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 Jamey's Charries, damon/bonnie/dean/calene/
Dean Winchester
 Posted: Apr 26, 2018 | 11:03 am

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Jameys Charries
dean winchester
Dean Winchester, from the moment of his debut, was shown to be an understanding, funny, mischievous, and, in contrast to his younger brother, a little immature. Dean's shown countless times to be good with kids and the ladies. At an early age, Dean was trained by his father, John Winchester, to hunt and kill creatures of the supernatural. However, unlike his brother Sam, he did not resent his father for having him "raised like a warrior". He seemed to prefer hunting the supernatural over any normal "apple pie" life, though it was revealed that when he was sixteen, he did in fact desire (or at least hope for) a normal life: He just couldn't leave Sam.

Lovers: Dean typically avoids emotional intimacy, preferring to engage with women only as sexual partners. However, he has had a few long-term relationships over the years, with Cassie Robinson, pre-series, and Lisa Braeden.-Dean is currently single.

Bonnie is often closed off to those around her, finding it hard to trust anyone.There are a select few, but she finds that everyone who knows her potentially wants something.She is a very powerful witch, and it is a well known fact.

Bonnie is currently single.

bonnie bennett
Kat Graham
damon salvatore
Ian Somerhlader
Elena is the oddity of Damon's behavior, the anomaly that makes his personality far from psychopathic. In the beginning of the first season, Stefan is prepared to give up on his brother, believing him to be an irreparable monster, but Damon displays true feeling for Elena. Elena Gilbert is physically identical to Katherine, the woman who turned him into a vampire, making her not only a constant reminder of what happened to him and Stefan, but a temptation to let history repeat itself. When Katherine reveals that she never loved him (in the beginning of season two), Damon reacts by trying to get Elena to admit that she loves him, and when she tells him that she loves Stefan, he reacts impulsively, set off by both Katherine and Elena choosing his brother instead of him. He kills Elena's brother, spending many weeks afterwards trying to make it up to Elena, showing true regret for his actions. Their relationship began with taunting and cruelty, but she became what he clings to for humanity; he became her occasional protector, a guardian of sorts. His impulsive actions often drive her away but she refuses to let him die, and he does the same for her.

With Elena influencing him throughout the second and third seasons, Damon becomes slightly kinder, if only for the fact that he no longer mindlessly kills and torments humans without good reason, and he controls himself to be strong for Elena's sake. He proves that he is capable of love, nobility, loyalty, and selflessness, masking the most intense of his emotions to spare himself from seeming weak, but expressing just enough to draw in a very small circle of friends (which he later drives away). He continues to claim that his emotions can be turned off, but several older vampires reveal that this is a lie; after a certain amount of time, a vampire has to pretend they can't feel. The only time Damon had ever admitted his pain was when Elena told him that she would never kiss him back, to which he responded, “Now I'm hurt.”

About halfway through the third season, Damon believes that Elena is trying to turn him into Stefan by constantly telling him to be the 'better man.' Others continue to underestimate him and, to display that he doesn't care at all, he kills Alaric, with whom he'd developed a strong friendship. He also spends time trying to make it up to Alaric after his ring brings him back to life, treating him like a friend even though Alaric is extremely angry with him. He also snaps and feeds from Caroline's father, and, after a very violent fight with Caroline, he is confronted by Elena. He's even cruel to her, accusing her of trying to make him into something he's not. His inner turmoil continues when Katherine reappears, and he recklessly takes her offer of a 'road trip,' leaving Elena defenseless only because he is mad at her. When he returns, he displays genuine regret and, in one of his most tell-all, modest moments of the show, he tells her that he will never leave her again, showing his extreme love and devotion to Elena, and his regret for making another impulsive decision.

By the end of Season Five, Damon makes the biggest decision he's ever made; sacrificing his life to saved his brother and everyone else he cares about over on The Other Side. He was unable to come back in the process but was thankful to Elena that she had became a part of his life and for falling in love with him.

Born to parents Kelly and Jack Morrish, their only daughter despite multiple attempts to have other children. They were content with the girl they had. Her dad was a mechanic who owned his own shop outside Reading Pennsylvania.Her mother was a paramedic. With that came a lot o knowledge of how things work, from vehicles to the human body and she was keen on learning everything she could in terms of this. She always had an independent spirit and didn't take to being nfussed over. She was a good student her skill set was that of her dads, she loved mechanics and took the shop courses in school which in turn caused her to get the attention of several males of the student body. Which was nice but relationships were never a high priority on her list. She wanted more out of life than being a partner to someone. She wanted purpose and while working one day at her dads shop she was presented with such an opportunity. Her cousin Garth had offered her the chance to do what she wanted on her terms.

He knew that Calene was smart, sassy and didn't take shit from anyone.That would make her the perfect replacement for him. Why did he need to be replaced at his job? Well he shared a secret with his cousin. Everything she had read in books and seen in the movies was real. He was one of them. A werewolf and because of what he had become there weren't many hunters in the world who would trust the word of a monster to protect them. Save for two who she had never heard of, but was told if they called to help them. Upon hearing the news Calene didn't freak, she didn't cry she prepared herself. Garth and his wife spent some time away from their pack to teach her everything she knew, she had learnt how to fight early in high school from bullies but it wouldn't be enough to keep her alive. She was then brought to a house, an overgrown salvage yard called Singers Salvage. To some the place would appear run down and ugly, to her a licenced mechanic it was heaven.

Garth provided her with the keys to the home, to which she purchased with some savings she had and bought it out. She then got herself settled in and started reading, Garth answering any questions he could. To her amazement her cousin was smarter than she ever gave him credit for, then again he was a dentist couldn't have been that dumb to have passed schooling. He would come and go as the moons passed and with time she told him she didn't need him anymore, she had built her repertoire as a reliable source for the hunting community.

Calene Morrish
amber heard
hunter/new bobby

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