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 Sam Winchester, jared padalecki | hunter
Samuel Winchester
 Posted: Mar 29, 2016 | 2:10 pm

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" Look at the faces. Listen to the bells. Hard to believe we need a place called Hell "

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birth name :: Samuel Michael Winchester
alias :: Agent Hamill, Agent Robert Singer, David Berkowitz, Father Frehley Detective McCreedy, Dr. Jerry Kaplan from the CDC, despite the fact that his ID lists him as a Bikini Inspector, US Marshal Billy Gibbons, Detective Dante, Police Chief Phil Jones, Jimmy Page, Detective Bachman, Mr. Raimi, Wedge Antilles, Father Cheney, Agent Angus, Agent Tyler, Agent Geddy, Enforcement Officer Stanwyck, FBI Agent Murdock, Keith, Robert, Agent Marley, FBI Agent H. Roark, Jared Padaledki, Lemmy Kilmister, Special Agent Smith.Agent Johnson, Agent Watts, Sam Smith, FBI Agent Sixx, Agent Sambora, Special Agent Hudson, Agent Malloy, FBI Agent Nash, Agent Taggert, FBI Agent Keith, FBI Agent Jones, FBI Agent Lynne
nickname(s) :: Sammy, Gigantor, Sasquatch, Sam the Ginormitron, Moose, Jolly Green, Giant, Bampot, Samantha, Big Bird, Bullwinkle, RoboSam, Sammich
age :: 30 years old (May 2, 1983)
calling :: Hunter
sexuality :: Bisexual (Kinsey, demiromantic
status :: taken and taken
occupation :: Professional hunter, so unemployed
origins :: Supernatural canon

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eyes :: hazel
hair :: light brown
height ::6 feet 4 inches
build :: Deceptively muscular and fit
distinguishing marks :: Anti-possession tattoo over his heart, Enochian symbols on his bones (visible via X-Ray,) various scars from the line of duty as a hunter, notably a scar on his hand and an even nastier looking one on his left inner palm
play-by ::Jared Padalecki

user posted image
      - - - - [sam] likes
      • Dean
      • Castiel
      • Hunting
      • Computers (especially his own)
      • Knowledge and generally being informed
      • Being Organized
      - - - - [sam] dislikes
      • Being called "Sammy" by anyone but a select few
      • Hunting
      • The places Dean chooses to eat...
      • Clowns
      • Lucifer
      - - - - powers
      • Special Child
        While Sam does not currently display supernatural powers, he does possibly have the potential. Back when he had demon blood in his system, both because of Azazel and while he was gaining power to fight Lilith, he showed several powers: clairvoyance, telekinesis, enhanced strength, immunity to demonic powers, demon exorcism, and demon destruction.
      • True Vessel of Lucifer:
        Winchester blooded, Sam’s body serves as the True Vessel for the Fallen, Lucifer. As such, his body can openly accept Lucifer’s presence within him, and he can use his powers through him. The catch is that Sam needs to agree in order for this to happen, but Lucifer still has a free connection to him that is believed can be used at any time, even while Lucifer is in the Cage (though it becomes harder for him to come through.) Sam has displayed that he is able to remain inside Lucifer while the Prince of Hell possesses him, and can influence Lucifer’s actions in some ways. For just about anyone else, Lucifer’s presence in them would tear them apart or cause them to lose their soul. Sam is the exception.
      • Won't Stay Down
        Maybe it's because he has a destiny to fulfill. Maybe it's because he was born under a blessed star. Maybe he is just darn lucky. The point of the matter is, Sam dying (at least six times in almost as many years) is a common occurrence that just doesn't seem to stick...
      - - - - strengths
      • The Family Business
        Trained by his father and brother, Sam is proficient with melee weapons and firearms. He also has more illegal skills, including lock picking, computer hacking, disguised conning, and car jacking.
      • Smarter Than the Average Bear
        Sam tends to able to recall a lot of information from the top of his head after learning it, however briefly he has studied it. From his years in Pre-Law in school, he has quite the knowledge of the law. He has also been able to recall Latin to exorcise and summon demons, and has displayed a very accurate directional sense.
      • The Puppy Dog Eyes
        Sam is very much in touch with the emotions and moods of others. This has been used to both relate with people and garner information from them, a skill used for both good and evil.
      - - - - weaknesses
      • They Call It Love…
        And boy is it a weakness. This is not just romantic love, but anyone that he considers to be “his,” be that direct family, or those that he considers family. He would do anything for them. …Anything.
      • Should Look Out For the Other Brother…
        While some might accuse Dean of being the more hot-headed of the two brothers, Sam has a tendency to let things cut him deeper and faster. Dean has a tougher skin, and as a result, Sam is usually the one to fly off the handle first. His temper is loud and burning, and he can be very hurtful if he is trying to keep people away.
      • I Didn’t Want to Bother You
        Either out of a misguided sense of protecting others, or because he feels afraid for the facts, or thinks people will not understand, Sam has a tendency to keep many of his problems to himself. Sometimes, this includes important things that are actually life changing, like when he was developing his psychic powers, or when continued to see Lucifer even after his muddled mind was cured.
      • Life of Crime
        While his life of crime has led him to an impressive skill set, it also means that Sam has a wrap sheet. Somewhere out there, there is a pile of warrants baring the name WINCHESTER, SAMUEL MICHAEL. Dean is no better off than he is, so even his brother would not be able to bail him out of trouble with the law... Legally, anyway.
      • Once an Addict…
        Once an addict, always an addict, unfortunately. Currently, Sam has this problem under control, but it probably would not take much of a push (like the threat of violence to an ally or the world) to get Sam to fall off the wagon.
      • Dean and Castiel
        Dean is his brother and he has known him literally all of Sam’s life. Castiel is a “recent” addition, but both of them hold an odd place in his heart. He considers it odd because he knows he can’t go on without them… but he knows his feelings are complicated. For so long, it was only Sam and Dean, but when Castiel came around the dynamic shifted. Sam thought he would have a long time to understand his feelings, but when Cas came along, Sam found himself insanely jealous of the way Dean and Cas were with each other, and resigned himself to being on the sidelines. All the same, the world would end before he let harm come to them, even if it meant that they were happy with each other, and Sam became a footnote in their lives, even if he wishes for more.
      - - - - secret
      • See Weakness: Dean and Castiel
      - - - - dreams
      • Fight the Good Fight:
        For all the world weariness that he feels towards the world and his position as a hunter in it, he still does not want to give up. If the world needs saving, well, then the Winchester brothers are sure as heck gonna be there to help.
      • The Home Life:
        While Sam still wants to hunt, he most certainly would not mind settling down in one place more long term and start some semblance of a life. Lately, Dean and Castiel are the faces in his dreams when it comes to this future, but ever since he lost Katherine, he is afraid to let himself get hopeful again.
      • No One Dies Tonight...
        The perfect scenario for Sam at the end of the day is to see everyone that he loves and cares for to be alive, well, and happy. He would do just about anything for that, even at the expense of himself.
      - - - - fears
      • An Empty Impala
        The main concern on his head is losing his brother, Dean, or the angel Castiel, be it to death or distance. Honestly, if someone was holding a gun to their heads and told Sam to destroy the world, there would at least be a moment of hesitation before Sam could make a decision. It would not be a big surprise if Sam told the world to rot in order to save Dean or Cas. His rationale is that they can always save the world together later, but their lives are irreplaceable.
      • He Stands at the Foot of My Bed…
        Another large worry for Sam is the return of Lucifer in his full capacity, Sam understands that as he lives, Lucifer can always return If Sam would do anything to keep Dean safe, he would do almost anything to see that Lucifer cannot come back to wreck havoc on the world.
      • ”And Apparently, Clowns Kill!”
        On a less serious note, Sam has an almost crippling fear of clowns. It is a genuine case of coulrophobia, and there is very little that he can do in order get past it. He has shown that he can persevere if the need arises, but for the most part he would rather avoid the white faced evil demons in his life.
      - - - - things of note
      • This character is one that is coming back from being retired. The original character had over 150 IC posts of work placed into him. There is a portion of this application that summarizes the history of the character during that time, before the original account was deleted.
user posted image


Dean and John told Sam that his mother died in a car accident. They kept the existence of the supernatural, and the truth about the death of Mary, a secret until Sam was eight years old. A young Sam stumbled across his father's journal, which recounted in vivid detail the existence of the paranormal. He confronts Dean with it, who tells him that, yes, these things were all real, and that something got their mother with Sam was just a baby, and that their father hunted them

Still insisting that he was not old enough, John and Dean would not let Sam hunt with them until around the age of 12. It was also during this time that a teacher of his encouraged Sam to “carve out his own life” rather than begrudgingly go into the family business. While this did not cause any problems at first, it would plant the seed that eventually drove a wedge between him and the rest of his family (specially his father) over the course of the upcoming years.

Around the age of 18, the tension between Sam and John reached a head. He proclaimed his desire to seek out his own life, and left, cutting off all contact with John and Dean to attend college at Stanford. He did not speak to his family for years. While he was there, he met Jessica Moore, and they started dating. They soon moved in with each other in Sam's apartment is Palo Alto.

He was at college for four years when Dean turned up in his life again. Sam was reluctant to speak to him, considering that he was about to enter law school, and he was secretly planning to propose to Jessica. Dean tells him that John has gone missing, and Sam goes with him. After investigating a woman in white haunting, and picking up on John's trail, he returns home to find Jessica killed... in the same manner his mother had been killed 22 years ago.

Filled with a new found passion for revenge towards the demon that killed his mother and girlfriend, Sam teams back up with Dean on the trail to find John. During this time, they encounter a number of supernatural creatures, and Sam discovers that he never lost his knack for hunting. He also discovered that he had psychic abilities of his own, including precognitive dreams, and telekinesis.

While on the road, they are contacted by their father, who directs them on various missions, but never really reveals where he was. They are eventually reunited with John while tracking down a nest of vampires. He shows them a weapon he had been tracking down, The 1835 Colt Paterson. It can kill any demon. Not exorcise. Not banish. Kill.

John is later captured by demons. The brothers manage to rescue him, not knowing that Azazel, the demon that killed Mary and Jessica, had come to possess his body. There was a fight, but killing Azazel would mean killing their father, since the demon was possessing his body. In a moment of clarity, John tells Sam, who has Dean by the throat, to kill him with the Colt, removing Azazel from the world forever. Sam cannot do it. The demon escapes, but not without doing severe damage to John and Dean.

While Sam is taking them to the hospital, a truck being driven by a possessed man crashed into the Impala, knocking them off the road.

They are taken to a hospital in Nashville, where Sam and John are revealed to have nothing but very minor injuries. Dean, however, was found in critical condition, and was barely hanging on to life. While he was clinging to life, Dean attempted to communicate with Sam, and it seemed to be working through the use of a homemade Ouija board. John made a deal with Azazel to exchange his soul and possession of the Colt for Dean's life.

The brothers fell heavily into hunting, mourning their father as they traveled the country. Sam truly believed that, since they never had a chance to reconcile, John died thinking that Sam hated him. Around the same time, Dean and Sam learned about the existence of the psychic children, and that Azazel is somehow involved with them. Dean also revealed to Sam that John knew something was up with Sam, and that it was Dean's job to try and save him. However, if he was beyond salvation, than Dean was to kill Sam. After the revelation, Sam decides that he will try to save his soul from corrupting by dedicating it to saving as many people as possible...

While stopped for food at a diner, they are attacked by demons, and Sam is taken to an abandoned town, where he was in the company of a multitude of other psychic children. Azazel reveals his plans: the children are to fight each other to the death, and the last man standing is to lead Azazel's demon army. Azazel revealed that he killed Mary (who somehow knew the yellow-eyed demon before that night) because she had interrupted Azazel's feeding of Sam, and that the demon killed Jessica because she was in the way of Sam's hunting life.

While Sam attempted to rally the children together, various fights amongst them still broke out, and soon it was only Sam and Jake Talley left standing. The moment that Dean and Bobby arrived on the scene, Jake took advantage of the distraction they caused, and dealt Sam a fatal wound. Sam died in Dean's arms...

Dean's idea for getting his brother back was to summon a Crossroad Demon, and bargain with his soul to resurrect Sam. Dean was offered only one year of life in exchange for his brother's life, but he took the deal. Dean, Sam, Bobby, and Ellen tracked down Jake, but arrived too late to stop him from using the Colt to open the Gates of Hell. Jake and Sam duke it out, and in a moment of cold blood, Sam kills Jake. Bobby and Ellen manage to close the gates, but not before a large amount of demons escaped...

Sam and Dean battle Azazel, and with help from John's spirit, managed to defeat him. The brother share an emotional moment with their father, in which Sam's fears about his final feelings towards his father are resolved. He quickly finds out that he had died, and that Dean sold his soul. Sam resolved to take the time that they had left to save Dean's life and his soul from torture in Hell.

Sam spent the rest of the year attempting to save Dean. He starts to become more ruthless in his hunting, admitting that he felt like he needed to since in case Dean did not make it and he had to live on his own. The demon, Ruby, also contacted him for the first time. She earned their trust by fixing the Colt, which was nearly useless since it was out of bullets after their last encounter with Azazel. She also claims to know a way to save Dean, though she only shares this with Sam. This information ended up being false.

Ruby also tells them about Lilith, the demon that filled the power vacuum when there was no one to lead the armies of Hell. Lilith is also the demon that hold Dean's contract. They end up tracking Lilith down, and, using Ruby's knife (which could also permanently kill demons) they attack Lilith. Lilith takes Sam out of the fight, and forces him to watch her hellhounds kill Dean, tearing his body to shreds. Lilith tries to kill Sam using her powers, but she finds that she has no effect on him. She escapes, leaving Sam to mourn over his corpse.

After Dean's death, Sam did not do too well. He fell into a depression that was deep and dark. After his bargains with a Crossroads Demon for Dean's soul failed, he fell into the bottle, and began to tote a death wish. He started to spend more time with Ruby, who trains him how to use his powers with more efficiency. The two of them become lovers during this time, and Sam does his best to move on from Dean, while planning his revenge against Lilith for taking away Dean.

Then Dean shows up at his motel room... Sam was overjoyed at being reunited with his brother, though neither of them had any knowledge as to why it had happened. Bobby and Dean discover that the angel, Castiel, claimed Dean's soul from Hell under orders from the Archangel Michael. For a long time, Sam kept his power secret from Dean, telling him that he thought that Dean would think of him as a freak. He did promise, once it came out, to not use his powers again. This was a promise that was broken, however, when he is told that his powers are the only thing that will help him stop the Apocalypse.

Sam's powers fluctuate in reliability. At times, he can kill a demon with a thought. At others, he has to strain even be a threat to a demon. Ruby tells him that by drinking demon blood, his powers will increase, and Sam is quick to start, but it took a toll on her personality, making him cold. It is not long before he becomes addicted and reliant on it, and Dean finds it in his brother's best interest Him and Bobby lock him in a panic room to detox. It was extremely painful and hallucinogenic. Castiel, thinking that he was doing the right thing, let Sam out, not knowing that he was there to detox.

He meets up with Ruby, who tells him that not only will he need to drink blood to overcome the detoxing, but he will need to consume more than he ever has before to have the power to defeat Lilith. Dean arrives, attempting to kill Ruby for Sam's own good, but Sam stopped him. They argue with each other, and it breaks out into a violent fight. Sam wins, and goes to leave, Dean telling him to never come back! Sam feels incredibly guilty, but it was easy for him to crush those feelings under the demon blood and Ruby's guidance.

Sam and Ruby manage to trap a demon who tells him where Lilith is. Sam is about to drink her blood and kill her, when control is given back to the human host. He hesitated, but a skewed message from his brother through Zachariah pushes Sam over the edge. To continue his battle to defeat Lilith, Sam drinks the woman's blood anyway, since he could still harness power from the demon inside the body.

Sam and Ruby track Lilith down to Ilchester, Maryland, where Sam attacks Lilith, while Ruby holds the door closed, keeping Dean out. Sam hesitates in killing Lilith, hearing Dean's shouts and pleas to him from behind the doors. When Lilith mocks him, and points out to Sam that he could never go through with it, Sam kills her in a rage.

This had been Lilith's plan the whole time, Sam being manipulated by Ruby, who was a true follower of Lilith the whole time. In killing Lilith, Sam unlocked the final seal to free Lucifer, and fulfilled his true purpose as a “special child.” Sam holds Ruby in place while Dean uses her knife to kill her, but a portal to Lucifer's Pit has already opened...

Sam and Dean are inexplicably teleported onto an airplane. Whatever the force was that did it stripped Sam of his powers.

Dean tells Sam that he does not think that he can trust Sam anymore, choosing a demon over his brother. Sam also felt that he was not cut out for the hunting life, and the brothers go their separate ways. For a long time, Sam sought out the normal life, trying to separate himself from hunting as much as possible. Lucifer, taking the painful form of Jessica. Lucifer tells him that Sam is the true vessel for him, just as Dean is the true vessel for the Archangel Michael. Sam sought Dean out again to start hunting with him, looking to seek redemption for starting Armageddon. Dead refuses at first, but after seeing a future in which him and Sam are not together, Dean recants.

Dean and Sam initially plan to use the Colt to defeat Lucifer, but they discover that he is one of the few creatures in the world that the Colt cannot kill. They are also disheartened to find out that God cares little for the End of the World. Dean attempts to give in to being Micheal’s vessel, but Sam pulls him back from the brink. They were soon told by the Archangel Gabriel that they could defeat Lucifer if they had the four rings of the Horsemen.

While tracking down Pestilence, Sam crosses paths with Brady, the college friend who introduced Jessica to Sam. He reveals that Brady was the one to kill Jessica after Azazel ordered him to. The only thing that kept Sam from killing him was the need to find Pestilence, but once Crowley helps them with the location, Dean let Sam kill Brady in revenge for Jessica.

Sam comes up with a plan... Using the Rings of the Horsemen, they could open the Gates to Hell. Sam planned to let Lucifer possess him as his true vessel, and then have Dean, Bobby, and Castiel throw him back into the Pit. The trio reluctantly agree, and the team headed to Detroit. Sam has his chance to say his goodbyes to everyone, before confronting Lucifer, allowing him to enter him.

“Sam” claims to have Lucifer under control, but it was all just a taunt. He closed the portal, and took the rings.

Fleeing, Sam attempted to fight off Lucifer's influence, while Lucifer attempted to convince him to “embrace their union.”

In their final confrontation, Adam (now the vessel for Michael) attempted to fight Lucifer. Dean arrives, and is easily overpowered by Lucifer, who slams Deans against the Impala door. Catching a look at the inside of the car, Sam sees a toy solider that Dean kept with him, a memento of theirs years when they were kids. This memory of brotherly bond is enough to spark Sam's memories, and he overcomes Lucifer's influence.

Sam uses the rings in his possession to open up the portal. Michael returned and attempted to stop him, but he grabbed Michael/Adam and jumped into Hell, closing the portal behind him...

Sam reappeared a year later, though he did not have his soul. He revealed to Dean that he did not know why he had returned, but he had been hunting with Samuel Campbell (the brother's maternal grandfather, also resurrected) to track down the reason why, completely reneging to tell his brother about his return. It is revealed that Samuel was in fact working for Crowley, and brought both Sam and Samuel back, to aid him in his search for Purgatory.

During the time back from Hell, Sam lived with no soul. He felt no remorse for anything that he did, and would do just about anything to see his needs and wants fulfilled. He uses a baby as bait, lets a child be tortured for the sake of gaining information, and let (and even encourages) Dean become a vampire. Not soon after Dean notices the odd behavior, Castiel tells him that Sam has been living without his soul, which got left behind in the Pit when Sam was brought back. Sam states that, while he does see the benefits in having no soul, since it makes him a better hunter, that he would like it back.

Death returns Sam's soul to him, and places up a protective wall in his mind that will protect Sam from his memories of his time in Hell. This wall is torn down by Castiel who needed a distraction in order to open the gates of Purgatory. It works, and Sam is incapacitated, needing to spend time regathering the fragments of his shattered soul. While he eventually does, he is still haunted by visions and memories of his time in the Cage.

Opening Purgatory unleashed the Leviathans upon the world. Sam is still dedicated to keeping the world safe from them, but is also forced to deal with hallucinations of Lucifer. The hallucinations try to convince Sam that he is still in the Cage, and that the real world is a lie. He is able to keep the hallucination at by with injuries that he sustains in the real world, but it becomes harder to tell the difference between reality and fiction, especially when his ha-luci-nation gave him information crucial to saving Dean.

While attempting to flee Lucifer, Sam runs out into traffic and is hit by a car. Making the tough decision, Dean has Sam committed to an asylum. Castiel, showing remorse for what he did by opening Purgatory, takes Sam's mental weight on himself and relieves him of the torture.

Later, in the final confrontation with Dick, Dick explodes, and Dean and Castiel disappear. Crowley comes and takes Kevin away, leaving Sam alone. As of right now, Sam has no idea where anyone is, or when he will be able to rejoin with them.



Sam did not give up on ever finding Dean and Castiel, and spent the many months after they disappeared trying to find answers. While he was on a routine hunt (something he did to fill time and still feel like he was doing some good,) he met Katherine Pierce. Even though he soon found out she was a vampire, the two of them felt an instant connection towards each other. After saving her from rain storm, and immediately following it up with a date, the two of them sparked a relationship with each other and started dating. Katherine offered to continue to help Sam in his search, and the pair of them worked together to find more leads.

Their first big break came about a year after the big disappearance. Dean’s name came up on a spider search for recently arrested individuals, and Sam and Katherine organized an escape plan. Posing as his lawyer, Kat was able to get a message to Dean about breaking him out, and soon the eldest Winchester brother had escaped from lock up. Making their escape in the Impala, Dean seemed to approve of the fact that Sam found romance and closeness with in Katherine, and agreed to let her stay with them as they continued their search for Castiel.

The two brothers took a night to themselves, with Katherine going out for the night in Mystic Falls, leaving Dean and Sam in their hotel room to talk and catch up. Dean revealed that he had been in Purgatory the entire time, and that it was the last place he had seen Castiel. During the encounter, Sam hallucinated, and believed that he saw Lucifer in the mirror. He also believed that the beer bottles that they were drinking from were full of blood, and in an effort to save him and Dean from drinking it, smashed both bottles in the bathroom sink. During the outburst, Sam had a piece of glass lodged in his palm. Confessing that he believed he was seeing Lucifer again, Dean mended his hand, sewing the glass inside Sam’s palm, to serve as a tool. He told Sam that anytime he thought he saw Lucifer to squeeze the glass and the wound to let the pain ground him. The next time Sam saw Lucifer, this seemed to work, so he trusted his brother and kept the glass in.

While in Mystic Falls, Dean and Sam got a lead on Castiel, and went off on their own again. While in a hotel room, Dean called to Castiel one more time, and this time, the angel came. Sam was shocked to see him, but upon pressuring him for more answers, it was revealed the Castiel was not the real angel. Not knowing who or what was posing as their friend, the fake Castiel vanished. Sam and Dean returned to the hotel they had been staying at with Katherine, only to discover the room that they had left her in to be completely trashed and all signs of Katherine gone, say for her clothing and personal belongings. It looked like she had been taken, and Sam and Dean started on the task of finding where she was and if she was safe.

They tracked down a vampire named Spike, whom they discovered was the last person to see Katherine when she was in Mystic Falls. Although he acted like he had not seen her, it became clear that he knew more than he was letting on. He told them that if they wanted to know who had a bone to pick with her, they should seek out Klaus Mikaelson, and Original Vampire, and one with a half a century old grudge against her. The boys, not knowing where they could find Klaus, split up to find her better.

Dean was able to track Klaus to New Orleans, where he was warring with the now Prince of the City, Marcel Gerard. After telling Sam where he was, he also promptly fell off the map, sparking Sam going to New Orleans himself to find his now errant brother, and trusting he might get a lead on Katherine at the same time. Crashing Marcel’s Mardi Gras party, Marcel was able to give Sam a lead on the whereabouts of his brother, and said that he would keep an ear out about Katherine.

Chasing the lead, Sam found “Dean” at a local bar, killing vampires that were supposed to be protected by Marcel’s rule, and doing so very publically and with abandon. This “Dean” revealed the truth and all he knew. Ever since Sam and Katherine had “saved” him, Dean had been a skinwalker, one that had wanted revenge on the brothers for a long time. Where the real Dean was, he did not reveal, but he did say that Sam had never be reunited with his brother. He also revealed what he knew about Katherine.

While in New Orleans, “Dean” had gotten captured by Klaus, who heard that there had been a hunter skulking around asking questions about him. Crowley, King of Hell, had been looking to make a deal with Klaus for some time, and in preparation, had capture Katherine the year before as a possible bargaining chip for the Original. But, in their negotiations, Klaus never mentioned Katherine as one of the things he desired, not in anger or revenge. He asked for something else entirely, and Crowley took Dean with him. When he discovered that this “Dean” was a skinwalker, he agreed to release him under the condition that he tarnish Dean’s reputation, and stop playing whatever game he was playing with the Winchesters. “Dean” agreed, and started on his own breed of terror in the Louisiana area.

This was where Sam caught up to him. The skinwalker would not reveal where Dean was, but did confirm that Sam shouldn’t worry. Katherine was safe and sound in Hell. Sam immediately killed the skinwalker wearing his brother’s face, and started his journey anew. No Castiel. No Katheirne. And now, no Dean. Sam is alone and wandering, trying to make some semblance of the wasteland he is wandering.

user posted image

r.o.l.e.p.l.a.y. s.a.m.p.l.e.

The car was a rental.

That thought alone was probably one of the most depressing things to come over Sam's head in a long time. The fact that he to rely on a rented car was enough to give Sam some serious pause. He was currently taking out a shotgun that he had to hide under a blanket in the back of a rented Ford Focus. Something wrong with this. Who was he kidding? Everything was wrong with this.

It was all he had to rely on these days. Dean and Castiel were gone, and he had no clue as to where they went. On moment, they were bearing down on Dick, and Dean and Castiel were kicking some serious ass, and then they were gone. And for a good long while, Sam looked for them. The search had started at the site of Sucrocorp, and worked its way out, but the longer Sam and Cas were gone, the more Sam started to give up hope. Something bad had happened to them, he could feel it in his gut, and it was harder to not become more and more hopeless as time went on.

And so Sam went on alone. The searching for Dean and Cas started to fall by the wayside. Hunting became a bigger priority, as more cases came in on his cell phone, and appeared in the local newspapers. He wanted to do more, and the guilt was weighing on him. If they were out there, they would have contacted him by now... Unless they wanted time away. He admitted, after all the trouble that he had caused over the past few years, he wouldn't blame them.

He tried not to allow the idea that they were dead (or worse) cross his brain. If he let that happen... If he let himself think like that...

But all of that brought him here. There had been some strange sightings at an abandoned barn house on an lonely stretch of the Interstate. Reports talked about male figures taking up residency within the house, often seen only late at night. Whenever anyone approached the building, there was nothing to be found. No evidence of squatters. Only a strange “you are not alone” feeling that had a tendency to frighten the locals. To Sam, it read like a clear case of a haunting. The body could still be on the premise, or it could be somewhere else, but he had to start somewhere.

Taking out the rifle, more to be used as a last ditch defensive effort, he grabbed the duffel bag of ghost defeating goods. Rock salt. Lighter fluid. Matches. A collapsible shovel. The works. It was going to be a long night from the looks of it. The only thing worse than hunting alone was digging graves alone. He really hoped that it didn't come to that.

As the sun set below the horizon, and Sam approached the building, though, he did get the impression that his approach was not going unnoticed. It was just a feeling, really. Only instinct. Probably nothing. With any luck. This was nothing.

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puppeteer :: Jax/ Lucifer
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how did you find us :: I work here
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Sammy!!!! *tackles* I am so so so so so happy you found your Sammy muse again, even though the app leaves him in a heartbreaking place. But it's one we already know how we are bringing him back from. And I know that between Dean and Cas, he's going to be okay. *Winchester tackle hugs*

Your application has been approved! Please remember to make your claims, as well as registering of you are a canon character. Post a tracker if the spirit moves you. Welcome to The Supernatural Life!

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» Parting is such sweet sorrow «

This application has been retired willing by the player.

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