Marcel Gerard -- is greeting a friend in Bright Lights Big City
Elijah Mikaelson -- is feeling a little desiccated in Family Ties
Marina Moore -- is meeting with a friend in The Muse and the Tempered Flame
Faith Lehane -- now has a plotter up! come plot with me! Faith Plots
Damon Salvatore -- is trying to be the good guy in -you are my home
Faith Lehane -- is not so sure about the new guy in We're Our Own Dragons
Clary Fray -- is starting to realize she's more than her weaknesses in The Undertaker is a Reaper?
Lucifer -- Welcome Elijah Mikaelson to The Supernatural Life!
Willow Rosenberg -- now has a mission in I've Got a Spell for That
Buffy Summers -- knew something was up in Reunion of the Blondes