of his lycanthorpy and life he leads. Easily, the members of his pack would be considered allies, as would his fellow police officers, but he is not truly close to many.

<p>Members of the Circle:
<br>Many of Luke's long term friends were those that he grew up with. These people would eventually become the members of the Circle, led by Luke's own parabatai, Valentine Morgenstern. (For a full list of members of history of the circle, you can go here.) The only member of the Circle he still has any regular contact with is Jocelyn Fairchild. After Valentine and Circle turned their backs on Lucian when he was infected with lycanthorpy, and already having misgivings about the Circle's methods, he left, and they became fast enemies.


A very easy way to become Luke's enemy: Hurt Jocelyn. Hurt Clary. Hurt the pack. Hurt the innocent. Other than that, he is usually an easy going guy, but with a strict sense of justice and fairness.

<p>Valentine Morgenstern:
<br>Once, Lucian and Valentine were parabatai, and closer than brothers. Things changed some two decades before, when tensions between the two of them started to heat up over his methods with the Circle and his treatment of Jocelyn. When Lucian was infected with lycanthropy, breaking the parabatai bond, Valentine encouraged Lucian to kill himself and turned his back on the “lesser” Downworlder. Helping Jocelyn and her daughter, Clary, escape from Valentine's abusive ways did not earn him any points in their relationship. For years, Luke was always expecting Valentine and his men to turn up around any corner, and he was always ready for the fight. Even with Valentine gone, he is not surprised if his old friend turned up somehow to continue problems for him and his...


Jocelyn Fray;
<br>The reason why Jocelyn was not listed among friends was so she could be listed here. She is literally one of the two most important people in his life. He has been by her side since they fled Idris together, and never plans on leaving. Helping her raise her daughter, Clary, has made them into a sort of family unit.

<p>Clary Fray:
<br>Clary is the daughter that he never had (and that he feels Valentine never deserved.) He is fiercely protective of her, and has served to be the only real father figure in Clary's life since she was a baby. Hurt her, and expect to be eviscerated without further explanation.


There is only one person worth mentioning...

<p>Jocelyn Fray:
<br>While it might he easy to assume that Luke has had multiple flings in his life, it is also easy to say that he has only every loved one woman. Jocelyn Fray (nee Morgenstern, nee Fairchilde) has his heart for years, and it only got worse while he helped her escape from her crazy husband. He also helped her raise her baby daughter to the teenager she is today, and that only created a deeper connection between the two of them. For Luke, Jocelyn is the woman he will forever love, even if she may never look at him in the same way.. But, maybe there is hope for this werewolf yet...

<div class="addie-name"><a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/A_THOUSAND_FIREFLIES/index.php?showuser=24756">Luke Garroway</a></div>

Apr 12, 2015 | 3:22 pm

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NAME :: Lucian Graymark
ALIASES :: Luke Garrroway
AGE :: 37 years old
APPARENT AGE :: Mid-thirites
SEXUALITY :: Heterosexual
FACE CLAIM :: Isaiah Mustafa

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Alpha Werewolf (New York City pack)
  • Markmans (crossbow and shotgun)
  • Shadowhunter trained (Valentine's parabatai
  • Jocelyn and Clary Fray
  • His past, especially memories of his sister or Valentine
  • Werewolf weaknesses (TMI series)

lifeismy creation.it’smybestfriend.
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    http://shadowhunters.wikia.com/wiki/Luke_Garroway (up to the Mortal War)

Lucian Graymark grew up in Idris with his parents and older sister, Amatis. When he was still very young, his mother left her family to become an Iron Sister, leaving Luke to be raised by his sister. Meeting her when he was young, Luke became best friends with Jocelyn Fairchild. When they were old enough, he and Jocelyn were sent to Alicante to train and attend Academy there. Behind on his studies, Luke became miserable and embarrassed, often contemplating quitting.

At one point, Valentine Morgenstern, a popular student in the academy who was a year above than him, offered to tutor Luke. With Valentine's help, he eventually improved. Luke, along with the other "misfits" Valentine had helped, worshiped him and held him in such high regard.

He was sixteen when he realized he had feelings for Jocelyn; though he never acted on them, it became evident to those around them.

The Circle 

Over time, the group of people Valentine had taken under his wing expanded, and, when Luke was seventeen, the Circle was formed. He and Valentine had also become parabatai, and he became Valentine's second-in-command and his most trusted advisor.

When Valentine's father died, Luke noticed the changes in him, his kindness now intertwined with random fits of rage. He wanted to believe that it was only because of grief, so he remained patient and continued trying to please him. Luke also noted that Valentine's grief had awakened the sympathy of Jocelyn, who had not been a member of the Circle. When the pair fell in love, he was heartbroken but did nothing, as they were both his best friends.

After school, Jocelyn and Valentine got married; Luke had been the best man at their wedding. Though the Circle continued to grow, he became uncomfortable with the new direction Valentine was taking the group, particularly its actions against Downworlders. Despite his doubts, he could still not bring himself to let Valentine down, so he stayed; partly because Jocelyn, who hoped he could help "moderate" the Circle, asked him to.


When Jocelyn became pregnant, she told Luke about it and her growing fear of Valentine. He confronted Valentine, who merely laughed off Jocelyn's claims. Valentine then invited him to go hunting that evening to continue cleaning out the nest of werewolves that killed his father. While scouting the nest, Luke, who expected Valentine to cover his back, was bitten by a werewolf.

While Luke recovered from the bite, he was unsure if the bite was enough to infect him with Lycanthropy. At one point, he had gone to Amatis, hoping for shelter with family, who sent him away. He, along with Valentine and Jocelyn, told no one else in the following weeks as they waited for the full moon. When he did Change three weeks after the attack, Luke was horrified. Valentine brought him into the forest and, opting not to kill him, gave him his father's dagger, telling him to instead be honorable and kill himself. Valentine since led everyone to believe that Luke took his life.

Instead, Luke hunted down the werewolf that Turned him, hoping to kill the werewolf and be killed in the process. The werewolf turned out to be the leader of a pack in Brocelind Forest. Luke fought him and eventually defeated him, thus, by their law, taking his place as the new leader of the pack. Luke took this position and began a new life.

The Uprising 

Luke was thrilled and relieved when Jocelyn came looking for him, who found out about his survival through Ragnor Fell. She came to warn him that rumors of his survival had spread to Alicante, so when Valentine did arrive soon after, he and his pack manage to hide. He also continued secretly seeing Jocelyn and, together, they began to plan a counter-attack to Valentine's Uprising. They contacted Downworlders, all who were set to attend the signing of the Accords, warning them and telling them to prepare.

When the signing of the Accords came to pass, Luke had been hiding in Amatis' cellar. The day of the signing, Luke hid as Jocelyn and Valentine rode towards Alicante and followed them with his pack. When the fighting began, the werewolves were the first through the doors. Luke went straight for Valentine, hoping to be the one to kill him. Wielding the dagger that Valentine had given him, he fought Valentine.
After a while, Jocelyn came up to try and stop them. Valentine took Jocelyn, holding a knife to her throat, forcing Luke to stop. Valentine then threw Jocelyn's locket at him and the silver chain burned his skin.

In Luke's moment of distraction, Valentine fled, taking Jocelyn with him. Eventually, he found Jocelyn alone, and Valentine had disappeared. Together, they went to the Fairchild manor, which they found burned with demonic fire, with four corpses: Jocelyn's parents, and who they believed to be Valentine and Jonathan.

Mundane lives

A week later, the pair fled Idris and went to Paris, where they kept their distance from the local Institute, as Jocelyn no longer wanting anything to do with the Nephilim and the Shadow World. When Jocelyn told him that she was pregnant with another child, Luke, who had loved Jocelyn for years, offered to marry Jocelyn and take care of them. Jocelyn, though, assumed that he was only being charitable and declined. Jocelyn then left without telling him where she planned on going, but not before telling him that she thought Valentine was still alive.

Luke returned to Idris then, to his pack in Brocelind Forest, where he no longer felt at home. When the Ninth Accords was to finally be signed after the Uprising, Luke came to Alicante to sign them. Luke continued to miss Jocelyn so, eventually, Luke left to look for her, sending out word through the Downworld for news about Jocelyn in every city he visited. Luke went back to Paris, went to London, before going to Boston. For a while, Luke stayed in New York, traveling often and hiding out in the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

It was around five years after he last saw Jocelyn before he finally found her. Thinking of the exiled Shadowhunters in New York, Luke returned. Finally, in Soho, he saw a painting in a gallery that he recognized as Jocelyn's. When he realized that Jocelyn had taken the surname Fray, he found her by evening living in the East Village. There, he was met by the young Clary and Jocelyn. Having missed him since they separated, Jocelyn allowed him to stay for one night. Luke immediately established a bond with Clary. However, Jocelyn only let him remain a part of their lives if Luke promised to cut ties to the Shadow World which Luke agreed to. He bought a bookstore and settled in New York as the mundane Luke Garroway.

Luke quickly became close to Clary, acting like a surrogate uncle, and father, to her. Luke soon bought a farm upstate where they often stayed for the summer. When Jocelyn decided to take Clary to Magnus Bane and have her memories of the Shadow World altered, Luke did not agree, though he dared not object, scared that Jocelyn might leave again or send him away. For years, Luke also believed that Jocelyn did not feel the same way about him.

Valentine's return 

Almost two years after Clary's memories were last wiped by Magnus, Jocelyn could not contact Magnus. In fear of what or who Clary might see, they planned to stay at Luke's farm for the summer, frustrating Clary who had plans.

Before they could leave, however, Jocelyn was attacked and kidnapped. Luke went to their apartment some time after Clary came and left and salvaged some of their things. Luke anticipated that Valentine would come after him next, so, to keep her safe, he told Clary to not look to him for help. True enough, Samuel Blackwell and Emil Pangborn came to him soon after, looking for the Mortal Cup.

When Clary's best friend Simon came to him looking for the Frays, he told him that they were visiting a sick relative in the country. Unbeknownst to him, Simon watched him since then for three days and even saw him with weapons.

Luke then quickly looked for the closest werewolf pack, knowing he would need the numbers if he stood a chance against Valentine. When he found the local pack, he killed Gabriel, the pack leader, to gain leadership.

Clary and Jace, who had accidentally Portaled to the bookstore because Luke was the last to use it, as well
as Simon, were hiding in his apartment at the time and witnessed Luke coming home, Pangborn and Blackwell with him. The latter two once again interrogated him, asking about the Cup and Jocelyn's daughter, whom Valentine believed to be his. Insisting that he does not know where the Cup and Clary are, and that he doesn't care enough for Jocelyn to negotiate with Valentine, they left.

By then, Luke had sent werewolves from his new pack to tail and protect Clary. When they were trapped with the vampires in the Hotel Dumort, the werewolves came after her and raided the hotel to save her.
Soon after, Luke saved Clary from Hodge Starkweather, who would have been killed if Luke was not more concerned about Clary. He brought her to his pack's headquarters, an abandoned police station in Chinatown, to be taken care of. He then shared to Clary his story and his plans to get her to trust him again. When they realize that Valentine was most likely at Renwick's, they, along with his pack, set off to go after Valentine and Jace.

Once there, Luke's pack, sworn to serve and protect him, battle Valentine's army of Forsaken, while Luke and Clary make their way to the ruins. There, they finally found Jocelyn. Luke also is reunited with Valentine, who taunts him, Clary, and Jace with lies. During the confrontation, Luke faced Blackwell and Pangborn, both of whom he killed, and, finally, Valentine. Luke tried to force Valentine into returning the Cup; since it was in Idris, Luke, taking Jace's place, volunteered to escort him there through Portal, threatening to kill him if her did not do as they asked. However,Alaric, his second-in-command, insisting that he be there to protect Luke, arrived and was subsequently killed by Valentine. Luke then tended to the dying Alaric, and Valentine escaped.

The Mortal War 

Luke let Clary live with him, in the spare room that had already acted as Clary's bedroom for years. With Jocelyn now with them but still unconscious, Luke spent most of his time in the hospital looking after her. Luke talked to her, losing sleep and skipping meals in worry.
Luke had also began to take his responsibilities as the New York pack leader more seriously. When Maia, a young member of his pack, and Simon were kidnapped by Valentine to be used for his ritual, Luke was among those who went on his ship to rescue them.

When Clary insisted that she go to Idris to look for Ragnor Fell and the cure for Jocelyn personally, Luke tried to talk her out of it. However, when Madeleine Bellefleur was killed, Clary became difficult and made her own Portal to Idris, taking Luke with her. They Portaled straight intoLake Lyn, during which Clary, after drinking water from the lake, became delirious. Luke and Clary trekked towards Alicante, and Luke brought her to Amatis to heal and be cared for. Luke then went to Brocelind Forest to look for his old pack and ask for aid in case they would need it against Valentine's forces.

When the Clave began discussing courses of action, Luke was one of the people who supported the union between Downworlders andShadowhunters and opposed the idea of surrendering to Valentine. Luke, hoping to build the Shadow World up into a community where Shadowhunters and Downworlders lived in peace, became the spearhead of the Downworlders' campaign to get seats on the Council, giving the Clave a deadline if they wish the Downworlders to help them in battle.

When Clary drew on herself a new rune that showed the onlooker the person they loved, Luke saw Jocelyn. When Jocelyn was finally awakened, they reunited but were too occupied with the more pressing issues at hand. Luke told Jocelyn that Clary should learn the truth of her past from her, urging Jocelyn to tell Clary her story. He also warned her not to appear in the Clave meeting so as not to upset the others.
When Clary presented the Alliance rune for the Shadowhunters and Downworlders to use, Magnus and Meliorn asked Jocelyn and Luke to show them that the rune was safe, thus making them pair partners in the upcoming battle. When Raphael Santiago negotiated the vampires' cooperation and Council seat in exchange for Simon, Luke, Jocelyn, and Clary refused. They decided not to tell Luke when Simon, now bearing the Mark of Cain, went to meet Raphael.

After the battle, which was dubbed the Mortal War, which lasted only a few minutes due to the combined efforts of the Shadowhunters and Downworlders, Luke, Jocelyn, and a few others attended Valentine's funeral. When Jace didn't, Luke went to him and tried to tell him that it was fine to mourn his death, as he was the father he knew.

The New Council

Luke, being the lead advocate in getting the Downworlders seats in the Council, was then nominated to be the representative of the werewolves in the New Council, and was offered the seat, but the deal involved staying in Alicante for good. Luke considered it well enough to think about selling his bookstore in New York. When Luke told Jocelyn, he also finally told her that he has loved her for years. Thinking Jocelyn did not return his feelings, he told her that they wouldn't have to ever talk about it again since he's leaving anyway and left. After he left, Amatis confronted Jocelyn and, upon realizing that Jocelyn did love Luke, urged her to go after him.

At the victory party held that evening, Luke attended with Jocelyn, the two now clearly a couple. Despite choosing to stay in New York, Luke still got the place on the Council. After only six weeks, Luke and Jocelyn had become engaged and were set to be married in October that year. [/center]

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Canon requirement met.

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YOUR ALIAS :: Jax (Lucifer)
YOUR AGE :: 29 years old
CONTACT :: PM or Facebook
WHO ELSE DO YOU PLAY AND WHERE? :: On TSL: Damon Salvatore, Dr. Viktor Vandemar, Jace Wayland, Niklaus Mikaelson, Samuel Winchester

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