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 Castiel [wip]
 Posted: Mar 25, 2017 | 5:29 am

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~ || CASTIEL || ~

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"Like the city that nurtured my greed and my pride,
I stretched my arms into the sky
I cry Babel! Babel! Look at me now
Then the walls of my town, they come crumbling down

You ask where will we stand in the winds that will howl,
As all we see will slip into the cloud
So come down from your mountain and stand where we've been,
You know our breath is weak and our body thin"

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birth name :: Castiel
alias :: Cas, Cassie, Halo, Emmanuel, Clarence, Commander, Feathers, Steve, God, Agent Beyoncé
nickname(s) :: Cas, Clarence
age :: Ancient
calling :: Angel
sexuality :: Utterly indifferent to sexual orientation Demisexual
status :: Single
occupation :: Hunter, Fallen Angel
origins :: Supernatural

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eyes :: Blue
hair :: Black
height :: 6'0
build :: Average build for a 30 year old
distinguishing marks :: Beige trenchcoat
play-by :: Misha Collins

user posted image
      - - - - [castiel] likes
      • Dean Winchester
      • Sam Winchester
      • Insects (specifically bees)
      • Human food (specifically red meat)
      • Emojis
      • Humanity and free will
      • Helping his angelic siblings to understand the good he sees in humanity
      - - - - [castiel] dislikes
      • Lucifer
      • Demons (except for Meg, in a strange way)
      • Eve and her spawn
      • Leviathan
      • Failure (self-perceived or otherwise)
      • Not understanding references (it really annoys him at this point when it comes from the Winchesters)
      - - - - strengths
      • "I'm an angel of the Lord."
        The most obvious of his strengths simply comes from what he is. Even as an ordinary angel, Castiel was supremely powerful; after being resurrected as a seraphim, his power only increased. He's been a soldier of God for his entire existence as well, giving him a penchant for strategy and the art of war against the spawn of Hell, as well as impressive hand-to-hand combat skills.
      • "Read the Bible."
        Given his immense amount of time in existence, Castiel's knowledge is extensive. He knows the truth of angelic lore, along with Biblical knowledge - if only because he's protected the prophets that wrote it.
      • "In the words of a... good friend, bite me."
        Out of all angels, Castiel is one of the few that has exerted free will. He questions, and thus has learned a different path than simple, blind obedience. This path has also granted him an attitude - one of sheer defiance and "do your worst".
      - - - - weaknesses
      • "His true weakness is revealed. He's in love... with humanity."
        Caring deeply for humans, specifically Dean and Sam, has bitten him in the ass more than once. He's willing to do just about anything for his human family, even if it means pain and death. He also has a tendency to try and do what he believes is best for humanity as a whole, which ends with very misguided efforts to save people.
      • "My "people skills" are "rusty"."
        Ancient as he is, Castiel isn't exactly up-to-date on everything that humans do. Most pop culture references go flying over his head, and he tends to fumble in social situations, coming off extremely stiff and stilted in his speech.
      • "I'm not a hammer, as you say. I have questions. I-I have doubts."
        Despite being willing to ultimately do the right thing, Castiel is still relatively new to the concept of free will. He still struggles with self-doubt and second guessing his decisions, and often makes poor choices when left to his own devices.
      • "When the oil burns, no angel can touch or pass through the flames, or he dies."
        Castiel, while powerful, suffers the same weaknesses that any other angel would. He is susceptible to angel banishing sigils, he cannot pass through holy fire, and an angel blade through the heart can kill him. Additionally, if his grace was stripped from him, he would effectively become mortal until his grace was regained.
      - - - - secret
      • Castiel's true form was altered by contact with the Leviathan souls. While he still has "wings" like any other angel, they have changed, appearing grotesque and deformed to the few creatures that can see them.
      - - - - dreams
      • ""
      • ""
      - - - - fears
      • "Everyone you know, everyone you love, they could be long dead. Everyone except me."
        Castiel knows that he will outlive his human family, but the closer he grows to them, the more that reminder grows as well. He doesn't want to be the one to bury the Winchesters, even though he knows that will likely be the case.
      • "Am I on the right path?"
        A powerful desire to do the right thing, combined with eons of servitude under a higher power, have left Castiel with immense self-doubt as to whether what he is doing is truly the right and just course of action.
      - - - - things of note
user posted image


"Let me tell you my story.

Let me tell you everything."

Angels are not "born"; God created the angels en masse after the Leviathan were sealed away in Purgatory. First came the archangels, then the seraphim, then the foot soldiers. Castiel was among the soldiers - an "ordinary" angel by their standards. Yet despite being a "younger" angel, he witnessed the creation of Earth, the cycle of evolution, and the rise of man. He was still a child by angel standards when Lucifer rebelled, and while angels are trained not to feel emotion, he felt fearful of his elder brother and disturbed by his actions.

"What is so worth saving? I see nothing but pain here."

Castiel himself had no qualms with humanity. Perhaps it was because he was had been stationed on earth, tasked with watching over the humans. They weren't quite guardian angels in the sense that pop culture has portrayed them. Rather, their designation was to intervene when ordered to. And before being left alone to watch the earth, his garrison was given the order to look after any prophets that might arise.

No further orders came.

Thus, the garrison was left to watch the earth. Humans were fascinating to the angels. Their lives were so short in comparison to an angel's, so it was easy to see the progression of their species. Honestly, they were both intriguing and disappointing. Many humans gave in to vices, letting it rule their lives and destroy their peace.

But Castiel always saw the good in the humans. There were those who were brave, honest, and just. He admired these humans who fought against the temptation of Lucifer and his armies, but as the centuries passed, these types seemed fewer and further between.

"I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition."

In 2008, things finally came to a head. Dean Winchester was sent to Hell, and Castiel's garrison was ordered to lay siege on Hell to extract Dean's soul. Out of all the angels in the garrison, it was Castiel who broke through to where Dean was held. The soul he found was battered, and the first seal was broken. He felt pity for the just soul; Dean was a righteous man, and he didn't deserve such punishment. In an attempt to "heal" the damage done, Castiel poured a tiny fraction of his own grace into the soul, allowing his own natural abilities to fix the damage 40 years had done.

The healing touch left a mark, though, and when Dean Winchester was raised, Castiel's handprint was branded on the hunter's shoulder.

His task was done when Dean rose, but Heaven made certain that it was not his last task. Dean was vital to their plans, so they assigned Castiel to be their liason and guardian of the elder Winchester. Castiel made attempts to contact Dean, but his attempts fell flat. Despite being a vessel, Dean could not understand Castiel's true voice, forcing him to take a vessel. After Jimmy Novak gave his consent, the angel waited for Dean to seek him out, appearing when summoned and revealing who - and what - he was.

Dean didn't believe - an unsurprising discovery, considering his life thus far - which left him questioning Castiel and his reasoning. Perhaps this was the catalyst that started Castiel's rebellion, or perhaps he would have rebelled on his own if given the chance. Nevertheless, he spoke frequently with Dean, assisting him when he could and coming to the hunter when called. If he could attribute an emotion to how the angel felt around the human, it would be one of "fondness"; Dean was interesting, and he learned as much if not more than he taught.

It was during the garrison's attempts to stop Lilith from freeing Lucifer that dissent began to rear its head. Castiel began to question his orders, something he had never done before, and it unsettled him. There was quite obviously something wrong with the situation, but the issue of what eluded him. It was only through Dean and Anna that he began to see the strings directing them all, and it was due to their words that he began to dig deeper.

He went too deep. Castiel was found out and captured after he discovered that his garrison was only creating a front for Heaven's true goal. On Earth, it was only a few days that he had been missing, but in Heaven, the torture lasted an eternity. Wouldn't it be easier to just submit? What was so great about the humans, anyway? Hours upon hours of pain had the angel blindly pledging his alliegance to the archangels anew, had him desperately insisting that the apocalypse would be for the best. Humans were flawed and broken, and they needed to be fixed.

And yet, the discomfort remained. It all felt wrong, and Dean drove this home. Had the angels not been told to bow before humanity? Had their father not instructed them to protect His children? It was with this in mind - and with the desire to protect a person he could now call a "friend" - that Castiel rebelled.

"I rebelled for this?! So you could surrender to them..."

It was too little, too late. The damage was done; Sam broke the final seal, and Lucifer rose. Castiel himself had stood before Raphael to stall for time. The last thing he felt was Chuck's hand on his shoulder, the blaring whine of Raphael's true voice, and then pain. His death had not been instantaneous, but it was also not permanent. Something brought him back to continue fighting, and that was exactly what Castiel did.

It wasn't an easy fight. Most of the time, Castiel had no idea what to do. He kept expecting orders to come, or to be given orders by the Winchesters. Instead, they asked him for ideas on what to do. And with his powers rapidly leaving him, Castiel was left flustered, confused, and frustrated - and those emotions were even more powerful as the angel had never truly felt them before. He thought the answer lay in finding God, but it quickly became apparent that God did not want to be found. Castiel began to lose faith, but the final straw came when Dean tried to give in and say yes to Michael.

Something in Castiel snapped, and he let his anger spill out. Dean took a beating, but the angel refused to kill him. He hit and kicked and snarled, but he brought Dean back to his family still very much alive. His faith in the hunter was shattered, at least until the man proved himself by killing Zachariah. At this point, his powers were all but gone; still, he continued to fight. Even when Lucifer had possessed Sam, and even despite his fear of the archangel, he stood defiant - and once again paid the ultimate price.

And God brought him back yet again. This time, he was rewarded for his efforts; he was revived as a seraph. He healed Dean and revived Bobby before returning to Heaven. It pained him to leave his friends, but he knew that Heaven would be in anarchy, and someone would need to guide them. God had brought him back, so was it not his job to help heal Heaven?

"I did it to protect the boys. Or to protect myself. I don't know anymore."

Castiel made one last stop before returning to Heaven. In a moment of hubris, he reached into Hell, attempting to raise Sam in the same manner he had raised Dean. The resurrection was not a proper one, though Castiel was unaware of this. Thinking he had done right, the new seraph returned to his home - and was immediately confronted and threatened by the last archangel. Even with his new power, he stood no chance against Raphael. Castiel was left with an ultimatum: kneel, or die.

He found himself returning to Dean, but he was unable to ask him for help. How could he? Dean had already suffered enough, and he'd asked so much of the human in the past. Didn't he deserve his rest? Believing that he was protecting Dean, the angel instead opted to join forced with Crowley. It was a simple deal; the two would find Purgatory and split the souls within, granting Castiel enough power to stand against Raphael.

Months passed, and eventually Dean was dragged back into hunting. Castiel kept his deal with the demon secret, both in an attempt to keep them safe, and out of a sense of embarrassment. The longer he worked with the demon, the more wrong it felt. But he was in too deep. How could he possibly back out now? And how on earth could he ask for help, especially now that he had such power? He was supposed to lead, not rely on others.

"Am I on the right path?"

Crowley's death was faked, Sam's soul was restored, and Eve was killed. And for the first time in months, it seemed that things were going right. Cas didn't have to worry about the suspicion toward himself and his admittedly erratic behavior. He could continue his search for Purgatory in peace, and without the risk of his friends discovering his involvement with the demon. But Castiel made the simplest of mistakes, a mere slip of the tongue, and the next time he responded to Dean's call, he found himself trapped in holy fire.

And despite himself, he felt betrayed.

Dean's words cut to the bone. It was all made crystal clear when he spoke. He should have trusted his gut, should have gone to Dean in the first place, but what good was that now? He had made his bed, and now he had to lie in it. But that didn't mean he couldn't make some last minute adjustments. Cas was quick to cut ties with Crowley, though the demon proceeded to jump ship and join forces with Raphael. Desperate to reach Purgatory before his brother, he did everything in his power to keep from being stopped - even torturing a creature of the realm that might once have been a friend. And when Sam and Dean tried to stop him, he stalled them by reaching into the younger Winchester's mind and tearing down the wall that had held back Hell.

It was a savage, cruel thing to do, and in hindsight, he would come to regret that decision, but Castiel was desperate. It did buy him the time he needed, though. He opened the portal to Purgatory alone, absorbing all the souls within. The souls were pure power, and for the first time, the angel felt completely in control of his destiny. He was no longer just an angel.

He was a god.

"So you will bow down and profess your love unto me, your Lord. Or I shall destroy you."

God!Cas shit here

Also crazy!Cas and that awk Meg thing

Finish up with some Purgatory yo

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r.o.l.e.p.l.a.y. s.a.m.p.l.e.

Three paragraphs, please! And as the character you are applying for! We usually recommend that you write up something you can use as a first post! As such, it should meet our minimum word count requirement of 500 words. Thank you!

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puppeteer :: Coral
age :: 23
facebook handle :: n/a
contact :: PM
how did you find us :: Caution To The Wind
 Posted: May 2, 2017 | 9:54 am

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