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Occupation: Archangel | Trickster
Player Name: Logan
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Nov 16, 2017 | 10:36 am
[*][font=Metamorphous][color=#54899b]Leave Out All The Rest[/color][/font] by [font=Metamorphous][color=#54899b]Linkin Park[/color][/font] for [font=Metamorphous][color=#0198E1]Gabriel[/color][/font]
Nov 16, 2017 | 12:17 am
<tr><td><img src="http://i68.tinypic.com/2e64g2q.jpg" width="100" height="100" /></td><td valign="top"><h1>Gabriel</h1> <h3><b>Status</b> Taken | <b>Face Claim:</b> Richard Speight Jr.</h3><p>[color=#999999] <b>Member Group:</b> Angels <br /> <b>Series of Origin:</b> Supernatural<br />[/color] </p></td></tr>
Nov 15, 2017 | 11:50 pm

Former God of Mischief. Currently De-powered Archangel. Sarcastic, Sassy, and on the run.

With a history likes Gabriel's there are a lot of people he knows, knew, and will know. Events that have transpired have left him a little short on the friends list, a little to high on the enemies, and with no real corner of the world to be safe. He'll try his luck with those that at least semi-endure him.



[Name] ►►► [Do I know you?]
[Name] ►►► [Do I know you?]
[Name] ►►► [Do I know you?]
[Name] ►►► [Do I know you?]


[Name] ►►► [How they met]
[Name] ►►► [How they met]
[Name] ►►► [How they met]
[Name] ►►► [How they met]


[Name] ►►► [How they met + Why he hates you!]
[Name] ►►► [How they met + Why he hates you!]
[Name] ►►► [How they met + Why he hates you!]
[Name] ►►► [How they met + Why he hates you!]


[Name] ►►► [Relation - How close are we?]
[Name] ►►► [Relation - How close are we?]
[Name] ►►► [Relation - How close are we?]
[Name] ►►► [Relation - How close are we?]


[Name] ►►► [Remind me again...did we fool around/date/propose/marry?]
[Name] ►►► [Remind me again...did we fool around/date/propose/marry?]
[Name] ►►► [Remind me again...did we fool around/date/propose/marry?]
[Name] ►►► [Remind me again...did we fool around/date/propose/marry?]


I have no idea how to code pretty things, so post below if you want to plot with Gabriel!
Nov 14, 2017 | 12:33 am

Gabriel || aka || Loki

"Regrets collect like old friends,
Here to relive your darkest moments,
I can see no way, I can see no way,
And all of the ghouls come out to play,
And every demon wants his pound of flesh,
But I like to keep some things to myself,
I like to keep my issues strong,
It's always darkest before the dawn."

birth name :: Gabriel
alias :: Loki
nickname(s) :: Gabe
age :: ∞
calling :: Archangel
sexuality :: Pansexual
status :: Single
occupation :: Loki, the Trickster. God of Mischief.
origins :: Supernatural

eyes :: Amber
hair :: Dirty blond/light brown
height :: 5'6"
build :: Small and lean
distinguishing marks :: His amber eyes seem more golden than brown. Has a scar where Lucifer stabbed him, not quite able to fix it completely.
play-by :: Richard Speight Jr.

      - - - - [Gabriel] likes
      • Dogs
      • Candy
      • Pranks/tricks
      • Dealing justice
      • Humanity, in general
      • His brothers, despite things
      - - - - [Gabriel] dislikes
      • Bland or salty foods
      • Seeing his siblings fight
      • Having his fun spoiled
      • Talk of him or his family
      • His Father.
      - - - - powers
      • Illusions (weak)
      • Transform objects (only small things now)
      • Alter reality (For a brief time)
      • Healing (Weak, small wounds only)
      • Angel Radio (currently unable)
      • Fire Manipulation (currently unable)
      • Teleportation (currently unable)
      • Future glimpsing (currently unable)
      • Resurrection (currently unable)
      - - - - strengths
      • Survivor
      • Creative
      • Sense of humor
      • Persistent
      - - - - weaknesses
      • Deceitful
      • Stubborn
      • Melancholy
      • Avoidance - Usually conflicts
      - - - - secret
      • Is still alive, thanks to residual pagan abilities from his time as Loki. Has no access to his grace, currently.
      - - - - dreams
      • For a day when Heaven is at peace and his brother no longer fight.
      • To fix his relationship with his brothers.
      - - - - fears
      • Death. Or rather, nothingness.
      • Being alone forever.
      - - - - things of note
      • Is running on Nordic magics as he attempts to heal.
      • His magic is not as good as he wants.


The youngest of the four archangels, Gabriel fought alongside God, Michael, Raphael, and Lucifer to imprison the Darkness rather than eliminating her and causing a disruption in the Cosmic Balance. Gabriel lived in Heaven until Michael and Lucifer's constant fighting over the creation of humanity causes him to seek refuge on Earth. He takes an unnamed vessel and hides as a trickster, embracing the lifestyle of a demi-god and meting out "just desserts" to those he felt deserved punishment. During his time on Earth he becomes a friend to some of the real pagan gods he encounters; they know him as Loki.

He first encounters Dean and Sam Winchester in his guise as the Trickster. He antagonizes them from afar during their investigation, and survives their attempt on his life. A year later the Trickster traps them both in a time loop where Dean dies every Tuesday in different ways; he is trying to teach Sam that Dean cannot be saved from his deal, and to show him that Dean is his weakness, and his enemies will use this to manipulate him.

It is nearly two years later that Gabriel traps the brothers in an alternate reality made of TV shows, so that they will "learn to play their roles"; he insists that they fulfill their destinies as the vessels for Michael and Lucifer. Sam and Dean start to suspect that the Trickster is more than he appears to be, and when they trap him in a ring of burning holy oil, Gabriel reveals himself. He claims that he does not support either Michael or Lucifer, and that he only wants the fighting to end.

Later he sides with the Winchesters and confronts Lucifer. His older brother stabs him with his own archangel blade, but he is able to leave a message for Sam and Dean on how to use the rings of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to open Lucifer's Cage in order to capture him.

Super Wiki


Which left Gabriel clinging to a whisper of old power to preserve his essence. By the time he had managed to pull himself back together, literally in the case of his chest, he had been alone. It was a small mercy to find that Lucifer had left him for dead and not waited around to be sure. Coughing he had groaned and attempted to sit up, blacking out for a few more hours for his trouble. When he had woke the second time he was able to heal the wound just a tiny bit more. Enough so he could finally sit up, his right hand over the hole in his shirt and his left touching the black ash wings at his sides. Dazed and weak he had dragged himself away from the scene and found himself a place to lay low.

For a few months after his near encounter with the nothingness of death he had regained some ability to be mobile. The hole his brother had left in him had healed, the jagged scar pink and sensitive. On top of that he had started dreaming, since he had woken the dreams, nightmares really, had come to him. Several times he would wake, fear gripping his chest and making it impossible to breath. In all of this he was having to be infinitely more careful around people. If anyone were to hear that he was so vulnerable there would be no stopping the assortment of supernatural beings that would be after him. With that in mind he did the only thing he knew he could do. Track Sam and Dean Winchester. They owed him some help after all this.

r.o.l.e.p.l.a.y. s.a.m.p.l.e.

Sleep. Such a strange phenonenom. When he had first heard the term he hadn't understood what it meant. The understanding of dreams had come when he had accidentally found himself in the dream on a young human child. It had been warm and lighthearted, uplifting. What he had never contemplated was the opposite of that. Nightmares. For him there were several things that haunted his mind. The day Michael had cast out Lucifer at their Fathers bidding counted as one. The second, most recent wound, was having Lucifer kill him. To look at his brother as he thrust the angel blade deep enough to end him.

Gabriel had hesitated to long, had faltered. He knew he had, knew he wouldn't have been able to. It was as Dean had said, 'can't, or won't?'. When he had been asked it had hurt him. Of course he didn't want to kill Lucifer. Just as much as Dean didn't want to kill Sam. He had lived for a long time before humanity had come along, he had history and love for his brother. Even now as he jerked awake, a silent cry of phantom pain wracking him as he curled up in the tangled sheets before tipping over the edge. With a thump he hit the floor and laid there a moment, panting and disoriented.

Huffing faintly he let himself relax, head thumping on the floor beneath him as he shakily wiped sweat from his face. There was sunlight coming in the window so he sighed and decided sleeping wasn't going to happen. Forcing himself to his feet he stretched a little, feeling the twinge at his chest and taking it slow. Thus far he had been chasing, blindly, after any suspicious activities, hoping against hope that he'd run into the Winchesters. At the very least he wanted to be sure Kali had gotten away alright. The secondary concern being the humans and his brother, Castiel.

It had been a long time now and his powers hadn't started to get anymore powerful. There was the hope that Castiel could help. Or maybe even the Winchester boys would be able to figure out what was wrong with him. Besides the obvious 'my brother tried to kill me' spiel. After showering and getting dressed he looked over the information he had gathered. He felt lucky this time, it felt like he was onto the brothers now and if he hurried he might find himself a Winchester. Hopefully with their shoulder perching angel still on their shoulders. Under his breath he murmured the words to the Bee Gees song, Stayin' alive, and a grin split his face. Today would be the day.

puppeteer :: Logan
age :: 29
facebook handle :: Already am, I think?
contact :: PM
how did you find us :: I live here ;)
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