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 Ash Williams, The Chosen One...with the chosen chin.
 Posted: Mar 9, 2018 | 3:29 am

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Ash || J. || WILLIAMS

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"Trapped in a dream of the necronomicon"

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birth name :: Ashley J. Williams
alias :: Ash
nickname(s) :: "Ashy Slashy", "The Chosen One", "El Jefe"
age :: 58
calling :: Hunter
sexuality :: Straight
status :: Single, ladies.
occupation :: Most Senior Employee, S-Mart
origins :: Evil Dead

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eyes :: Brown
hair :: Brown(mostly)
height :: 5'11
build :: Powerful(wears a girdle)
distinguishing marks :: Numerous old scars, age lines, graying temples, missing his right hand.
play-by :: Bruce Campbell

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      - - - - Ash likes
      • Shemp's Beer, ice-cold and fresh
      • Loose and fast women, preferably ones with lowered expectations.
      • Kicking ass and taking names
      • Getting paid for doing nothing
      • Driving down an open road
      - - - - Ash dislikes
      • Deadites
      • Inevitably killing his friends and lovers when they get possessed
      • Consequences for his actions
      • Cops snooping around and getting the wrong impression
      • Blood and brains and stuff getting in his mouth and nose
      - - - - powers
      • Chosen One- Ashley J. Williams is recognized by the Necronomicon as its enemy and nemesis(and thus, is recognized to a lesser extent by the general forces of evil). As such, forces that serve or seek to manipulate the book react differently to him than they'd react to a random Shemp off the street. Powerful figures challenge him directly, and skittering little, lesser minions might react to him with surprise or fear when he loads up his shotgun, or revs up his chainsaw.
      • Shrewd- When it comes to glamours, or demonic attempts at trickery or subterfuge, Ash has a sixth sense for sussing them out. Whether or not he can actually prove what he knows is another thing entirely, but Ash's close, repeated contact with the Book Of The Dead has left him with a remarkable eye for the supernatural.
      • Chainsaw- This sweet baby has been with Ash ever since his days at the cabin, and can probably boast about seeing more action than Ash himself, if chainsaws could boast. Which they can't. Since then Ash has actually modified the chainsaw to run on a number of alternative fuels, which is useful in making sure he doesn't pass out from the exhaust fumes, and also good to make sure he doesn't need to keep stocked up on super expensive gasoline all the time. It's also much more durable and able to slice through things quickly, in a way that a normal chainsaw would never be able to do. Perhaps this is a side effect of longterm exposure to a reality-defying source of evil like the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis?
      - - - - strengths
      • Ashy Slashy- Most people have forgotten it by now, but there's always a select few who remembered the news reports back in the '80s. The man who lured his college friends to a cabin in the woods, and butchered them all like dogs. Who then, not finished, proceeded to murder a group of hikers with a chainsaw and a shotgun. They said he even cut his own hand off with that chainsaw, yelling about it being evil!

        But the people closer to the real truth of life, they know the truth. Fellow 'hunters', men and women in the monster-cleansing game, they know that Crazy Old Ash wasn't killing people, but rather doing what they do. The fact that he's still hanging around when most hunters half his age become lunchmeat, that earns respect. The grisly way in which he dispatched the monsters assailing him...that draws nervousness. Possibly even fear. It's a fine line Ash walks, but it's one he's been walking nearly all of his adult life. (You know, when he's sober enough to walk.)
      • The Delta- Ash has had his Oldsmobile Delta 88 since college, and it's been to hell and back with him, sometimes literally. Though its engine may be mostly kept together with duct tape and happy thoughts these days, and though it now has to lug around a portable trailer, and though it might be described as 'rust chic' these days, it's still useful to have a (mostly) reliable set of wheels when the shit goes down and the dead stand up.
      • S-Mart- Despite Ash being a general screwup in most areas of his life, he has quite a bit of seniority in the old, third rate big store brand called S-Mart. Because of this, not only can he not get fired due to a few loopholes in company policy, but he also gets a two percent discount on anything perchased at any chain he goes to. Not bad!
      • Improvisation- When his back is to the wall, Ash can come up with some truly ingenious DIY-style solutions to problems. Here, his natural inclination to take shortcuts and cut corners combined with his natural engineering instincts lead to outside-the-box solutions and quick fixes that may mean the difference between life and death. Whether it's flushing a tiny demon out of his system with boiling hot water, or modifying a chainsaw to be worn on his hand stump, to give some minor examples.
      • Hunting- Ash has been fighting the forces of darkness and the possessed minions of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis since the '80s, and has learned every trick in the book when it comes to putting them down. Of course, in the grand scheme of things he's not as dangerous of a warrior as a Slayer, but what he lacks in fancy shmancy mystical mumbo jumbo, he makes up for with tenacity, experience, and a giant chainsaw where his hand should be. Deadites and Demons, watch out!
      • The Necronomicon- This 'skill' is basically a knowledge skill that extends specifically to the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, and the things it summons. He understands this special form of Demon better than most, he understands their tricks, and most of all, he understands the only real way to deal with a person who's been killed and possessed by the forces of hell: Total dismemberment. When it comes to dealing with the book, expect Ash's inner heroism to shine.
      - - - - weaknesses
      • Abrasive- Ash was once a sweet, shy college boy who just wanted to hang out with his friends and do right by his girlfriend. Then they all went to a cabin in the woods together and one by one he watched them fall. His sister, his two best friends and what was then the love of his life. They died, they came back and then he needed to cut them apart with an axe. And the Necronomicon never let him rest after that, the minions of Hell have been taunting and tormenting him for decades. As a result, that sweet college boy has become a Grade A asshole. Rude, ungrateful, a lazy womanizing slob who's concerned primarily with himself. As you can imagine, this doesn't leave a great first impression on people. Or a great second. Or a great third. Or a great...
      • Aggressive- Ash's style is not very subtle, in any way, shape or form. Chainsaw and a sawed-off double barrel, his style is very aggressive, very forward, very in-your-face. Which is good for dealing with aggressive, brutal enemies, but unfortunately for Ash the forces of evil are filled with sneaky, subtle clever sorts, who no doubt know how to manipulate themselves away from such brute such as him.
      • Aging Hero- He's not as young as he used to be. And even when he was a young man, he was never a professional athlete or any kind of mystical warrior. He's good with brute strength and he's as tough as a 2$ steak, but his stamina, his speed, his reflexes...really everything else leave something to be desired. Turns out a life of drinking, smoking weed and eating primarily crummy diner food takes its toll on you. Who woulda thunk it?!
      • Chosen One- Through events that Ash still doesn't fully understand, he is considered the nemesis of the forces of the Necronomicon. This means that no matter where he runs, no matter what he does, no matter what scummy life he tries to build for himself, he is recognized by the darkness and will be targeted and tormented as such. Friends, family, even one night stands met at trucker bars are in danger if they stick around Ash for too long. It also means that Ash himself is technically in danger 24/7.
      • Evil Hand- Back in the cabin, Ash's hand went bad. So he had to cut it off at the wrist, with a chainsaw. He never managed to pin it down and kill it, unfortunately, so it's still out there. A little piece of him, infested and corrupted by evil itself. Be careful, it could be the last fist you ever bump.
      • Illegal- Do you think Ash has a permit for his boomstick, or for the chainsaw on his arm? You think he doesn't continue to have a shocking police report, after they found him in the woods surrounded by his dismembered friends(as well as the bodies of others who came to the cabin later)? Ash does not have a great relationship with law enforcement, and probably never will. It doesn't take a genius to notice that he's always in the center of strange, mysterious, and brutally violent happenings, and cops tend not to like that.
      • Kind Of Dumb- In some ways, Ash has a brilliant mind, and showed a lot of promise back when he was a college student. Well that promise has turned out to be empty, because when it comes to the game of chess that is life, he's still playing 'duck duck goose'. He is not a Watcher, he is not a wizkid, he is not good at thinking in terms of long term consequences. His life has been all about coming up with quick fixes and fast solutions to immediate emergencies. As you might imagine, this is NOT a great quality for the 'chosen one' to have.
      • Technowhat!- Ash has a Myspace, that he made for himself recently. It consists of pictures of him, pictures of his lizard Eli, with a weed background and Deep Purple playing on some shitty audioplayer he downloaded. That's just one example of how out of touch Ash is when it comes to technology. He's slowly starting to accept and enjoy DVDs, here in the age of the Blu-Ray Player. It's awful.
      - - - - secret
      • He brought a girl to the cabin with him, a girl by the name of Linda, and he loved her more than he knew what to do with. He still does, really. The necklace he was going to give to her, he still keeps on his person. Makes sure he never forgets it anywhere.
      - - - - dreams
      • Ash has a recurring fantasy that he'll dream about every so often, one where instead of taking that road trip to Tennessee, he and the gang go down to Jacksonville Florida, the place he wanted to take Linda to see some concert. Sometimes he dreams that Linda and him hit it off there and he popped the question to her. Sometimes he dreams that they broke up with each other and moved on with their lives, and they run into each other at the supermarket or the bowling alley sometimes. Those are good dreams, but he also drinks more when he starts having them.
      - - - - fears
      • More fears than you can shoot with a boomstick. The fear that he killed his friends and family for nothing, the fear that this is all just a nightmare he's having and that he's bleeding out in that cabin somewhere, the fear that this is actually Hell and he doesn't realize, the fear that the Book is going to beat him eventually, and he's wasted his life for nothing, and the fear of ever facing his dad again, of ever going back home where they throw what happened back in his face.
      - - - - things of note
      • Not really sure what to put here.
      • Things of note, I really hope this application works? That I realize I'm kind of coming in with some random-ass canon that you guys didn't discuss at all, and am hoping I can kind of weld it on neatly to the side if you let me? That I have ideas for how the canon and lore I'm bringing in can fit very neatly and add to the tapestry without cluttering it, and I've been typing half of this with crossed fingers? And that I think this place looks very cool, and want to play with you guys? Ah shit I'm nervous, but that's not good you shouldn't see me sweat. Ignore this, ignore me! IGNORRRRE ME!
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"Early Life", or "Pink Wallpaper"

-When Ashley J. Williams was born in 1958, his parents were expecting another girl, like the one they'd had three years prior. Ash knows this, because pa never let him forget that fact, ever. Never ever ever. But really, aside from that hiccup, Ashley's life was a fairly mundane, uneventful one. He grew up, got into fights with his sis, got middling grades in school, tried out for(and got rejected by) sports teams, smoked doobies with his friends out in the bleachers, and all in all lived his average life away from anything strange or supernatural.

"The Trees Are Alive", or "Ash's Long Night Of Hell"

-Fast forward a bit in time, to October, 1982. Ash is now a college student and a lowly stockboy at S-Mart. Him and four other friends from college all take a road trip to rural Tennessee for a vacation. Among the group is Linda(Ash's girlfriend, and then the love of his life), his older sister Cheryl, and his two best friends Scotty and Shelly, who are also dating each other. Although he doesn't know it yet, this night will be the beginning of Ash's hell.

That night, in the cellar of the cabin, they find an old creepy book, an old knife and an ancient tape recorder which belonged to the previous owner of this old cabin, Professor Raymond Knowby. They play the recorder out of curiosity, and hear the professor reciting old forgotten passages from the book. This terrifies the superstitious and easily frightened Cheryl, who runs off.

When the rest of the group decides to go to sleep after that uncomfortable incident, Cheryl is lured out into the woods by...something. There, she is savagely attacked by the trees, and the very nature of evil itself. The nature of the attack is too terrible to put into words, but she comes back screaming and sobbing. Nobody believes her.

Ash decides to drive her back into town just to calm her down, when he discovers that the bridge has been destroyed. There is no escape.

Back at the cabin. The group tries to comfort Cheryl, who is practically catotonic. Ash, by himself, starts listening to the rest of Professor Knowby's recording, learning that, according to the book, the only way to deal with a human possessed by a demon is total dismemberment. While the group continues trying to comfort Cheryl, Cheryl turns. She attacks the group. Cheryl gravely injures both Linda and Shelly before Scotty can manage to subdue Cheryl and lock her down in the cellar. Ash, during the entire encounter, was useless and could only watch the events transpire.

Shelly turns, attacking both Ash and Scotty. Ash provides no assistance beyond being beaten up and flung around the cabin, eventually forcing Scotty to kill and dismember his own girlfriend with an axe. Abandoning Ash who he sees as cowardly, he leaves and tries to find another way back into town. This is another member of the group who has wandered alone into the forest itself. And now Ash is left by himself.

Linda is beginning to turn, and Ash can't handle it. Adding to the list of problems, Scotty crawls in, covered in blood and half dead. He should have listened to Cheryl. Ash, powerless, can only try to make his friend comfortable before he finally dies. And now Ash is left by himself.

Forced to defend himself against his former girlfriend, his younger sister and now his former best friend, something snaps in Ash. He finds a double-barrel shotgun in the shed outside, and using it he is able to at least survive the night. He kills and buries Linda. He kills Cheryl and Scotty. He throws the Necronomicon into the fireplace, and for the first time, dawn breaks. The evil is gone. Ash is free. Or so he thinks.

It was a trick, the Necronomicon never died, and instead just continues to torment him for a whole other night. The evil gets into his hand, and in a moment of insanity Ash lops it off at the wrist with a chainsaw. Under this constant, nonstop barrage of madness, stuck in a situation where time and the physical laws of reality are being bent and distorted by an instrument of pure evil, Ash's mind starts to truly snap. Here, events are difficult to transcribe, all jumbled together like having an acid trip while locked in the electric chair.

Eventually, Ash is found by one of Professor Knowby's daughters, Annie. With her are a small team of individuals, who are horrified at the carnage that they assume Ash is responsible for. They subdue the crazy man with a shotgun, and lock him in the cellar.

This new group, just like Ash's friends and sister, also succumb to the evils of the Necronomicon. What's worse, Ash discovers that Knowby's wife Henrietta is still down in the cellar. And the old woman is...hungry.

Eventually, Ash is able to escape the cellar, and tries to help the remaining group survive, but they are picked off one by one by the possessed(now identified as 'Deadites'). Ash, with Annie's help, finally modify the chainsaw that was in the shed, to be worn over Ash's right stump. With this, Ash's mind changes again. But this time, instead of simply breaking, it seems to find a purpose and resolve that it didn't have before.

Annie and Ash, both working together, are able to deal with Henrietta and the remaining Deadites, before attempting to find a passage in the book itself that will undo the madness. Instead, Annie finds herself stabbed to death by Ash's possessed hand, while the rest of Ash is sucked into a portal...and finds himself in the year 1300, AD.

"The Problem With Portals", or "The Chosen One"

-Yeah you heard that right. Portal. It's here that you should know a little something about this book that ruined Ash's life.

In Ancient Sumeria, there existed a group of terrible beings called The Dark Ones. Somewhere between demon and man, they created a weapon to use against humankind, a book. Bound in human skin, inked in human blood, contained within the book were incantations and summoning rites, words and equations that went against the grain of reality itself.

The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. The Book of the Dead.

As well as raising the dead and giving ways to possess the souls and bodies of the living, there are other passages, and other secrets. Namely, the book gives one the ability to travel between realities, opening portals to other realms and other dimensions.(Really, the Necronomicon behaves kind of like how a Hellmouth sometimes does, but on a smaller scale.) This only makes sense, as the Necronomicon was designed to allow demons easy passageway into the world, so that they may slaughter mankind and take over.

It is because of this that Ash found himself sucked through a portal, into a world that very much resembled the medieval 1300s of our own earth. As far as tourist spots go, Ash didn't think highly of it at all. Mistaken for a minion of evil, kidnapped by knights, Ash was sentenced to death by 'Lord Arthur', a man who was struggling to keep his kingdom under control while armies of the dead terrorized his people.

He sentenced Ash to death, but Ash, transformed and battle hardened by the events of the previous nights, proved to be made of tougher stuff. He fought his way out of the pit of Deadites, showed the locals why a sword doesn't compare to a boomstick, and all in all established himself as a man not to be fucked with.

Ash, now being treated like a god by the locals, discovers just how bad the problem is here and reluctantly agrees to help find them the Necronomicon, after being told that it's the only way to send him back to his own dimension. He rides out into the countryside, barely survives with his life, brings back the book...and unfortunately reveals that he did not say the very important incantation("Klaatu...Verata...Nikto!"), which means that the book is now useless. Even worse, the armies of darkness are enraged that their weapon has been stolen from them. This is a bad situation for a mostly empty castle full of terrified people to find themselves in.

At the last minute, Ash manages to help Lord Arthur protect his kingdom, and manages to vanquish the leader of the forces of darkness, and is sent back to his own time after a great big feast and ceremony. He leaps through a portal back to his own world, just to find himself landing face down in a puddle of gore and the remains of friends, with local Tennessee cops who were all too happy to beat the shit out of him, and arrest him.

"Aftermath", or "Ashy Slashy"

-Things got pretty bad, after that. Nobody believed him, of course. Not the police, not his public defender, not the judge not the jury, not even his folks. Mom was never the same after that, and dad, forget it. This was just another reason not to like his limp-wristed intellectual son with a girls' name.

Ash bounced around a few crazyfarms after that, or he would have if Reagan didn't shut a whole bunch of those places down(which was great news for Ash!). Ash tried going back home, but the open contempt of everyone in Elk Grove was too much. Calling him 'Ashy Slashy' to his face and starting a public protest any time he tried to get a job or move in to any neighborhood, that was also pretty lousy. So he got himself a trailer, stuck it to the back of his ride, and he got the hell out of there, started seeing the world. And due to a technical bit of wording in the S-Mart hiring contract(something about lunatics and not being allowed to outright fire them), he usually had a nice job any time he moved in any place new. Well, until the same things started happening(Dead people not staying dead, and Ash eventually having to put them down), then he'd have to rinse and repeat the whole relocation process all over again.

Now at the ripe young age of 58(It's the new 30!), Ash finds himself in the 21st century, and though he doesn't know it, he is going to encounter a world larger than the one he's always known. "Maybe this time," thinks Ash, "things will be different."

"Yeah. And maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot."

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r.o.l.e.p.l.a.y. s.a.m.p.l.e.

San Francisco, city of love. Ash had been here before, snuck out of his parents house and gone with his friends to see Bob Seger live. It was the first time he'd ever done that, and it was there he'd acquired a taste for road trips. In a way, he had Seger to think for his little cabin vacation a few years later. Though, it was less freezing and frigid last time he was here, he was shocked that he actually needed to put the tire chains on this far out west. To the cagey, constantly paranoid Ash, it was a sign that unnatural things were at work here.

In a loud barge, the front door to the Hyperion would swing open, and in would step the older man, 'muscular'(ahem) frame hidden beneath a thick leather jacket, his cheeks rosy red from the unexpected arctic chill outside.

"Jesus, it's so cold out there I just turned part Eskimo!"

There it was easier to get a better look at the man. His nondescript, blue collar clothing, his wooden right hand, his very impressive chin. Looking around at the sea of attractive people, Ash clears his throat.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for 'Angel', anyone know where I might find her? Some sort of private eye, dick for hire?"

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puppeteer :: D@NG3RZ0N3...also Chris.
age :: 28
facebook handle :: if you want to be a part of the facebook group
contact :: Via PM, maybe?
how did you find us :: I've just been kind of randomly clicking through random-ass invision board after random-ass invision board, stumbled upon this link, and liked it enough to throw my hat in the race. :D
 Posted: Mar 9, 2018 | 12:55 pm

player: Jax
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Your application has been approved! Please remember to make your claims! Post a tracker if the spirit moves you. Welcome to The Supernatural Life!

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 Posted: May 11, 2018 | 2:16 pm

player: Jax
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This character was made inactive due to the player not making the May 2018 Activity Check.

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